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January 23, 2021 4 min read

An amazing wonder of nature!

Kissable flower is the most popular flower to compare a lover's beauty of a flower. Flowers, with the exception of those in the first flush of passion, have an ethereal and fleeting beauty incomparable to everything else in the world.

Beauty is an everyday occurrence in the world of Floristry, but, as with most things in existence, beauty is always in the beholder's eye. Flowers are not always pretty and, in a good or bad way, they can also be very surprising. But there's a flower that's going to be pretty enough to greet you, or maybe it's going to kiss you with its delicious red lips. These lips belong to a plant widely known as Hooker's lips or with the scientific name PsychotriaElata. Thanks to its flowers, the plant has become popular on the Internet.

Psychotriaelata, is that ranges from Central to South American rain forests in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia. Palicoureaelata is highly sensitive and needs grown in unique climates. Due to some certain climatic conditions that you should reproduce the plant, it is a bit harder to develop PsychotriaElata. Second, make sure you can provide a wet, humid, and moist atmosphere effectively. You would then need to position it in a sheltered setting, regardless of the harsh sun rays, as this can have an adverse effect on the plant's growth.

It is most noteworthy for its distinctly formed red bracts and is therefore referred to as "Hot Lips." Although its flashiest attribute is considered to be the bright red bracts! The fact is, the red lips you see on the lips of the Hooker are not the flowers themselves but only the kissable bracts that remain until it exposes the white flowers of the plant that will emerge from its centre for just a short period of time. The hot lips plant comes in a range of shapes and sizes, similar to human lips, providing a large array of plants. Psychotriaelata is well-studied and has been recorded over the centuries to provide native populations with different health benefits. It has been over-harvested and is now endangered because of these advantages and the overall appearance of the plant.

Miracle of nature:

It is considered a wonder of nature by many people, considering the fact that no other plant has this nature. In addition to that, many locals assume that its healing properties cannot be treated using any other herb. Well, being a wonder of nature is not the first thing we automatically have in mind for a plant that many individuals refer to as Hooker's lips or McJagger's lips.

The psychotriaelata is such a lovely plant with a very distinctive quality. The sad part is that maybe soon it will be gone forever and become history. Governments in Central and South America should then step in to find a way for future generations to preserve this beauty. If their natural environment is much more deforested, then we might not see a glimpse of this plant earlier than we thought.

Some of the unique features of Psychotriaelata:

·       Valentine’s gift:

They are still called sweet Valentine's presents, despite receiving the name Hooker's lips. On special occasions, if you want to give it to the person you love, it is a great choice. It is prevalent as an expression of affection in Central America. Unfortunately, given its diminishing amount, it is no longer a common option. You can use its faux mimic option as the sola wood hot lip plant will be a massive hit for this valentine season.

·       Health benefits:

In addition to its visual appeal, it has provided medicinal uses. The bark and leaves of P. elata are commonly used as a folk medicine to cure earaches, cough, and skin irritation or rashes. In Nicaraguan communities, the plant has been used to help with the side effects from snake bites; all parts of the plant have been known to be used for this purpose. For medicinal purposes, either a decoction for oral administration or as a poultice for topical administration is rendered into the desired sections of the plant. As previously described, the plant can give a psychedelic effect that can theoretically be used medically but is often used in native cultures in ceremonies.

·       The reality of health benefits claims:

There has been no research done on Palicoureaelata and much less medical research done on it. Some of the data discovered on the plant are anecdotal evidence from indigenous peoples that have been examined in some way to see if appropriate, such as the plant's antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Much research is still to be done to establish the medicinal uses of the plant.

·       Over 2,000 species:

While psychotriaelata is at present endangered, there are no other members of their families. They are alive and well, with over 2,000 organisms. Psychotria is among the largest flowering plant genera. In areas outside North and Central America, some others are growing.

·       Fact about Psychotriaelata seeds:

You may just want to purchase the seeds online and cultivate them if you want to have your own Psychotria plant at home. This plant grows only in very unique weather conditions, to begin with. In addition, it cannot be readily repeated. They are, most of all, now considered endangered. Thus, Psychotria is most definitely the ones you are going to purchase online at a low price. If you are fortunate to find a legit seed, then at a really high price you can have it. Worse, there's no guarantee it'll be growing.

·       Psychotria plants can be used as drugs:

There are other plants with unusual characteristics that have Psychotria. Psychotriaviridis is one of them. This involves a dimethyltryptamine psychedelic chemical called (DMT). Just like psychotriaelata, they also grow white flowers and red berries. As well as anti-inflammatory properties, the plant has been shown to have antimicrobial properties. Psychedelic chemicals are known to contain certain species of Palicouria, the most common being dimethyltryptamine

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