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September 30, 2021 4 min read

A wedding brings a lot of questions to your mind!

  • Will it be a big luxury wedding or a small elopement?
  • Do you like one large cake or a variety of more miniature desserts?
  • Do you want high or low centerpieces?

Your wedding day is not a matter of few hours, but it will be the culmination of about 1000's little decisions, each of which you may or may not have contemplated over for how society may deem "too long."  

Although specific questions you ask yourself when wedding planning might significantly influence the result of your big day, other decisions like what color linens you choose won't have much of an impact in the long run. These judgments may seem significant, but they are easy to figure out. All you need to do is be organized and have a clear goal.

Here are the top 5 essential questions to ask yourself before you start organizing your wedding.

·       What will be the perfect destination?

Is your hometown the right place to arrange your wedding, or a vacation spot is one you wish to choose?

Not all destination weddings take place on tropical islands or at all-inclusive resorts. Any marriage that necessitates travel for the bulk of the guests and is organized from a different city qualifies as a "destination."

Planning a destination wedding comes with several logistical challenges that couples planning local weddings don't have to deal with. It can be challenging to hire wedding vendors located elsewhere, especially in another country, to arrange residence for guests and all other arrangements.  

But if your destination has special meaning to you or your family, or if the setting, in general, is extremely important to you, all of this can be worth it. A local wedding coordinator can help you navigate the wedding scene in your chosen destination. In the same way, if getting married in your hometown is something you value highly, keep it local. There will be visitors who must travel regardless of your choice, so book hotel room blocks or assist passengers in finding housing in whatever way your location is capable.

·       Real or faux flowers:

Flowers are a must-have part of every wedding as it sets the mood and wedding theme. It is a critical decision to decide about wedding flowers. Traditionally, couples preferred fresh-cut flowers for their wedding decorations, but now the trend is changing drastically. COVID-19 pandemic has made people more sensitive towards allergy conditions, and people try to avoid flowers with pollens.

Wood flowers emerge as an ultimate option for wedding blooms with their versatile nature, affordability, flexibility, and uniqueness. These flowers are available all around the year, and there is nothing to get worried about the high cost or seasonal non-availability of your favorite blooms.

Sola wood flowers are made of wood, and their organic nature makes these blooms eco-friendly. They are easy to dye in almost every possible color that you may imagine. Wooden flowers are durable, long-lasting, and easily tolerate extreme weather conditions. Whether it is an outdoor wedding or the arrangements are all made for an inside wedding reception, sola wood flowers can easily adjust with all kinds of wedding themes.

·       Is it an indoor party or an outdoor gathering?

This may be the most critical aspect in defining the overall appearance and feel of your wedding. Decor, flowers, and signs can only do so much to change the appearance of an outdoor garden or hotel ballroom, so you must first choose the sort of wedding location you like before deciding whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of this debate, but a good starting point is:

  • What kind of mood do you want to set with your wedding?
  • What's the difference between black tie and business casual?
  • It's inside! Rustic and romantic, perhaps?

 It's time to put the power down! Your selection on indoor vs. outdoor will basically be made for you based on your answer.

·       Custom vows or traditional ones!

The answer to this question should be evident to you if you're getting married soon. After all, you should have already decided whether or not you want to write your vows when you get engaged. Regardless of the approach you and your partner choose, your ceremony will be beautiful and will move people to tears — you can count on that.

The important thing is to do what makes you and your partner the happiest and comfortable, not what you believe is fashionable or what others expect of you. Handwritten vows take time to compose; traditional vows don't. This decision's most significant influence on your wedding day is on your nerves and emotions and on time it takes you to prepare. Finding it difficult to make a decision? If you want to do both, exchange handwritten vows with only your partner the night before your wedding.

Will you prefer a sit-down meal or a dinner buffet?

Most couples blindly go with the decision of arranging a dinner buffet for their wedding reception. Despite this popular belief, buffets are not necessarily less expensive than plated meals. Platted dinners take more labor and attention to detail, and the buffets require less of both.

However, buffet dinners tend to include more food, which can push up the overall cost of the event. So, put money away and decide what you want.

Plated meals tend to follow a more linear narrative, but buffets allow you to give your guests a more excellent choice. Plated meals provide a formal touch to your reception, while buffets can create a more casual, go-with-the-flow atmosphere.

Suppose you feel having trouble deciding on your wedding food and beverages. In that case, you may also have an option of offering a family-style meal, in which more significant amounts of food are given on platters to each table, making it the best of both worlds. This also encourages people to start a discussion over dinner.


It is entirely up to you what you want decisions related to your wedding preparations and other details. The only must you have to focus on is happiness, love, and lots of beautiful memories.

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