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February 25, 2021 4 min read

Red roses on Valentine's Day, a variety of beautiful flowers for weddings, birthdays, and several other occasions come at a high cost. It is not about the money only that we spend on buying these real flowers, but it is about the actual price we are paying for these symbols of love, care, gratitude, and different other emotions.

Flowers have become a global industry that is expanding so quickly with every new day, but there are enormous implications for the environmental impact and pollution caused by this industry. The concern is an ecological waste. The cut-flower industry is a short-cycle processing method that involves the intensive use of agrochemicals with a negative impact on air, soil, and water availability. Environmental waste is a real big concern.

The cut-flower industry has an open regulatory position because flowers are not edible crops. These flowers bear far more pesticides than permitted on foods and are excluded from pesticide residue regulations. One-fifth of the chemicals used in developed countries' floriculture industry is estimated to be banned or untested.

How is the cut-flower industry damaging the environment?

Commercial floriculture worldwide has high investment and massive demand for quality flowers, which often not possible without high pesticide usage. Consumers demand flowers free of any damages caused by diseases and pests want perfect flowers – completely perfect flower in every way. Additionally, more and more flowers are exported from tropical countries to temperate countries. This Increase in floral trade demands the establishment of stringent phytosanitary measures at ports of entry to avoid accidental entry and spread of unwanted diseases and pests in their countries. It means the exporters need to send pest and disease-free flowers.

For all these reasons, the soil used to cultivate these flowers must be free from the noxious organisms present in the soil. To make soil disinfected traditionally, the method of fumigation with methyl bromide (MB) is used because of the efficacy, broad spectrum of action, and its lower cost than that of other fumigants. Methyl bromide is a chemical five times more powerful than carbon dioxide and harmful to the ozone layer, with an ozone depletion potential of 0.6. it is a poisonous compound detrimental to humans (with CFCs classified as 1).

Water use is also a big issue. The market for floristry is fragile but is still vulnerable to many external factors such as climate change, oil prices, economic situations, and currency rates. This world population is going to hit 9.6 billion by 2050, and a rough gap of 70% may appear between the crop calories to feed the projected population.

It is important to think and question yourself whether the land, water, air, chemicals, and carbon footprints used for floriculture could be better used elsewhere?

Is there any solution?

Of course, sweet-smelling flowers can bring a smile to your loved one's face instantly, but these flowers are not making our environment smile. So is it time to stop this ever-popular tradition of giving flowers, and it's the time to set the trend; "Give her Chocolates, perfume, or teddy bear, but not the flowers!"

The answer is a big "NO"! Spread love and let the flowers rule as the symbol of ever satisfying human emotions to stay happy forever.

Replace fresh cut – flowers with their best substitutes, "The Sola Wood Flowers."

Yes, sola wood flowers are rising like a beacon of hope on the commercial flower industry's horizon. Wood flowers are artificial blooms technically, but these are 110% eco-friendly and contribute to saving this planet in a very positive way.

Wooden flowers are blooms crafted by hand without any typical machines, and their raw material is entirely natural. The inner bark of balsa tree wood is used to create the petals of wood flowers. The raw material of sola wood flowers is 100% bio-degradable that generates no pollution and zero residues.

Wooden flowers have already revolutionized the floral wedding industry, and the popularity of wooden flower bouquets and wooden flower arrangements is skyrocketed. People are opting for wooden flowers instead of real or any other artificial blooms such as silk or paper flowers. Wooden flowers have amazing features that keep these color pops distinguished among all other types of faux blooms:

  • These are real looking flowers having astonishing resemblance with natural blooms. Their handmade appearance provides a customized look to every single bloom, just like real flowers. It is really hard to distinguish between original flowers and sola wood flowers without touching wooden blooms to feel their texture.
  • These are originally available in an off-white color, but it is easy to dye sola wood flowers in real or artificial colors because of their absorbent texture. You can use acrylic paints, watercolors, oil paint, spray paint, or fabric paint to dye wood flower to any desired color you want.
  • These are long-lasting flowers and can be used more than once for various floral arrangements and decoration items.
  • Having no pollens is another plus point for these flowers made of wood. These are pollen-free means there is no pollen allergy or asthma while having wood flowers around you.
  • It can be used as a gift that you can keep forever with you without being worried about their wilting, drying, or dying of these delicate blooms.
  • Sola wood flowers are durable and can be easily used in typical floral arrangements as they can also handle little rough handling. It is easy to keep these flowers in their actual shape.


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Add your contribution to save this Earth for coming generations and use sola wood flowers by woodflowers.com to create a healthy, balanced, and eco-friendly environment.

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