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July 03, 2021 5 min read

For centuries, red roses have been connected with love. People present red roses at weddings, anniversaries; Valentine's Day is synonymous with red flowers. Even for proposals, birthday, and first date, many choose red roses to make the occasion more memorable.

But trends and traditions are changing gradually, and now when it comes to saying "I love you," individuals no longer limit themselves to red flowers. In reality, they choose something more personal.

Are you tired of gifting your sweetheart the same old red roses for anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine's Day?

Are you looking for flowers that are equally romantic but not roses? If yes! Then this post by woodflowers.com is especially for you. 

Roses & Romance!

Flowers have a powerful way of showing how much you care about the people who matter most to you, especially when presented in a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Roses come to mind when people think of romantic flowers. Roses are lovely, but you might be sick of giving your beloved the same old thing. The rose isn't the only flower that has a romantic connotation.

From today, start saying it differently with some unusual and wonderful flowers that are also a sign of eternal love and feelings. These blooms also communicate the purest of thoughts on particular occasions to keep your love fresh and long-lasting. Every flower, from purple orchids to brilliant yellow sunflowers, communicates a distinct feeling. Therefore you must pick the correct color flower to show your love.  

Don't forget that you can choose the sola wood version of all these below mentioned flowers and roses to make it an everlasting gift of love. Other than roses, here is a list of the most romantic flowers that send love messages.

·       Alstroemeria:

This flower, also known as the 'Peruvian Lily,' is an eye-catching bloom. Though the flower is linked with friendship, it may also be associated with dedication, which will add a romantic element to your wonderful connection. These flowers are an incredible gift that will certainly delight your sweetheart, ranging from lovely pastel-coloured blooms to brilliant colorful beauties.

·       Carnations:

Carnations, which come in various colors, are a fantastic way to express your love in an innovative style. These flowers are very romantic and fun, and their delicious scent will just fill the air with love. Look for a species that does not irritate or create allergies or choose sola wood carnations. In the carnation family, the colors pink, white, and light purple symbolize everlasting love.

·       Daffodils:

These soft and delicate yellow spring flowers are the loveliest way to show your real love and are the most elegant and sophisticated way to say "I Love You." These are available in various colors and forms, and they appear to be as bright and cheery as your lady love. Make your next date special by choosing from various hues such as white, pink, and yellow.

·       Daisy:

The daisy is a flower that represents love, purity, loyalty, and innocence. The white-petaled type with the yellow centre is generally the daisy that comes to mind first, but Gerbera daisies come in a bright spectrum of colors if you're searching for something more vibrant. Because the daisy disc is made up of numerous small blooms, giving just one daisy is like providing a whole bouquet and then some.

·       Geranium:

A bouquet of vibrant red, pink, or magenta geraniums is a great floral option for bringing a grin to your partner's face. It will also leave your rose-allergic lover with nothing to sniff. These flowers are not bothersome because they contain relatively little pollens and do not cause discomfort or sniffles. Choose these stunning blooms to represent a new beginning, or take your relationship to the next level if you are already in love.

·       Hydrangeas:

If roses aren't an option, pollen-free hydrangea flowers are a lovely way to express "I love you" to your lover. The floral arrangement of these exquisite blossoms is as timeless as a dozen red roses. Hydrangeas are elegant flowers available in a wide range of vibrant colors, including white, blue, red, salmon, and pink. Simply choose the one that will make your spouse happy.

·       Iris:

Instead of the nose and throat, these stunning blooms will make their way into your darling's heart. Iris may make a wonderful gift for your beloved with very little pollen. The beautiful blue and purple blooms will make your partner's heart beat faster. You may also keep track of your partner's favorite colors, and they will be impressed by your attention to their preferences.

·       Jasmine:

There isn't much of a reason to give a corsage of jasmine flowers to a loved one. The jasmine flower is one of the greatest methods to communicate love and is connected with amiability, beauty, and elegance. Giving these little flowers expresses how important the individual is to you, and in a unique way. 

·       Lilies:

Lilies are a bright and dramatic flower that creates the ideal backdrop for expressing your affection. These flowers, which evoke feelings of love and passion, represent love, success, and wealth, all of which are things that one would desire for the love of one's life. Asiatic and Tiger lilies are available in various colors, including pink, red, orange, and crimson.

·       Magnolia:

If flowers are a path to someone's heart, magnolias are the way to go this time. These flowers not only symbolize real love, but they also leave a lasting impression. These lovely blooms provide the ideal romantic setting for you and your partner. A big magnolia flower arrangement in gentle or vivid colors may express your feelings like never before. 

·       Sunflower:

With a bright bouquet of sunflowers, remind your beloved of summer. In floral language, these beautiful blooms signify loyalty. You might assume that sunflowers are too big for a bouquet, but various miniature varieties look stunning in cut arrangements. The Russians' bloom was so beloved that it was designated as their national flower, even though it is native to the United States.

·       Tulips:

Red tulips speak the language of flowers when they say "perfect love." So, if you like red flowers instead of roses, this is the bouquet for you! Diverse hues of the flower, like roses, convey different messages. Tulips, unlike other flowers, continue to develop in water after being cut rather than simply being alive. Tulip has a black, heart-shaped stigma in the middle representing a lover's heart that has been blackened by passion.

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