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April 06, 2020 3 min read

A busy mind gets stressed frequently and needs to get recharged by some kind of activity to turn on the mood. Usually, we don’t have time to surf and waste in any form but definitely, a tired brain looks for ease or some pretty source of oxygen to relieve the tiredness. At the weekend when we have leisure time, even then we don’t usually bother to do something to relax our brain and soothe our soul inside out. It has been scientifically proved that a single piece of creativity can brighten up your mood and bring you to a level where your mind could be boosted more up to 70%. Looks interesting! This is evenly effective as a mug of coffee that you take early morning to switch on your brain system. Creativity does not need huge effort and investment at a great level. It could be as simple as something hand made. Why not trying out with making creative sola wood flowers? They are not only last longer but will also remind you daily a lesson to stay motivated and even look forward to creating and hopeful with life.

Sola wood flower-a mesmerizing art

Sola wood flowers are not only the handmade enchanting flowers but also could be a strong source of motivation for everyone who looks nasty and feels like to only sleep on weekends and waste hours. To boost your mind, and support your talent, why not try to make these wood flowers by yourself. This piece of creativity will lower down the stress hormones that bother you throughout the week and trust us, nothing could be better than watching yourself working for art.

Making wood flowers

This could be both, sola wood flower or wooden roses. They are the most versatile form that could be tried to decorate your homes or even offer as a gift. If you look at sola wooden flowers, you may get so many ideas about how to make ones. Here, we will give you some creative ideas to look and work upon.

Flat petals

You can form these wooden flowers in a variety of shapes as per your liking. One of these is flat shape flowers. They are easiest to make and handle especially at the level of beginner.

Pointed petals

This looks a kind of complex but not so much. The pointed ones are pretty much more delicate than the usual flat and round ones.

Number of petals and whorls

Most of the people like flowers with bigger whorls pattern yet, it's upon you, how you manage them. They can be least and maximum both as per your ease.

A pinch of color

You may use some exciting colors to fascinate at a greater level. This could be more appealing and will give you live feelings with flowers. You can either try oil paints as well as spray paints but make sure, you give them enough time to dry and get absorbed on the surface of the flower.


Once, you have realized the worth of being creative and turn your mood towards making art pieces with sola wooden flowers or maybe wood roses you can’t stop yourself from doing so. This will even help you to cope up with the severe mood changes and bring much positivity in your life.

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