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June 28, 2020 2 min read

In the new age of social distancing, a lot of things will change. However, that doesn't have to make your weddings any less exciting or enjoyable. In fact, if you know how to adapt to the current situation in the world, you can host your dream wedding without spending too much money. Just use sola wood wedding flowers to create a festive atmosphere, rearrange your guests' seating to mind social distancing rules, and be prepared to accommodate your guests' wishes.

Face Masks

A lot of people don't like face masks as they can be uncomfortable and look strange (even apocalyptic). However, with our technologies, you can easily make some soft, comfortable, and fashionable face masks for your guests. You can also print anything on the face mask, meaning that you can easily go for a theme wedding party and give each guest their unique face mask. Just as people did not understand sola wood wedding flowers at first (they love it now), they also fight against face masks. However, we will soon get used to them, and we will learn how to make face masks that feel nice on our skin. It would be nice if you could be the first one to do that. Just browse any marketplace (Etsy, eBay, Amazon) to look for unique wedding face masks.

Sola Wood Flowers

Sola wood wedding flowers, sola wood roses, and wooden wedding bouquets are perfect for the age of social distancing. Wooden flowers are extremely easy to transport, they are clean, and they are light. You will not have to worry much about keeping the venue clean as sola wood wedding flowers don't drop petals. So, instead of going for classing seasonal flowers, we suggest choosing sola wood wedding flowers for your big day.

Outdoor Party

Forget about the classic dancefloor where people get close together, and maybe even a few more couples begin to form. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot have fun. Try to take the party outside and look for outdoor venues that can be easily transformed into a huge altar, dancefloor, or whatever else you want for your wedding. It will be much easier to mind 6 feet distance between your guests with a venue that has a lot of outdoor space. Also, no matter what the season is, sola wood wedding flowers look wonderful in an open area, so you can easily decorate your outdoor venue without spending too much money!

Live Streams

To ensure safety, you might have to cut your guest list to a minimum. However, you can still find an option to show your wedding to every one of your friends and relatives (even those who live far away). There are plenty of live streaming services online, which will help you to stream your wedding to people who couldn't come for various reasons.

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