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April 16, 2021 4 min read

In this age of social distancing, millions of people are seeking new ways to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, marriages, graduations, and other landmarks. We have been dealing with the pandemic for almost a year, and it seems that this new normal will last for a long time.

"How do we do this safely?" is the main challenge now that holidays, special occasions, and festivals are being planned. Above all, the only gift we can give our family and friends this year is to keep them safe while living a healthy lifestyle. With a bit of imagination, weddings, birthdays, and family celebrations will still be possible.

Are indoor events and parties safe?

Frankly speaking, No!

This is far too dangerous. This year, avoid big gatherings. People assume that health specialists are giving them the option of social distancing or masking, but that's not the case. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene are all necessary. At a crowded indoor gathering, where friends and family members are huddled in the living room, tasty food causes masks to be removed. Most of the time, windows are closed, it becomes dangerous. We have seen activities being canceled in recent months. It doesn't mean it has to continue. It is the time to accept the changes that the new normal brings. The times have changed, and so should our celebrations!

New normal's to celebrate events and holidays:

Here are few suggestions for how to spend events and occasions with your family:

It is best to adopt new approaches to commemorate special events, whether there is a pandemic or not. You might not always be in touch–literally–but there are some tried-and-tested ways to make events and holidays more heartfelt! With a little imagination, family gatherings and event celebrations will still be possible.

·       Throw a digital party with extended family and friends:

If graduation dates can be celebrated through video calls, then so can weddings, birthdays, and holidays. You can download festive filters, play online multiplayer games, or hold a virtual karaoke party, complete with cheesy backdrops. You can also enjoy quality time with your friends and family by preparing holiday meals as a family. Set up a virtual call with your tito or tita and have them assist you in cooking your favorite family recipes. That way, the kitchen would have the same festive feel as the rest of the house.

·       Maintain an intimate atmosphere:

For the time being, it is better to limit festivities to small parties. Select the most influential individuals who should be present at a particular event. Avoid organizing large events, particularly given that laws are still subject to reform.

If the family values face-to-face communication, a group in an open room will be better. Consider a picnic, where each group has its own picnic set in a wide, open area to avoid extended interaction. Activities that are socially isolated, such as relay sports and family talent shows, will be ideal for your program.

Outdoor weddings are ideal for maintaining social distancing. Arrange weddings in gardens and parks where flowers can add more colors and fragrance to the event. You can also arrange an intimate wedding ceremony or a small birthday party in your backyard where celebrations can be done with proper SOPs. After the dance, make sure to sanitize your hands and immediately wash your clothing and reusable masks.

·       Prepare exclusive cuisine:

Food has a way of bringing people together, mainly though they are socially separated. If you want to commemorate a special day, cook food the same way you did when traditional festivities were still around. If you are unable to welcome anyone to your event, you should at least give them foods that will make them feel as if they are part of the celebration.

Sending care packages is another way for loved ones to express their presence at your event. Sending over a frozen batch of your grandparents' famous fruit salad as an alternative to an online cooking session can be a good option for less tech-savvy relatives like your grandparents. After all, whether you are far from or not, you can't miss out on a good night's sleep.

·       Flowers are a great way to celebrate:

Partying has undergone several changes, but its nature has remained the same. Keep vital elements alive on every occasion to preserve the sound and feel of the traditional festivities you grew up in. Keep flower arrangements because they also produce a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Choose flower delivery services that will bring stunning blooms to your location in time for your celebration. Use it as a decoration or a gift–either way, you'll be able to make others happy.

To avoid allergy issues and save money, it is better to substitute real flowers with sola wood blooms. These blooms are best to gift and use for decorations in so many ways. Wood flowers mimic the natural flowers crafted from a natural material obtained from the balsa tree wood's bark. These sola wood flowers are exclusively customized as every single sola wood flower is crafted by hand without using any complicated tools. Because of being made of natural material, these flowers are eco-friendly and 100% bio0degradable that are long-lasting, and have no wilting and drying issues. Wood flowers provide a variety of stunning blooms in every natural and glamorous color. You can get their giant or miniature versions also for occasional different needs, such as giant floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, and boutonnieres.


The whole last year and initial months of this year may have been aggravating. Graduations have been skipped, birthdays have been forgotten, celebrations have been delayed, and social events have been discouraged. However, it does not have to continue in this manner. There is anger and sadness everywhere as we try to fight through this tough time. However, there is reason to be optimistic as bad times are never going to stay longer, and soon we will enjoy more happy moments.

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