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December 02, 2019 2 min read

When you think of a marriage proposal, you think of a man on one knee nervously asking a woman whom he has fallen madly in love with to marry him.  The woman? Well she’s excited and taken by surprise yet enthusiastically says yes to marrying him. But what if the woman proposed the marriage? Would she take away a man’s masculinity? Would it ruin the moment and be completely awkward for the man? When a man propose marriage, it is deemed the right thing to do, but when a woman propose marriage, she is looked at as desperate or impatient thus leaving people to pity her and her man feeling overwhelmed. In Scotland, February 29th is the only day during leap year, a woman could propose to a man. You have celebrities like Brittany Spears and Haley Lu Richardson who proposed to their mate. Queen Victoria had to propose to Prince Albert.

Personally, I feel women should propose marriage, even if it means getting on one knee. Like men, women most of the time are sure about who they want to be with. It should not be a difficult moment shared between two people that are in love.

Only mature adults can handle a proposal from a woman. If you look at her as though she lost her worth as a woman then maybe you don’t know her as well as you did. Love is a powerful emotion, it can make you do questionable things but when you’re are in love, you just cannot help yourself. Should we do in God’s order of creation? Gone are the days when things were simple and less complicated. People are living free-willed. Here are five reasons why women should propose marriage.


  • If you and your mate discussed marriage and agreed to it, but just unsure of the time, place and date, a woman should be able to take the role in proposing when she feel like they’re ready to take the next step without feeling embarrassed with her decision.
  • Women should have the same courage as a man when it comes to proposing a marriage and if the people in your life cannot accept your decision then you shouldn’t let it bother you.
  • If you really love the person, you’re with and you’re sure about spending the rest of your life with them then go for it.
  • Women could jump-start their man into proposing to them sooner then later.
  • If you propose to your man and he ignores the proposing, then that may be a sign he doesn’t want you as a wife or doesn’t take you that serious. In this instance, you should also consider his feelings and where he’s at in life and in your relationship.


Women should make sure it is subject that was discussed prior to proposing marriage. See how open he is to marriage and consider his traditional way of proposing marriage. Make it a fun and less stressful moment for the both of you.

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