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May 27, 2020 2 min read

Craved wood flowers are perfect in every way. They are not only easy to make but also perfect in terms of offering amazing options for crafts work. Currently, people are using sola wood flowers to make several things. This can range from having flowers for home decorations up to making beautiful tapioca wood flower jewelry. Isn’t it amazing? Yes of course. Since these flowers last for ages, they are preferred by everyone. With certain careful measures, you can try to have all the perks with these craved flowers. Sola wood flowers are easily used to make perfect jewelry. They can be transformed into a variety of shapes and tried with several colors. This is an amazing opportunity to work with. Moreover, there is an option for you to customize according to your dress. Even, these types of jewels are made far and wide and preferred by the ladies who want a classy and sassy look. Further, if you start to make them practice, you can easily sell them out on jewel exhibition very easily. This can even turn out to be an amazing source to earn money. Let's have a look ahead to some of the amazing forms of jewels that you might want to try. Have a look:

What can you make from sola wood flowers?

If, you are still wondering that what can you make from sola wood flowers in terms of jewelry, you should see the options here that you can easily work on. You can try to make either small or big flowers as a part of jewelry.

  • Rustic looking crowns made of craved wood flowers

Craved wood flowers can be transformed into jewelry very easily. You can make rustic-looking crowns by using various designs and colors. You can use different shapes of flowers as well. Further, add on a wire, to make it settle on your head size.

  • Handcrafted rings with sola wood flowers

Sola wood flowers are also used to make beautiful and delicate rings. Here, you can use miniature flowers with a certain addition of imitation pearls or diamonds to give a classy look. Trust us, where ever you wear these, people will be amazed to see them.

  • Bracelets and anklets with tapioca wood flowers add on the beauty

You can make bracelets and anklets that are chained with sola wood flowers in between them. This can give a fairy look to your whole dressing and you will spark with the whole range of decency. We know, you would love to have this look.

  • Earrings made of sola wood flowers

Small-sized tops or earrings that involve sola wood flowers seek everyone's attention. This can be a perfect way to stand prominent in-crowd. How amazing it could be if they ask you and you proudly announce that they are made by yourself. Try to do this.


As you have got enough ideas about how you can innovate these flowers, you are all set to make it happen. If you still are wondering how to paint wood flowers, you don’t have to worry at all. You will find nearly every easy technique here that you can try with your craved flowers.

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