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December 23, 2020 4 min read

Flowers can seem like a death sentence or cause some sever issues for people who suffer from allergies. The symptoms that are associated with allergies, let's face it, can be very irritating. 

Many with the problem can do all in their power to avoid coming in contact with items to which they are allergic, from a runny nose and itchy eyes to sinus pressure, headaches, and a sore throat. 

Flowers can be one of the most common and quick allergy triggers around, although some blooms have less or no effect, and these are the ones that should be looked for by allergy sufferers. For most allergy sufferers, these are pollens, not the flowers that cause allergy issues. 

However, just like some flowers have high pollen counts, others have very low pollen counts.

The best news is that there is a wide variety of available hypoallergenic flowers. Hypoallergenic flowers contain very little pollen, so those who are allergic to flowers will not cause much of a problem. 

Here are some of The Perfect Hypoallergenic Flowers for People with Allergiesyou may want to consider that are hypoallergenic:

·       Astrantia

To add a bit of color to an arrangement, this is a great flower to use. It will produce more of a wildflower feel by adding this to a bouquet. Thanks to its low pollen count, it's perfect for allergy sufferers. It is also a flower that, at the moment, is very fashionable.

·       Asiatic Lilies

Did you know that a flower can be changed, making it much more bearable for anyone suffering from allergies? 

Say, for instance, that you want to buy some lilies. The stamens can simply be cut away from the flower. This is where the pollen is stored, so the lilies can no longer contain any pollen until the stamen is removed. Before someone with allergies gets close to it, just make sure you do this, as lilies are some of the worst flowers for people with hayfever.

·       Carnations

You're not going to have to think about getting a sore throat or a runny nose around a flower of this kind. Carnations are shaped like a ruffled ball, and any flower arrangement in which you would care to use them will easily add texture. 

This is a flower that is normally available both in spray color and regular, so you should be able to pretty easily bring them into any kind of color scheme or arrangement.

·       Hyacinth

This is a flower with a shallow level of pollen, but you should bear in mind that certain people may be annoyed by its smell. When you show it alongside other spring flowers, such as tulips, the hyacinth looks excellent. You may expect this plant to last at least eight days at a time, with the right level of treatment.

·       Irises

Irises are a flower of springtime, but you can expect to find them available all year round for purchase. These are low flowers with pollen, so you won't have to think about an allergic reaction.

·       Orchids

Although there is pollen in these flowers, it is sticky, meaning it generally does not become airborne. These flowers can be purchased all year round, but they are best used in tropical arrangements. 

·       Peonies

You do not need to stay away from this famous flower variety if you have allergies. For their big, double bloomed flowers, peonies are renowned. From about April until around June, these plants are in season.  

They are easier to take care of than you think; they usually need water worth an ice cube once a week. If you're looking for flowers that are hardy, low-maintenance, low-pollen, then give them a shot.

·       Roses

Roses are a classic flower that is familiar to most of us. Assorted colored roses can symbolize various items. A red one might, for instance, be used to reflect romantic love. While roses have a good amount of pollen, they don't normally become airborne. This is because the particles of pollen are way too huge to get into the air. 

In almost any atmosphere, not only do roses look amazing, but they'll also last long in a vase. When in a vase, the average rose will survive for over a week.

·       Snapdragons

The snapdragon will add a little bit of texture to an arrangement if you're looking for a perfect flower for height. It's a very low allergen flower as well. 

To build the structure for a flower arrangement, these can also be used. The snapdragons will catch the attention of anyone who looks at them in most arrangements you use them in. As long as you take care of them properly, you can expect these flowers to last for about five days.

·       Tulips

In the Netherlands, this plant was so common that it once caused a massive market crash. Looking at this lovely flower, you can easily see why it was so famous. 

Not only are tulips an incredible looking crop, but without fear of an allergic reaction, you can even use them. They come in a wide variety of colors and combinations. 

·       Sola wood blooms the perfect hypoallergenic flowers

Sola wood flowers are faux blooms, but technically they are natural. Sola wood flowers are made from the bark of balsa tree wood or tapioca plant. These are eco-friendly and bio-degradable blooms that require no complicated machines to make. These hand made flowers are so real and astonish everyone with their natural appearance.

These are the flower's best substitute for all the natural flowers with heavy pollen count. These flowers have no pollen, so you can send these blooms to anyone having pollen allergy issues or a sick person.

Floral fragrances are not the cause of allergies, but they cause irritation and trigger allergy issues. These pollen-free and fragrance-free sola wood flowers are ideal for everyone, whether they are suffering from allergy issues or not. Their durability and affordability are their bonus features.

People with allergies can't usually get flower arrangements, so it would be seen as an especially unique and thoughtful gift to get something they can appreciate. 

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