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August 19, 2021 4 min read

You know what is the best way to say "I Love You"?

Surely! A bouquet or arrangement of romantic seasonal flowers what else?

Traditionally, the go-to gift for delivering a message of love to your only is a beautiful arrangement of red roses. The recipient of the red flowers will undoubtedly get the message you are conveying.

Many people think of roses when they think of romantic flowers, but isn't it, however, a little boring to send your Valentine's roses every year?

If that's the case, red roses will undoubtedly detract from your performance this time. Next year, say it differently with some unusual and beautiful flowers that are also a sign of eternal love and feelings and communicate the purest of thoughts on this particular day to keep your love as fresh as the flowers you present to your Valentine. Every flower, from purple orchids to brilliant yellow sunflowers, communicates a distinct feeling. Therefore you must pick the correct color flower to show your love.

Woodflowers.com has gathered ten lovely flowers so you may convey what you truly mean without using a red rose:

1.   Peonies:

Peonies are known for their big, thick, rounded ruffled petals, which give them a refined, elegant appearance. Whether alone or in a bouquet, the peony is a show-stopper representing wealth, good fortune, and happy marriage. It's no wonder that the peony is associated with romance and passionate love. Peonies are prized in Chinese culture, and their name translates to "most lovely."

Honor and riches are often connected with peony blossoms. Pink peony blossoms express passion, while white peony blooms signify shyness, tranquility, and purity in gorgeous colors of pink and white. A deep crimson peony represents riches, success, honor, respect, love, and passion, among other things. Domestic peonies are in season from late May through July.

2.   Tulips:

Red Tulips are a famous Valentine's Day gift since they are a classic emblem of love and passion. Red tulips speak the language of flowers when they say "perfect love." So if you want red flowers instead of roses, here is the bouquet for you! Diverse hues of the flower, like roses, convey different messages. Tulips, unlike other flowers, continue to develop in water after being cut rather than simply being alive. The 11th wedding anniversary flower is the tulip, which has a black, heart-shaped stigma in the middle representing a lover's heart that has been blackened by passion.

3.   Geranium:

Pink or bright red On Valentine's Day, geraniums are a fantastic alternative to roses and will undoubtedly bring a grin to your loved one's face. These colorful and gorgeous flowers speak it all about love, symbolizing a new beginning in your relationship. Make your girl's Valentine's Day special by surprising her with these brightly colored flowers.

4.   Hydrangea:

Hydrangea is a shrub or climbing vine that develops as a summer flower in floral arrangements. It features tiny, flat four-petaled flowers. Genuine sentiments and appreciation are among the many meanings associated with the hydrangea flower. Because of their strong clusters of florets, hydrangea has been connected with boastfulness or vanity.

After Japanese mythology, a Japanese monarch presented pink hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved but neglected. They have come to signify deep feeling, appreciation for understanding, and repentance. White hydrangea is typically linked with purity and innocence, yet it may also be connected with boasting or bragging. The blue hydrangea represents regret, whereas the purple hydrangea represents a desire to learn more about someone. Hydrangea has also been said to have a beneficial and therapeutic impact on individuals.

5.   Lily:

With a bouquet of lilies, you may tell your special someone how wonderful they are. One of my favorites is the gorgeous 'Star Gazer' oriental lily, a deep fuchsia with black dots and a white border. Of course, there are many different types of lilies to select from—calla lilies are also exquisite and lovely, and while not being true lilies, they have the same meaning as true lilies. Except for blue and black, lilies exist in every color.

6.   Daffodils:

These soft and delicate yellow spring flowers are the loveliest way to show your genuine love and are the most elegant and sophisticated way to say "I Love You." These are available in various colors and forms, and they appear to be as bright and cheery as your girl. Make your V-Day memorable by choosing from multiple hues such as white, pink, and yellow.

7.    Sunflower:

With a cheerful arrangement of sunflowers, remind your darling of summer. In flower language, these sweet flowers denote loyalty. You might assume sunflowers are too giant for a bouquet, but many miniature varieties look stunning in cut arrangements. This bloom was so beloved by the Russians that it was designated as their national flower, even though it is native to the United States.

8.   Alstroemeria:

This flower, also known as the 'Peruvian Lily,' is another eye-catching bloom. Though the flower is linked with friendship, it may also be associated with dedication, which will add a romantic element to your excellent connection. These flowers are an incredible gift that will undoubtedly delight your sweetheart, ranging from lovely pastel-colored blooms to brilliant colorful beauties.

9.   Daisy:

The daisy is a flower that represents purity, loyalty, love, and innocence. The white-petaled type with the yellow center is generally the daisy that comes to mind first, but Gerbera daisies come in a bright spectrum of colors if you're searching for something more vibrant. Because the disc of the daisy is made up of numerous small blooms, giving just one daisy is like providing a whole bouquet and then some!

10.   Carnation:

Carnations have long been recognized and utilized; the Greeks used them to make garlands, and the flower's Latin genus name, Dianthus, means "flower of the Gods." Carnations were sometimes used to flavor beer and wine in various countries. Carnations symbolize curiosity, making them an ideal flower for young couples. These blooms come in multiple colors and may be colored in virtually any color, each with its significance; they also form a durable cut flower that can last up to three weeks.

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