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March 09, 2021 4 min read

The photo booths are the entire rave, and no one wants to be left out. These photo booths have rapidly become a vital party place during an event. Whether you are planning a wedding, having an office holiday party, or simply feeling like jazzing your next house party, building a fun context is a perfect way to set the stage for every significant event.

Wedding Photo Booths:

Wedding photographers are, of course, one of the first things you book for your big day, and photo booths are growing so popular that they are now often considered wedding staples. Wedding pictures are so valuable. According to a survey, most of the guests consider the photo booth their favorite part of the wedding!

Photo booth pictures are so insanely gram-able, and you can get fantastic pictures of the bride & groom in front of a beautiful photo booth backdrop. In fact, you can also catch moments of your family, friends, and wedding guests here! A DIY Wedding Picture Backdrop is the best way to inspire the guests to get in front of the camera and have fun!

A DIY photo booth with a floral backdrop:

What is your dream about your photo booth backdrop?

Flowers are essential for a wedding. Whether it is a big bashing party or just a small intimate ceremony of exchanging vows, no one can think of a wedding without flowers. From the red roses to the yellow orchids and the sweetly fragrant tuberoses, it's real that everyone loves flowers in one way or another.

To add more fun, beauty, and colors to your wedding pictures, you can create a DIY floral photo booth for your big day. Photo booths and their backdrops are mostly giant arrangements that need lots of flowers. It is also a complicated task to use the delicate blooms in these complicated arrangements. Wood flowers are ideal to use instead of real blooms in these arrangements. Wood flowers are durable, long-lasting, with no particular color or seasonal boundaries, and above all, the most affordable floral options for your wedding photo booth and backdrops.

Beautiful photo booth ideas decorated with sola wood flowers:

There are countless ideas to use flowers in your photo booth backdrops, but here are a few of the very best floral booth backdrop ideas to give you n idea to have one for your wedding day.

·       Photo-booths with "Vintage" décor:

Giving your wedding photo booth an old charm feel can be so dreamy and magical! Use black, pink, green and lavender colors for a retro furniture photo booth. Incorporate props like gramophones, typewriters, pianos, antique style seats, etc., so that you get a rocking and classic shot! Choose pastel color sola wood flowers such as pink orchids to accentuate the picture booth even more.

·       Create photo frames as floral booths:

Photo booths created with large photo frames are trending a lot. You can use the flower decor feature with the hanging picture frames. If you are one of the brides who like to have flowers but don't want to spend your fortune at the same time, use wood flowers to decorate these photo frames and their backdrops. Sola wood peonies, calla lilies, daisy, and carnations are the ideal beauties that look gorgeous and can be a perfect pick for your daytime floral picture booth.

·       Create a quirky floral photo booth:

If you are a huge fan of quirky kind of things and so sick of classic aisles, try to create a fluffy and quirky floral photo booth with scooters, bicycles or even a full-floral bike. Use sola wood flowers like a water lily, clematis, orchid, rose, or anthurium and don't worry the shots are going to be fabulous. The guests are going to have a gala.

·       Photo booth backdrops with floral wreath:

Floral wreaths look simply elegant. When you use a photo booth in a floral wreath's shape, it seems so elegantly rolled up and accentuating the furniture. If you are not in a mood to waste many picture booths and accessories, you can choose a plain, floral wreath and just play with it. You can use pastel paints with sola wood flowers like garden roses, sunflowers, carnations, ranunculus, etc. These floral wreaths with sola wood flowers are going to save you a heck of a lot of dollars, and you are guaranteed to get beautiful pictures, too.

·       A minimal floral photo booth:

Honestly, you can make hearts melting away with stunning minimal decor. A minimal floral photo booth with its base as a wooden plank adorned with a pastel floral climber gives you a complete rustic feel. Flowers like roses, anemone, and agapanthus can simply make your photographs look classy and sophisticated!

·       Photo booth with floral swing:

Swings are all-time favorites for all age groups. Having a swing on your wedding day means you actually have given a real treat to your guests to refresh their childhood memories once again. Think of a swing made of flowers and using it as a photo booth backdrop and a photo prop on your big day?

This flower swing will be for your picture booth, and you can play too much on it. If it's the inclusion of hanging sola wood floral strings, this little piece of art will undoubtedly work well for your images!

·       Flowers with Strings: 

Flower strings look lovely! Honestly, you will never get bored of hanging flower strings. Covering half the room with single flower petals will perform miracles that no one can dream of. You can do experiments with floral colors that look really basic and classy at the same time.

Surely! This is going to save a lot of money if you enjoy minimal and beautiful. If you are having a summer wedding you can pick cool colors like pastel petals & for a winter wedding picking warm colors like yellow, light orange, red petals are ideal.

Include all these gorgeous sola wood beauties in your wedding celebrations photo booth and make your big day even more beautiful and memorable.  

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