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January 26, 2021 4 min read

Brides' tradition of bearing bouquets goes back to antiquity. During weddings, ancient Greeks and Romans, even Egyptians, brought fragrant herbs and spices to fend off bad luck. A new beginning was symbolized by the flowers and carried expectations of fertility, happiness, and fidelity.

Since the symbolism of the flower was extremely common then, and brides were able to express their romantic feelings through their particular floral choices, the tradition has faded a bit, with modern couples selecting their flowers more based on beauty and color.

Originally, another major reason brides began bringing them centuries ago was because of the flowers' perfume, which disguised their body odor. As the brides of today are not so concerned with hiding an unwanted scent, the main aim of the bouquet these days is to be a beautiful accessory.

We know that for your wedding, you spend a lot of time and money on flowers. Then why, once you hit the reception, let them go by the wayside?

During the reception, where you supposed to place your bouquet?

Isn’t it really a fantastic question!

Since certain visitors want to see your bouquet up close and you've invested a lot of money on it, you may as well be able to display it in a nice location. That's why we think a brilliant idea is to have a bridal bouquet made of sola wood flowers that you can place in vases or jars at-the-ready once you hit the reception.

Your sola wood floral bouquet looks not only fantastic, but it lasts for months and years. Here are some ways that you can choose to utilize your sola wood floral bouquet:

·       Use it to decorate the head table:

When you reuse it at your reception table, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful bouquet all night long. Arrange in advance how to make this happen for your florist, what sort of vase will fit best, and who will do the conversion.

You not only get to spend more time with the bouquet, but it will save your cash because you're going to need to order one less centerpiece! While the bouquets of the bridesmaids are mostly used as the decoration of the head table, you can use them in the ladies' room instead, at the coat check, the escort-card table, the wedding cake table, or any location that could use a floral boost.

·       Donate it and make others happy:

If you want to make the lives of people in your neighborhood brighter and you live in a major city, consider donating your wood flower bouquet to a charity that will repurpose it. Wood flowers cannot wilt, dry, or die so you can donate these wedding blooms with a more productive sense as these will be reusable for a longer time.

·       Save it for another day:

Beauty of wood flowers is ever lasting and you don’t have to throw your bouquet, whatever you do! You should expect to do something about your bouquet, whether you wish to save it, store it in a piece of art, or simply place it in a beautiful vase to enjoy for as long as time.

It's a rare, meaningful piece of this significant celebration, so after the part is done, it's worth enjoying. Ask someone responsible to keep your bouquet secure during the party or arrange a place to leave it with the venue before the reception is over if you are planning on bringing your bouquet home.

·       Create centerpieces:

Placing vases in the centre of the tables and locating them in the room is one convenient way to transform your bridesmaid bouquets from the service to the reception. Be sure to correctly spread them out, so that visitors can take a closer look at the exquisite arrangements, regardless of where they are.

Place on the head Table!

If you do not have ample bouquets to use at the wedding reception, consider incorporating them into the decor of the head table. In a vase, you can put the flowers or lay them on the table tastefully and accentuate the arrangements with candles of different heights.

Gift Table!

As guests enter the wedding reception, the presents they brought will possibly want to be put down. Place a few bouquets on the table to draw attention to this area. If you want to place them in small glass vessels or place them atop the card box, balance them with the rest of your decor to allow guests to appreciate the colors of your wedding.

Chic chairs!

You can also use your bouquets to decorate the head table chairs that you and the wedding party are going to be seated in. You can use ribbons to tie the bridesmaid flowers to any other chair, regardless of the style you've selected for your seats. To create an elegant trail from the chairs to the floor, opt for long strands of ribbons.

Use for additional reception décor!

Your bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets will add a lot of extra color and texture to your table. In addition to flower decor for the table itself, this will save you a lot of money.

Use it for the dinner table to have more room!

Guests are going to come and say hello, you're going to enjoy a bottle of champagne, and you're going to want plenty of room for dinner. Usually, a head table or sweetheart table is not that large to start with, so for more space, you will have a special spot set aside.


Now you know well that what you should do with your bridal bouquet!

If you're attached to the bouquet, look at strategies for using this wood flowers bridal bouquet in different arrangements.  You can use these blooms in a home décor project, set them in a photo frame, or put them in a shadow box. Sola wood flowers by woodflowers.com can be your everlasting companion with preserving most precious memories of yours inside their vivid colors.

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