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March 18, 2020 2 min read

A very well know Sola Wood Flowers- is really a plant with its herbal name called Aeschynomene aspera. Even in more common words, this plant is alluded as Shola. It is a wild plant which is developed in mucky territories. Another fact these Sola Wood Flowers or this Shola plant is that it has a lightest weight among all other wood out there.
The bark of this wood is taken off from the plant to uncover a velvety and creamy like center. The center piece of this Sola Wood Flower is easily cut into slim sheets. These wooden pieces are then utilized to make such professionally Sola Wood Flowers. Since, these sheets are slim they can easily be molded and reshaped with its smooth stretch be formed on the flowers.

Enhance your Beauty with these Sola Wood Flowers:
To make your personality even more amazing and make such a phenomenal option in contrast to the new Flowers. The best thing about these flowers that they can easily stretched and molded with the stems and petals, framing with lovely Flowers. Sola Wood Flowers can be easily molded with petals of shapes with the combination such events like Birthday bash, wedding bundles, office parties, theme format events and so many other such type of occasions.
The magnificence of these Flowers is that each Flower is stand quite raw and smooth from other. They are hand-made in the perfection with various varieties and blemishes which will truly give you the real result. The final look of these flowers give a great result and innovative impact on you for sure.

Wedding Bouquets with Sola Wood Flowers:
On the eve of wedding, all the wedding rituals and customs- Fresh Flowers are extremely looks costly so the most ideal approach to set aside on the so much expenses of wedding rituals is to replace them with these Sola Wood Flowers. The most widely demand comes for sola wood Flowers are on wedding eve is in the bundle of orders. They are not modest by means so in any case- Sola Wood Flowers can spare a fortune for sure.

While starting, you must have an idea about the unpleasant thought of size and style of the Flowers that you guys needed. Here is the details of such questions;

  • If you want Small bouquet- 30 to 35 Sola Flowers are enough with 2” size
  • If you want Medium bouquet- 25 to 27 Sola Flowers with 3” size
  • If you want large bouquet – around 40 to 50 Sola Flowers in the range of 2 to 3” in size.

Always buy some extra Flowers in case of damage or broken the flowers on the spot. So that you may adjust those extra flowers on it.

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