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August 15, 2020 4 min read

Traditionally fresh flowers are used for wedding celebrations but a new, budget friendly flower option has entered the ring. Sola wood flowers are here to stay and here are a few reasons why you should choose them over fresh flowers for your big day. 

Will you choose fresh or sola wood flowers for your big day? It’s been tradition for thousands of years to use flowers to adorn chapels, wedding halls, tables, chairs, the bridal party, the groomsmen and parents of the two to wed. For as long as history provides, flowers have had symbolic representation amongst other traditional wedding rites.

During the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the bride and groom traditionally wore Garland on their neck to symbolize hope, a new life and fertility in the relationship. The bride and other women at the wedding would also carry bouquets that were not usually made of flowers but of aromatic herbs and spices which were to ward off evil spirits. Over time these herbs and spices were mostly replaced with flowers and the herbs and spices just became filling in the bouquet because they were believed to increase fertility and sexual desire.

While the focus of floral bouquets is no longer to ward off evil spirits or increase sexual desire, we use flowers in our marriage ceremonies to accentuate the beauty and personality of the marriage, decorate and represent love. Often a bride will choose her wedding theme and colors based on what she and her partner like and then try to find flowers that fit that mold. A bride may consider the symbolism of a certain flower, color, or specific theme. Tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and daffodils all have specific meanings or energetic inclinations and they can manifest specific emotions and desires into the marriage relationship!

When a bride and groom get married they join together in life and love hoping to spend eternity together. They spend months preparing the ceremony and celebration! They choose the people to celebrate this beautiful occasion with, the bridal gown, her hair and makeup artists. She chooses bridesmaids, bridal shoes, and photography for the engagement and wedding ceremony. The groom chooses an outfit for the ceremony and groomsmen to support him on that day. Together the couple may choose a cake, food, venue, theme, budget, vendors, party favors, registry, a new home and honeymoon arrangement. Lots of preparation, thought and consideration is taken for the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

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Flowers are no different. Flowers touch each part of the wedding celebration. From the entryway to the bridal bouquet, the groomsmen to the mother-of-the-bride, flower girl to table decor and the bridal party. Flowers can make or break a wedding’s aesthetic and require a trained hand and eye to arrange. Sola wood flowers are a beautiful way to add an additional layer to the symbolism of the marriage ritual. Sola wood flowers never die, wilt away or shed leaves. Sola wood flowers are forever.

Handcrafted and arranged just like the marriage ceremony, sola wood flowers meant to last forever. When considering floral arrangements for your wedding, consider that all of those arrangements will be dead within days of your ceremony if not much sooner. The downside of these magnificent pieces is that they have a short durability lifespan. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of decaying plant life will be thrown in the garbage with the leftover food, used plates and gift wrap. The need for a reusable alternative has led to a new and better solution, Sola Wood flowers.

Sola Wood Flowers are hand-shaved from the Cassava root into thin sheets. They are cut, shaped and bound into beautiful, lifelike flower replicas! The wood is soft, pliable and porous. Because of this wood flowers can be dyed, painted and arranged in many different ways! Wouldn't it be a beautiful experience to come home from your post-marriage celebration or honeymoon and place your wedding bouquet into a vase or shadow box and display it in your home as a reminder of your commitment to your partner and the beautiful day you spent together.

  • Sola wood centerpieces can be turned into gifts for wedding participants and guests giving them something everlasting to remind them of your gratitude for their presence in your life.
  • Mothers of the bride and groom can take their corsages and boutonnieres and place it in their family keepsakes and share it with grandchildren or friends as a memoir.
  • Children attending the ceremony can leave with sola wood souvenirs that cost no extra money or time.
  • Sola wood floral crowns can be taken home and used for play or other crafts!
  • Bridal party members can take their bouquets home with their other bridal party gifts and memories
  • Sola wood flower arrangements can be repurposed to decorate bookshelves, portraits, or entryways in a home for the perfectly placed lasting decor.

Besides sentimentality, sola wood flowers come in many shapes, sizes, styles, arrangements and colors! They can be purchased from our website, (insert wedding link here) or customized for you.  Woodflowers.com offers sola wood flower bouquets that are prearranged into a cascading waterfall of flowers and greenery , a wild handpicked look or perfectly round and proper. Hand-shaved around the world, hand-dipped and painted for the perfect color and hand arranged for the perfect shape and texture. Sola wood flower containers can also be customized or preselected from our gifts and decor selection for the ultimate range of ready to order bouquets.

Our wedding items are available to be customized with your choice of flower colors.  You can choose 1-3 different colors for your items to match the color theme of your wedding. Beautiful cascading wedding bouquets are made with 27 sola wood flowers, silk greenery, and matching berries or filler.  It measures approximately 24 inches from top to bottom and 13 inches across the top. The flowers are secured in a foam bouquet holder with a handle.

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Handpicked wedding bouquets are made with 18 sola wood flowers, silk greenery, and matching berries or filler.  It measures approximately 16 inches from top to bottom and 17 inches across the top.

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Always in season, always in stock, always available. You and your guests will leave your wedding in awe that something so lasting could be so beautiful, just like your relationship.

Head over to our wedding arrangement page and choose your arrangement today!

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