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October 16, 2020 5 min read

How to decorate your wedding cake?

Your wedding cake does not look "weddingly" until you polish it and add some blossoms on the top of it. Floral wedding cakes have always been a popular wedding trend. They look beautiful, are easily customized to suit your wedding theme, and can have a big impact on a small budget. On average, most of the couples spend around $700 on flowers for their wedding. Not only the bouquets and centerpieces, but even any flowers for your cake are also included.

Couples consider their budget and personal preferences before picking the right flowers for their wedding cake. Any type of artificial flower is better if you have a favorite flower that is out of season during the big day. But if your flower budget is very small, the least costly choice is real flowers.

What is best for your wedding with a choice of silk flowers, fresh flowers, or sugar flowers?

How to decorate a cake with flowers?

How to put flowers on a cake?

To know the answers to these questions, here it is a detailed guide that will be helpful in many ways to make you decide about wedding cake and flowers for the cake.

Flowers are one of the most common decorations for a wedding cake because they are so versatile. Even the most contemporary of wedding cakes with a beautiful flower sitting on it looks more done. Flowers work with all kinds, and simply by adding them to your cake, you can make lots of different looks.

If you have opted for a classic cake look for your big day, by adding blush roses and traditional flowers such as hydrangeas and freesias, it is simple to create a light, romantic feel. Or do you want something more fun and new, like a dahlia? With their abundance of pretty petals and distinct colors, these really steal the stage. The rustic look, which is still a firm favorite for brides who love the look of tiny flowers sprinkled over lashings of whipped buttercream, must not be forgotten.

What flowers can I use on a cake?

There are plenty of options you can choose to decorate your wedding cake with real and fake flowers. Real flowers look stunning on a wedding cake. Sugary flowers are the safest edible floral option that you can save as a wedding cake keepsake. Sola wood and silk flowers are affordable and safe cake flower options that are getting massive popularity.

Consider these pros and cons of real and fake flowers to choose your flower option.

Can you use real flowers to decorate a cake?

Yes! A wedding cake with real flowers decoration is simply stunning one. After all, who can avoid new flowers?

The wonderful scent, the texture, and the colors can't beat you. They are cost-effective and quick to purchase, of course, as your florist will easily order a few more for you. Your cake will fit your location and bouquet perfectly, and as you step past your cake, you will be hit with the wonderful scent of sugar and fresh flowers.

Selecting real flowers for your cake adds to the delicious treat a layer of freshness. And if you intend to use real flowers elsewhere in your celebration, adding a few to your cake will tie it all together, like for bouquets or centerpieces. For both your florist and your cake designer, however, make sure to coordinate any real flowers.

Usually, when finishing touches are applied, you or your florist may need to submit the latest range to the cake designer a day or two before pick-up. If you want to test your artistic DIY skills, search Pinterest and YouTube to get the latest real flowers on cakes decorating ideas.

Real Flower Pros

  • Have sweet smell
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Easy to source
  • Look charming and sophisticated

Real Flower Cons

  • Fresh flowers wilt and dehydrate soon
  • Treated with some form of pesticide and may cause various allergies if eaten
  • Won't last for more than a day

Silk & Sola wood flowers:

Over the past couple of years, silk and sola wood flowers have come a long way, and you can now find really beautiful ones everywhere, including garden centers, department stores, and online. Of course, they also have the added advantage of lasting forever, and after your wedding, you can still reuse them.

You also have the luxury of being able to order your silk or sola wood flowers in advance and take them with you to your wedding cake appointment, which ensures that when your big day comes, you'll know exactly what you'll get.

Although artificial flowers are of several kinds, silk and sola wood flowers are almost life-like. They are as soft as real flowers to the touch and are built to mimic real flower blooming patterns. You can order these flowers through your florist, particularly if you are carrying sola or silk bouquets down the aisle. But with your cake designer, you will also have to arrange assembly.

People show their concern to know about what flowers are safe to put on a cake? Sola wood flowers and silk flowers are safe in every way to decorate a wedding cake.

Silk Flower Pros

  • look like the real
  • no risk of wilting
  • less sensitive to the weather
  • no risk of toxicity or allergies

Silk Flower Cons

  • hard to find a good color match in silk flowers
  • Sola wood flowers are affordable, but silk flowers are more expensive than real flowers
  • don't give off any floral scent
  • can't be an alternative of every real like rosy aroma


For your wedding cake, an absolute must! Gorgeous, dreamy sugar flowers will wow your guests long after your big day and make great keepsakes.

Sugar flowers are either made of fondant or gum paste. When they dry, both varieties harden, keeping the flower's structure in place. Your cake designer would have to make them if you chose edible flowers for your cake. They are the most costly choice because they are made by hand with meticulous detail.

It is possible to characterize well-made sugar flowers with just one word: heavenly. We may not always use the words "practical" and "stylish" in the same expression, but sugar flowers are both. They'll look new and beautiful all day, are safe to use, and best of all, even if the fresh ones aren't in season, you can have all of your favorite flowers.

Sugar Flower Pros

  • Sugar flowers are absolutely healthy and edible for food
  • Any flower can also be ordered in any size.
  • The majority of sugar flowers are scale-based.

Sugar Flower Cons

  • Their price should be listed twice because it's so expensive.
  • You may use fewer flowers than you had originally hoped for due to their high price.
  • Most of the sugar flowers appear to come in paler, more chic shades.

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