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August 21, 2021 5 min read

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and wedding flowers are an essential part of making it memorable. Wedding flowers are one of the most eye-catching aspects of your big day, adding elegance, fragrance, and even a splash of color. Fresh flowers are undoubtedly beautiful and add to the overall ambiance. Selecting your blooms wisely is the key to make your wedding decor more ecologically friendly.

What flower is ideal for a bridal bouquet? 

Personal preference is the only way to answer this question. There is no such thing as a "great" flower since each one is beautiful in its path. Perhaps you want a large, dramatic bloom or a little, delicate one. Choosing the ideal flower is frequently influenced by the image you have for your special day.

Here are some of our favorite kinds, which are the most dependable and will be in bloom when your wedding takes place. It is advised to choose their sola wood version to keep your bridal bouquet as a keepsake. In addition, sola wood flowers are budget-friendly, environment-friendly, bio-degradable, durable, and available in countless varieties of colors.

·       Roses

There's a reason why this is such a favorite bridal flower and a romantic event staple. This flower is stunning and a bit of a splurge, but it signals that something extraordinary is about to happen. The rose, which comes in various hues, goes well with just about any other flower and may help create lush full bridal centerpieces. It's also a little more challenging than some flowers, so it's ideal for boutonnieres, corsages, and other sculpted arrangements. Roses, which are said to signify love, create a lovely and profound message. The wooden roses are ideal in every way to use as a wedding flower.

·       Calla Lilies:

Then there are Calla Lilies, which are well-known. These opulent blooms are available in a range of hues. However, make sure they arrive two to three days before the big event. They make beautiful boutonnieres but be warned that they are susceptible to cold temperatures and can rapidly freeze. As a result, make sure you use them in the appropriate weather. It is a bad idea to use them in the dead of winter.

But if you don't have an option to avoid extreme cold, then go for sola wood calla lilies, as they are equally stunning, impressive, and more durable than the real calla lilies.

·       Peonies:

This is, without a doubt, the most sought-after of all bridal flowers. Everyone adores and desires them, but they are, unfortunately, one of the most costly flowers. So, if you really must have peonies but don't have a large budget, consider using them only in your bouquet and at the head table.

The sola wood copy of peonies allows you to use these expensive blooms in bulk according to your needs and desires.

·       Tulips:

Tulips are a flower native to Persia, even though they are most commonly associated with the Netherlands. The tulip may be an essential wedding option since it represents "consuming love" and "happy years." This flower is available in various colors, including white, cream, pastels, and vivid hues. The most common tulips are inexpensive and available for most of the year, while unusual types can be costly. The adaptable tulip may be used in nearly any aspect at a wedding, from bouquets and boutonnieres to table arrangements. It can be used in both formal and more casual settings. Dutch tulips, French tulips, and parrot tulips are the most frequent types.

·       Anemones:

The delicate petals and solid and black centers of these lovely blooms are well-known. The most popular anemone type has dazzling white petals with jet-black cores, so it's ideal whether your wedding colors are black and white or if you're having a black-tie event. Anemones come in various hues besides black and white, including blush pink, deep purple, cherry red, burgundy, and even brilliant blue.

·       Hydrangea:

Because of the hydrangea's large, full blooms, one or two can be used sparingly in a bouquet, or a few can be used as a centerpiece. Because they resemble a beating heart, they are thought to represent persistence and passion. In light pink or white, the hydrangea radiates softness and grace. Hydrangeas may lend a lovely touch to glass jars on a rustic table, making tall and costly centerpieces look even more extraordinary. This flower is very beneficial for allergy patients because it does not create as many difficulties as other flowers.

·       Orchids:

The orchid is more than simply a destination wedding classic. It's the go-to flower for weddings in tropical locales. It's easy to see why orchids are regarded as a symbol of beauty and charm. These tiny blooms come in a variety of colors, including green, white, and purple. Orchids may be stunning incomplete arrangements or minimalist-style single stems and are commonly used in weddings with a traditional or modern theme.

·       Muscari:

Muscari is the flower for you if you're seeking something with blue tones. The grape hyacinth, also known as little Muscari, is one of the most intensely blue blooms available, and it looks excellent in any environment. Because blue flowers are more uncommon than other flower hues, they are a popular option for bridal floral arrangements. The addition of little Muscari will enhance the splendor of your spring wedding.

·       Anemones:

These graphic flowers, which are usually black and white, are ideal for a modern wedding. The beauty of anemones is that they may stand alone in a mono-floral arrangement or be blended in with other flowers as a focal point. But watch out! Because these flowers are more delicate, make sure the florist water-picks the stems if you're married outside in the heat.

Sola wood anemones are more durable, and there is nothing to worry about their wilting and drying.

·       Sweet Peas:

In a vintage-themed wedding, sweet peas are a distinctive flower to utilize. They're lovely old-fashioned vines that would be perfect for a spring wedding with a vintage theme. Sweet peas have an appealing charm that is ruffly, romantic, and aromatic. They come in various hues, ranging from white to coral pink to purple and nearly every shade in between. These beautiful flowers are guaranteed to be a success at any wedding. Sweet pea bouquets, centerpieces, decorating a seating chart, and so on are just a few of the numerous ways these gorgeous flowers may be included in your wedding.

·       Lily of the Valley:

The lily of the valley is known as "the stairway to heaven" because of its small bell-shaped florets dangling from a slender stem. Its tiny blooms have a distinctly fresh, fragrant smell. In Norse mythology, the flower is associated with Ostara, the goddess of springtime, but you may recall it from Kate Middleton's royal wedding bouquet in 2011. While it's most plentiful in the spring, it's still accessible throughout the year, albeit at a premium. A handful of lily of the valley may be your fantasy; using just a few stems to infuse a bouquet or centerpiece with its lovely smell and delicate texture may be a more reasonable alternative if you want more than going for its sola wood copy for your favorite and expensive blooms. Although most people are familiar with the white type, the lily of the valley also appears in a rosy pink color.

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