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October 08, 2020 4 min read

Saying sorry will take a long journey. It's necessary to apologies for any mistake you might have made, no matter the offence. We're human beings. All of us bound to make mistakes and mess up stuff. It's happening. But it is completely in your hands how you recover from it. If you know you have done something wrong or made a mistake and need to say how sorry you are, in addition to words, it can be conveyed with apology flowers.

Words are just words at the end of the day. Every day, they rattle off our tongues. Particularly the "I am sorry" words. That is why, when people make an authentic apology, we have become desensitized. We think that when they do, they don't necessarily mean it. That's why the perfect way to show your sincerest apologies and maximize your likelihood of being forgiven is to pair your apology with flowers. It is really quick to say "I'm sorry" with a beautiful flower bouquet and the message "I'm sorry."

The attraction of "I'm sorry flowers" is that they're a true thing that's tangible. 

Even if the individual you wish to apologies for is not prepared to accept your apology, at least every time they look at their beautiful bouquet of roses or tulips or some other flower that is their favorite, they will continue to think of you.

Why are flowers ideal to say sorry?

Flowers speak the language of silence, and there are plenty of I'm sorry flowers to choose, whether you are trying to apologies to a partner, soul mate, or relative. Flowers are a special way to convey that the relationship with the person you've hurt really matters to you. It could be a small, simple, and innocent mistake, such as forgetting the birthday of a sibling, or something more important, such as missing a wedding. Sending flowers for forgiveness is still appreciated by the recipient, whatever the case.

What flower says, sorry?

It is not as easy to say, "I'm sorry" as it might sound. When you've done something wrong, it can be hard to admit, but doing so can take a heavyweight off your shoulders. "You can't go wrong with a lily while looking for a flower that says," I'm sorry. Lilies reflect dedication and modesty, and they are easy to embrace because of their extraordinary beauty. Tulips are another great flower of apology, as new beginnings, harmony, and repentance are portrayed. Or, send yellow flowers that symbolize friendship and happiness to a friend you've hurt.

Mistakes and wrongdoings, though, are not the only situations where you would want to say sorry. Bereavements are sombre occasions worthy of flowers as well. A daisy bouquet symbolizes innocence and purity, ideal for remembering the deceased. In contrast, compassion and everlasting love are symbolized by orchid plants. Here are some beautiful flowers arrangements for your inspiration which you may like to send with your apology message.

Express unconditional love with Roses:

Roses are the most romantic way for someone you've hurt to extend your apologies. The universal message to express love and appreciation for your lady's love is red roses. These flowers, remember, aren't just for Valentine's Day! Tell your wife that you're very sorry and that by sending her flowers, you'd like to reconcile. Give a small card with a personalized note to express how much you care about and love them, to go the extra mile with your apology.

Tulips show new beginnings:

Tulips are synonymous with new beginnings and the spring season. They are simply "happy flowers" and can promote a person's feelings of joy. They reflect peace and forgiveness as well, so they're the best kind of flower for your girlfriend or wife to say sorry. However, other women in your life, such as your mother, mother-in-law or sister, can undoubtedly be universally respected!

Class and beauty are portrayed by orange, yellow and pink tulips. It signifies your heartfelt apologies if you give them to your own special one.

Orchids represent strength and power:

In nature, orchids are exotic, and the last long-these are the best symbols that tell your soul mate that you are sincerely sorry. It also illustrates that for everything that he is and brings to the relationship, you recognize him.

Power and virility are symbolized by orchids. This makes them the perfect flower of apology to your soul mate! Give your boyfriend or husband white orchids because it symbolizes honesty and your relationship's long-lasting existence. Let him know that an argument will not minimize your love for him!

Any color or variety of orchids you may choose to send to a man, the gesture itself is sufficient.

Yellow roses stand for friendship:

Traditionally, yellow roses symbolize affection and happiness. Give a fresh bouquet of yellow flowers to tell a friend you're sorry for harming, damaging or upsetting you. Surprise them at work or home with flowers to show them you care for their friendship and appreciate it. A vibrant bouquet of yellow roses combined with orange roses will really make your day happier and add a smile to your face.

Red is for true love:

To reflect true love and passion, red is the perfect color. The special gesture to give to show real love and to say sorry to a girlfriend or a caring wife is certainly red flowers. Mix the red and white flowers, and this implies harmony. For any relationship, showing forgiveness and unity after a misunderstanding is crucial. The classic choice to persuade your partner to embrace your heartfelt apologies is deep red roses.

What else is required to include with apology flowers?

Make sure to include a personalized apology note when you send flowers which say sorry. This will make it easier for you to give a genuine apology explaining how sorry you are. You may also give an apology gift, including a gift basket filled with their favorite treats, along with a special note. Suppose a person can't turn down one thing. In that case, it's a variety of their favorite treats, such as mouth-watering chocolate, nut, and fruit tray, or a savory plate of cheese and meat. I'm sorry gifts would certainly make it easier to receive forgiveness.

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