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June 18, 2021 4 min read

For thousands of years, flowers have been a feature of many burial rites. They not only represent the life cycle from birth to death, but they also provide a sense of security. Funeral flowers and wreaths are a lovely way to express condolences and commemorate a loved one's life in a meaningful way. The overall objective is to offer the deceased's family sincere condolences and heartfelt compassion.

It's also a method to dress up the location where the funeral will be placed. While the family appreciates the flowers, many may be unsure what to do with them once the event is over. Instead of wasting funeral flowers, you should know how to reuse them in useful ways.

Arrangements may surround you if you just lost a loved one. You may be unsure what to do with the many flowers used to decorate the casket or urn. Some families may transport the flowers from the funeral home to the cemetery and display them on the grave. The cemetery personnel usually remove the arrangements within a week.

Decorative floral decorations and sympathy flowers were given to the funeral home, which are common features of traditional memorials and funeral rituals. Sending flowers to a funeral home or a mourning family is an essential custom with a long history. But what happens after completing the services, and the flowers are no longer needed?

It seems wasteful and unceremonious to simply throw them away. It was created in part to show compassion for families struggling with the death of a loved one and to aid in the healing process.

What to do with the funeral flowers?

More than hundreds of lovely flowers have served their function, but they remain in full bloom and in good enough conditions to be recycled after a funeral. Sometimes people send sola wood flowers for funerals that are long-lasting, durable, and always fresh that means you have flowers that you can reuse for some other reasons. However, families may be unsure what to do with them and will seek advice from you.

With the family's permission, most of the funeral homes find a new use for condolence flowers by donating them. These flowers are donated to workers in hospitals, hospice centers, nursing homes, and other places to provide brightness, fragrance, and uplifting thoughts to patients and volunteers.

In some circumstances, families choose to take funeral flowers home with them after the service, particularly if they are sent to a specific person. Woodflowers.com encourages families to utilize these flowers in ways that are personal and important to them.

Some other people prefer to carry their flowers to a loved one's burial; there are a variety of alternative uses for these blossoms at home. Flowers may provide support for as long as people need them, even after their peak freshness has passed and long after the funeral rites have ended.

DIY ways to reuse funeral flowers at home:

Here are a few of the impressive ways that people can use to reuse funeral flowers:

·       Potpourri that has been dried at home!

Families may easily make their potpourri using flowers from the ceremony, and there are a variety of methods to display the aromatic petals. Our sense of smell, more than our other senses, is intimately tied to memory. With this in mind, pick spices and oils that remind you of your loved one while making potpourri out of leftover funeral flowers. You'll be able to find consolation in the familiar aroma every time you walk by. The petals can be saved in attractive jars or flower vases that belonged to their loved ones once the flowers have dried in the sun. Even perfume bottles and other unusual containers might be used to house potpourri and form a lovely display.

·       Make a cardboard shadow box!

Families can construct small memorial items to remember their loved ones using dried, pressed flowers, pictures, and other memorabilia. For example, by making a huge piece of art to enjoy by making a shadow box with dried flowers, you can utilize flowers from the burial. You can also choose to include a treasured photo of your loved one in the box. Together, these things will make a nice tribute. These need minimal time and resources, yet the process of creating something unique and sorting through images and mementos may help families cope with their sadness in the days and weeks after the funeral.

·       Make your memorial wreath!

After the funeral flowers have dried in the sun, a simple wreath may be made with twine and a foam cylinder. This may be put near family photographs or even on the front entrance to remind families of their loved one's presence whenever they come home.

·       Make a memorial candle!

Light a candle to remember those who left you alone!

A memorial candle made with dried flowers is a lovely souvenir. You may remember about your loved one as you make the candle, and when it's finished, you may light it in their honor. Then, every time you light the candle in the days and months ahead, you'll be reminded of your memories.

·       Make a piece of unique floral jewelry!

Petals can be fashioned into emotional souvenirs such as jewelery to keep a loved one close by, a necklace or tie clip to keep them close to the heart. You can also make a pendant to proudly display their affection.

·       People who are not in crafts!

For some of us, it is not possible that the prospect of producing a memorial item is too daunting. We are all unique individuals who will grieve in our own unique ways. For individuals who are not crafty, there are a few options:

  • It is a wonderful idea to give any remaining funeral flowers to friends, family, and coworkers.
  • You can keep flowers in your house as a memory of your loved ones.
  • You can place funeral flowers at the gravestone of someone you care about.

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