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April 09, 2020 2 min read

In our daily lives, we are always seeking innovation. We try things to changes our taste and even to feel ourselves updated and up to the mark. When we consider, doing effort, we always choose the stuff which is worth of getting attention and investments. Even if we buy something for our homage, we only spend money on things that give greater output. Whereas, when it comes to trying new things, there are lots of contradictions revolving in our minds. They are much time genuine and real. People are always reluctant to do and try new ideas or practice things that they have not done ever before. The biggest reason behind this is the threat of failure or maybe the loss of one's time and money as well. As far as the crafts are concerned, we want to do the things that are bigger in output in every form like time money and their lifetime. Making hand made flowers had been a common practice for ages, yet after globalization there it came up with new ideas and market trends as well. Sola wood flowers are one of the most in-demand handmade flowers in most of the countries of the world. Because people have started using them in their daily life happenings, it is getting more and more attention with every passing day

Worth of sola wood flowers

The wood obtained from the original plant is scrapped off and is processed along to get optimally thin and then marketed for the enthusiasts who want to make their sola wood flowers. The procedure is a kind of tricky, hence it is very important to know the pros and cons before, you make up your mind to invest in it. This looks interesting but gaining a deeper understanding before leaping into the project is mandatory.


  • They are lightweight and can be carried in bulk easily
  • They are thin and delicate with woody structures that give the feeling of real flowers
  • They are cheaper to make in large numbers
  • They can be tried with a mixture of different colors to bring them life
  • They are long-lasting especially as compared to the real flowers
  • They are also very useful in making wooden flower bouquets
  • They can be made in a variety of different shapes and forms
  • They can be reshaped as well if petals get coiled
  • They can also be stemmed for vase and pots in homes
  • You can even add different essence in them and make it smell like actual flowers


  • They need lots of effort while being made
  • For innovation and a greater level, they need more investment and hence there the risk increases more.
  • In the end, if you do not add the perks, your whole effort may look fake
  • These flowers can’t bear tough environment like extreme warm or wet surroundings


Wood flowers are very delicate and beautiful ones to make and try your artwork. Yet, you must remember that there are both positive and negative aspects of everything. Hence, stay positive because the benefits are more in number as compared to the threats that are associated.

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