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April 15, 2021 4 min read

Prom is the one night of the year that teens are allowed to dress up and act like adults. Because of the significance of Prom, there are many rituals associated with the event. Wearing a corsage is one of these customs. A prom corsage is a small floral arrangement that women wear or pin to their dresses on formal occasions. It is derived from the French word "bouquet de corsage," which means "bouquet of the bodice." Corsages are not bound to the prom night only, but the brides and bridesmaids also wear corsages for wedding celebrations.

History of corsages for prom night:

This small bouquet, or sometimes it is just a single flower worn by a lady. The custom of wearing a corsage dates back to ancient Greece when women wore flowers to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. Today, the corsage is more of a fashion symbol than a means of warding off evil, but if you don't know how to properly give your date a corsage on Prom night, your Prom might be a catastrophe.

Men have traditionally been the ones to hand the corsage to their wives, according to tradition. On the other hand, many modern ladies tend to fashion their corsages because they are inexpensive and straightforward to make. They don't want their prom date to get them a corsage anymore. So, if you're hunting for the right corsage to go with your dress, here are different types of corsages that can be used for prom night.

Different types of corsages for Prom:

Every Prom has a different theme, just like a different collection of music to listen to, and a diverse group of friends and people in love who attend. The corsage is the one thing that all prom nights have in common. The corsage is the most iconic representation of prom night traditionally presented to a girl from her male friend. But with other changing traditions, it is not necessary anymore to wait for prom night corsage from your male partner's side. Here are the types of corsages girls use to wear for their prom party:

·       Petite Bouquet

A corsage may be made out of a delicate hand-held bouquet. It is the ideal choice for a girl who wishes to feel like a queen the whole evening by putting together a roses bouquet and tying it with a beautiful bow.

·       Armband corsage:

The armband prom corsage makes a fashion statement and produces a distinct impact. It may not be the most popular, but its unique aspect is what draws people to it.

·       Corsage on the wrist:

This corsage is worn on the wrist, as the name implies. Accessorizing the outfit in the same way that a bracelet does is a common choice among prom-goers.

·       Hair corsage:

The woman's hair is pinned with this sort of corsage herb. It functions similarly to a flower crown, with the exception that it only comes in a small segment of flowers. If a girl wants to emphasize her upper appearance over all else, a hair corsage is a way to go.

·       Pinned corsage:

A pinned corsage is one of the most popular corsages, in which the flowers are pinned to the suit. It may be attached to the strap or some other portion of the garment.

·       Handbag corsage:

A handbag corsage differs from most forms of prom corsages in that it is not attached to the dress or the body. The evening purse, on the other hand, is given more prominence. If your prom gown is made of soft silk, this is an intelligent choice.

·       Ring corsage:

It's never a bad idea to go for a small prom flower arrangement, particularly if you're going for a minimalist look. After all, it's not only about the corsage scale; it's also about the style and charm it bears.

Secrets to the corsage:

Although there is standard etiquette, there are various ways to show a corsage and make an impact. Here are different suggestions to help you make the best first impression possible:

  • Choose corsage flowers that go with the prom dress color only then you can complement or blends well with it.
  • It is also necessary to decide if you prefer the conventional way of pinning the corsage to your coat or a wrist corsage.
  • To keep the corsage as fresh as possible, keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Wait until you can pin the corsage on before taking it out of the box. This, too, aids in keeping things fresh.
  • It is best to use sola wood blooms instead of real flowers in your corsage. These wooden blooms are perfect to use in complicated floral items such as boutonnieres and corsages. Selecting sola wood flowers for your corsage provides you with the freedom to choose expensive and off-season blooms with an exceptional variety of natural and glamorous colors.
  • Additionally, these are pollen and allergen-free, with long-lasting features allowing you to keep your prom night corsage as a keepsake of that memorable night for such a long time.

Corsage flower ideas:

Here are some of the stunning corsage floral ideas that you can adopt with full confidence for your upcoming prom night party:

  • Boho-theme corsage
  • Classic rose corsage
  • Dark-hued orchid armband
  • Ethereal white with lilies and carnation corsage
  • Feminine pink corsage
  • Glam and glitz corsage


As prom season approaches, you're probably beginning to count down the days before the big night arrives. Only keep in mind that the essence of such a special day lies not only in the glitz and extravagance of the day but also in the act of planning it. Finding her the ideal corsage is just one of the many aspects you can make the extra evening special. If your date is someone special to you, make her feel like a queen by surprising her with a beautiful bouquet.

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