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July 30, 2020 4 min read

Sola wood flowers are best to say sorry!

You have done something wrong or said something that hurt your loved one from deep?

Oops, we’ve all been there, but keep calm you are not out of luck though! 

A gesture like sending a bunch of beautiful flowers is the best way to show that you are sorry after a terrible argument with your friend or partner.

Apology flowers have the power to smooth over the initial damage or hurt you have caused. Whether they are roses, lilies or orchids, there is a variety of sorry flowers to send in a mind-boggling range of colors is simply the best solution for your problem to say SORRY.

The art of sending floral apology:

A true apology encompasses three aspects mainly:

  • Regret and acknowledgement for the inconvenience or hurt your action caused.
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions without casting blame elsewhere and making excuses.
  • Showing of concern to fix the situation going forward.

How flowers contribute in saying sorry?

When you need to say sorry, and various peace offerings have gone ignored, it is the situation that calls for something simple yet classy. True gentlemen elevate this situation by giving flowers into an artistic way that makes women swoon in their deep love, and forgets everything bad that happened between them. Flowers create an environment that spreads love in the air, and for a while, all the haters and complaints become a thing of the past. The one you love actually starts thinking about you with a soft heart.

Are faux flowers worthy of sending as apology flowers?

Saying sorry with a single rose bought from a sale can get you into more trouble. Your friend or partner wants sincerity and devotion from your side and expects a long-lasting relationship with you. Sending artificial sorry flowers may be sound little weird. Still, an artificial floral bouquet is actually worthy to convey your deep love and sorry feelings to a special one in the most appropriate manner.

Get beautiful sola flowers bouquet and send it to your loved one with a customized sorry note written by your own. This will be a worthy decision to send ‘’sorry sola flowers’’ to the one you care about in so many ways:

  • Sola wood flowers are so real in appearance, and no one can differentiate between real and sola flowers until they touch these blooms.
  • You can send your special ones favorite flowers to them in any season whether they are originally available or not.
  • Sola wood flowers never dry, wilt, or die so this floral bouquet will be a perfect keepsake that will surely make the receiver happy whenever they will look these blooms.
  • The durability of sola wood blooms will be the symbolic representation of your everlasting, love, care, and association for the receiver. It will be an ever remaining proof of your commitment, sincerity, and deep association that forced you to apologize unconditionally in front of the receiver.
  • Sola wood flowers also resolve a genuine issue of pollen allergy or asthma. Of course, if your partner or friend is suffering from any sinus issue, sending them real flowers with pollen can be really a bad option. Sola wood blooms provide freedom of sending any flowers without being worried about pollen and fragrance issues. Even it will reflect your deep care and concern for your special one.
  • Sola flowers are available in a huge variety of colors, and even you can dye these blooms according to the choice of the receiver. Now you can make your loved one even happier with sending sorry flowers in golden, copper, or silver colors too.

Tips for sending sola wood sorry flowers to the one you love and care:

Before sending sola wood sorry flowers to your loved one, there are few important points that you must have to keep in mind:

1.    Keep in mind the favorites:

Red roses are the most popular flower option to present anyone on almost every occasion. Still, it is also a fact that not everyone likes red roses. The best flowers to start your apology are the one loved by the receiver. You have to choose other persons favorite flowers in their favorite color. You can also try to introduce new kinds of flowers that may symbolize your intensions in a far better way. Generally, Orchids, Carnations, Tulips, and Hyacinths are considered the most popular apology flowers.

2.    Pick the sola flowers to make it last:

Investing in apology flowers means you are investing that actually lasts. It might remind the other person what you had done. Still, once you are forgiven, these sola floral bouquets will become a symbol of your reunion and renewed relationship. This bouquet will become a keepsake of the power of love between you.

3.    Flowers, flowers, and more flowers:

Flowers bring love and smile, and more flowers mean more love and more smile. Absolutely there are no issues with sending a single flower with sorry. Still, more flowers will enhance the chances of apology even more. Sola wood flowers are affordable, and this quality allows you to get more and more flowers to show your extreme love and feelings of regret on your previous behavior to the receiver.

4.    Attach a handwritten apology letter:

Flowers speak the language of love, and they actually don’t need words to express your sentiments. However, still an apology letter is a must. A wooden flower bouquet with your handwritten note can contribute a lot to clear the conflicts, confusions, and your position.

Don’t forget that if you want your apology, and then always be sincere.

Write everything that comes straight from your heart on the paper. Never try to be so philosophical, your simple and soft words with accepting your mistake can make wonders.

Be true and try to realize your loved one that you are actually embarrassed for whatever you said or did.

Hope sola wood flowers and these tips will help you to get an apology from your loved one. Best of Luck!

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