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April 03, 2021 4 min read

Summer is the golden season with bright sunny weather and a warm climate. It includes soaking up the rays of the sun, grilling out, eating cold popsicles, and enjoying spare hours in the backyard. Giving your beautiful home a summery feel needs so little work. Consider your house as a holiday rental, and you will see it in a whole new way.

Open the windows and doors, draw the curtains back, and get rid of all that is dim, gloomy, or fussy. Until it is time to curl up for autumn, put away heavy accessories, throws, and needless small decor pieces.

Welcome summer flowers to your home!

While you could be postponing travel plans and spending more time alone as summer approaches, flowers will help brighten the day. Just because spring is over does not mean your home cannot get any cool and pleasant colors.

You will be happy you took the time to decorate for summer on those days when it is too humid to enjoy your backyard! Summer, more than any other season, allows you to be bold, bright, and stunning. Nothing beats a splash of color as the sun is shining to hold you in the happy "summer is finally here" mood.

With these best summer decorating tips and tricks by woodflowers.com, you will put the colors and emotions of summer into your home decor. This blog post will take you through the right flowers to use in your summer bouquets and floral arrangements. Whether it is to brighten up space, serve as a breathtaking centerpiece for summer parties and events, or simply to enjoy some lovely summer blooms, there's something for everyone.

Summers and sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers are a lot of fun. They store well, make fast floral arrangements with fresh flowers, and are excellent substitutes for flowers that are not available in your particular region, are expensive, or out of season. You can use these perfect mimics of real flowers to add a little suspense and volume to fresh floral bouquets. Thanks to the durability, reforming ability, and wires in stems of wood flower, you can practically put them anywhere you want.

Why sola wood flowers only?

 The majority of fake flowers indeed seem to be, well, fake, and they have that appearance due to the colors and their fake texture. The leaves are too light or dark, the petals are too pink and gleaming, and they have a plastic-like appearance.

Sola wood flowers are blooms made of a natural material called the bark of balsa tree wood. These blooms are handcrafted that provide a completely customized appearance to every single sola wood bloom. Their absorbing ability is ideal for dyeing these blooms in almost every natural or fake color. These blooms look extremely realistic with no pollens and eco-friendly nature. There are many other reasons to appreciate sola wood flowers as perfect for summer floral arrangements for home décor:

  • Unlike real flowers, which bloom only during certain seasons, sola wood flowers bloom all year, making it easier to find your favorites.
  • Sola wood flowers are very quick to maintain. They simply brighten rooms and keep fresh-looking even though they are not in contact with water or sunshine.
  • Sola wood flowers can never wilt or die, making them more cost-effective over time.
  • Sola wood flowers are made of natural wood and have no natural fragrance and pollens. They are a better option for those who are allergic to pollen or fragrances.
  • The easy reforming ability of sola wooden blooms with their bendable stems allows you to try new and complicated styling techniques.

Best sola wood flower options for summer decorations:

Here are popular sola wood flowers that are most commonly used in summer floral arrangements for home décor, weddings, and other occasional needs:

·        Hydrangeas

These are beautiful blooms that many people want in the summer because they are so attractive. They come in a multitude of colors (most favorite is the blue hydrangea). Since they are a grouping of several tiny little flowers, they are a perfect way to make a fuller-looking bouquet.

·        Sunflowers:

Sunflowers are typical summer blooms, and they are considering the epitome of the summer season. Their stunning bright yellow blooms, which mimic miniature suns, are the best way to give a classic sunshine look to a bouquet. Sola wood sunflowers look so cheerful that they make them the ideal present for anyone who wants a little more happiness in their life - or just as a surprise to brighten up your home for the new season.

·        Lavender:

Original lavender is a gorgeously fragrant flower in a deep, indigo blue that is a surefire path to a beautiful summer bouquet. The fragrance is positively beautiful. Sola wood lavenders perfectly copy their original rivals because of their absorbing ability. Essential lavender oil can be used to scent sola wood lavenders, and when you mix these lavenders with sola wood calla lilies, you get a bouquet that is full of glorious elegance.

·        Peonies:

Peony season is very short, and this lovely flower blooms for just a few weeks in late spring and early summer. Peonies are large, ball-shaped blooms with billowing petals that open up into huge ball-shaped blooms. These blooms are very popular and favorite bridal blooms because they are naturally photogenic and look amazing in photographs. Sola wood peonies give you the freedom to decorate your home with this stunning bloom for the whole year. Wooden peonies are the best flowers to be an irresistible part of a bridal bouquet in any season.

·        Oxalis:

Oxalis is a very unique sola wood summer flower because of its unique petal shape. This delicate flower with triangular petals can be a perfect decorative bloom for home décor.

·        Plumeria:

This summer flower is a beautiful combination of yellow and white colors that is a common part of many bridal bouquets. Sola wood plumeria can be ideally used as the flower for bridal hair accessories.

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