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January 25, 2021 4 min read

"Flowers are love’s truest language that needs no words at all."

If you love one thing about sola wood flowers wedding bouquets, it's that they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Brides have a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to curetting their own bridal sprays, from the smallest clutches to wild, lush arrangements. If you're trying to make a statement on your big day, however, there's one style in particular that we believe you should consider is:

"A long-stemmed wooden bridal bouquet"

For the past few years, hand-tied wedding bouquets have reigned supreme. As the name suggests, hand-tied bouquets contain a combination of flowers and greenery; the stems are selected and cut together, and a just-picked-from-the-garden feeling is the end result.

There are so many ways to go with the most intimate part of your wedding flowers. The lengthy stem bouquet is the latest wedding style. Every bridal dream of creating designs that appeal to the style and personality of a bride, something she can look back on years from now and still is pleased with. This is what makes the bouquet of long stems so wonderful. Although it will carry your big day look with dramatic flair, it complements styles ranging from traditional to romantic to modern.

Extra drama emerges with additional duration, which is why more and more brides prefer to bring these elongated arrangements down the aisle. A striking, vertical bouquet is the resulting look that is sure to make guests do a double-take. A further advantage of these bridal arrangements is that they're just as flexible as a classic bouquet for weddings.

Just by keeping the stems long on your clutch of blooms, you can get a typical bride look for an extravagant addition to your appearance. Choose anything like a package of greenery, garden roses, pampas grass, and foxglove for a whimsical or garden-inspired thing.

To inspire your own wedding-day blooms, here are some of our favorite long-stemmed real or wood flower bridal bouquets ideas:

·       White Delphiniums

If a long-stemmed bloom like delphinium, snapdragon or calla lily is your favorite, avoid the urge to cut them down. Just keep the stems of your bridal bouquet flowers long. The overall look is elegant and delicate when gathered in a bouquet. You can ask for keeping stems long for their sola wood version. To make sure the color scheme of your bouquet doesn't clash with your long green stems, tie the bunch together with a ribbon that suits your buds.

·       White Ranunculi

Single-bloom bouquets, particularly when they are comprised of all-white ranunculi, are often classic and chic. For a simple, sleek look, keep the stems long and wrap the handle in a beautiful ribbon.

·       Olive Branches

There is a beautifully unruly feel to have a sprawling bouquet of olive leaves, roses and hypericum berries. It's perfect for an alfresco wedding at an elegant ranch or if you're aiming for an aesthetic of "under the Tuscan sun."

·       Twine Rustic

Now it is a bouquet wrap that you can make on your wedding morning. Just take half a spool of twine and wrap it around your long-stalked bouquet, as seen by the groom's mother in this arrangement!

·       The Presentation Bouquet

Brides love the concept of holding a presentation-style bouquet instead of a round cluster of flowers especially if their wedding style is more boho and flowing. This type of arrangement is often called a sheath bouquet or pageant bouquet, consisting of long-stemmed flowers that are borne by the bride in the crook of the arm rather than held with both hands. This style of bouquet especially complements straight lines of wedding dresses, such as sheaths, slip dresses and A-line or empire waist dresses.

·       A bouquet of peonies

Nothing is more romantic than bringing soft peonies in a giant bouquet. Peonies have long, delicate branches, a favorite flower of so many brides, which will only lead to the drama as they make their way down the aisle.

·       Think different and stay stylish with alternative sola wood flowers

Do you wish to impart your home or wedding party room with timeless beauty and eternal elegance? Build an eye-catching display of artificial flowers to enjoy during the year. For a homemade wedding or low maintenance floral arrangements around the house, there are several choices available for artificial flowers that can be paper, plastic and silk flowers. But sola wood wedding blooms are the most affordable, stylish, and impressive option in every way. Add a floral flourish that will last a lifetime, from sunflowers and roses to eucalyptus and gypsophila.

The best bet to satisfy your aesthetic cravings and imagination is sola wood flowers. Our sola wood flowers are the perfect solution when it comes to unsurpassed elegance all year round. These realistic fake flowers, unlike their natural counterparts, won't wilt or wither and need no maintenance. If you are looking for artificial flower bouquets with long flower stems, and garlands to breathe a refreshing vibe into your wedding go for wood flowers. A range of sola wood flowers can make your decor with its ethereal beauty a real-life fairytale.

With sola wood flowers and foliage, you can add you're desirable floral to your environment that will continue oozing refreshing radiance throughout the year. Now there is no need to wait all year for your favorite flowers. If you feel happy with roses, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, or lilies, get hold of flower bushes, flower bouquets, flower stems, and garlands to add eternal bliss and bloom to your wedding reception. If you love to make DIY decorations and artistic masterpieces with flowers as your inspiration, craft flowers are perhaps the best tool for your craft creations to add life. Choose natural preserved moss and succulents that usher in the natural woodsy whimsy into any decor and atmosphere for an earthy appeal and fanciful forest flair. By using classy containers and planters, you can create fascinating fairy gardens, hanging plant terrarium decorations, flower centerpieces, moss planters, and more.

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