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July 02, 2021 5 min read

Today, you can discover a wide variety of stunning and handcrafted artificial plants and flowers that will wow you with their incredible realism. They appear to have been plucked straight from your garden. They're not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also feel realistic.

Today's stems and petals are constructed of such high-quality materials, including silk, that they appear to be real when touched. Not everyone has a green thumb or a property that allows for a kind of urban jungle, but that doesn't mean you can't create a lush environment in your own home. There's a new décor trend that might help you reach those aims, and it's even the secret weapon for many well-loved settings. It's the usage of artificial plants, flowers, and with the correct styling techniques, no one will ever realize they aren't genuine.

Artificial plants have grown in popularity due to their superior quality, and some new trends in home décor using artificial plants and flowers have arisen this year. Let’s discuss some of these trends here:


·       Be strategic with placement:

Use artificial plants in locations where they're somewhat more out of sight, such as hanging baskets or shelf decorations, as a general rule of thumb.

Indoor plants may significantly improve your home's atmosphere and environment. They bring a sense of vitality and freshness to indoor spaces. However, choosing and arranging plants in an indoor environment may be difficult. Not all indoor plants have the exact needs. Some indoor plants will look great in a large living room, while others would look great in a smaller area. Some indoor plants thrive in gloomy places, while others are constantly on the lookout for bright light.

·       Mixing dried flowers with faux flowers:

Fresh flowers are lovely, but they aren't cheap, and as a result, they appear to be dwindling in favor. A new trend is replacing the usual weekly bouquet with dried flowers combined with fake flowers and greenery. This new trend is entirely in line with the present design industry saturation of minimalism and rustic tendencies. Dried flowers have lovely textures and light or pastel colors. When you combine this with some vivid and everlasting flowers and greenery, you've got yourself a beautiful flower arrangement that will last a lifetime. You can use sola wood flowers in these kinds of arrangements to give the feel of natural flowers. Sola wood flowers look real and available in a variety of colors.

·       Raised focal point:

Hang greenery over the windows to make house plants the main point in your bedroom. It's a creative way to include greenery into your decor without taking up valuable room on your nightstand or dresser top.

Choose a drapery plant with a full, overflowing appearance when hanging up. It will instantly add texture and color, as well as a more dynamic aspect to your home. Botanical accents, such as flower paintings and cushions, as well as a few small succulents on your bedside tables, complete the look.

·       Hanging greenery with sola wood flowers:

The nice thing about climbing and hanging plants is that they don't take up any floor space and may maximize the impact of a small space. Climbing vegetation has been used brilliantly in small, restricted places such as hallway laundries and powder rooms. They look great perched atop a single shelf or draped from the ceiling in a woven basket. And, because they're generally high up, the artificial kind is excellent for avoiding the hassle of watering and irrigation. You can also add few sola wood flowers to give them even more realistic look.

·       Vibrant vignette:

If your fireplace isn't working, repurpose the space as an indoor plant display. It's a unique way to bring life to an otherwise space and turn it into a focal point in the room.

Arrange taller and larger greenery around the hearth, and decorate your mantel with smaller potted plants. To bring the space to life, layer in other accessories like books, vases, bowls, and art after you've got your plants in place. You can also place a wood floral wreath there to give it more traditional kind of look.

·       Artificial statement plants:

Towering statement plants and trees can be challenging to manage or perhaps impossible to preserve when little children and pets are involved. Perhaps this is why artificial statement plants such as palms and fiddle leaf figs are becoming increasingly prevalent in office settings and residences. They don't require water, sunshine, or soil, making them a handy and clean alternative to typical house plants with no danger of an unwanted mess.

Statement plants are a lovely addition to any room, but they're especially effective in common areas like lounges and dining rooms. Use woven baskets or neutral stone pots to balance out the appeal of a tropical palm or fiddle leaf fig.

·       Secret garden cove:

With a large potted house plant and some hanging greenery, turn a reading nook or awkward inlet into a garden refuge. Just make sure there's enough light in the room for your indoor plant's reflection.

This is an excellent method to provide warmth to a tiny area or an underutilized part of the house. Finish with nature-inspired accents like ocean-print and floral cushions, a sheepskin rug, and a small wood stool for maximum comfort and appeal.

·       Kitchen splash backs:

The days of having to choose between tiles and tinted glass for a kitchen backsplash are long gone. A window backsplash with a view of a fence or wall may now really benefit homes by providing the perfect chance for fake green panels to be used to create a greenery-clad viewpoint. We adore this trend, and Evergreen Walls has been engaged in a number of kitchen backsplash projects, all of which have turned out beautifully. In many of these cases, artificial greenery is the ideal option because the position of the fence or wall does not always allow for adequate lighting or ease of access, which are both necessary in the care of actual plants.

·       Lush shelf life:

Any bookshelf may be transformed into an eye-catching display and storage area. To make your storage appear like a selected collection of unusual treasures and plants, mix a variety of indoor plants with books, knickknacks, items, and tiny sculptures.

There are no hard and fast rules for how to arrange indoor plants and flowers on your bookshelf, but a decent rule of thumb is to have a mix of lush foliage, towering cacti, and tiny trees and flowers. They'll add a splash of color to all of your books and things.

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