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December 30, 2020 4 min read

Your garden is not the only place where spring blooms are supposed to flourish. Flower arrangements undoubtedly rate in the top five on the list of things that make you feel like you've got your house and life together. 

There is nothing sweeter for your dining room table, guest room nightstand, or home office desk than crafting a DIY simple floral arrangement. You know, if you're able to banish winter and spring. You can bring together a lot of colorful and elegant arrangements to fill your home with spring. These can be put on your dining table, coffee table, windowsill, fireplace mantel, kitchen counter, front entrance, or even in your bedrooms, anywhere in your house.

Here are a few of the ideas to create stunning floral arrangements with spring flowers for your indoors:

1.    Floral chandelier

Over your dining table, hang the floral chandelier. To keep the flowers fresh, tie water tubes and a cap to the stems. In this DIY, an old bulb box with a mesh grid was used. Insert the stems upside down from the bottom. At different heights, hang stems. With a fishing line, wire or rope, the box can be suspended from the ceiling.

Best flowers to use: Yellow violier, lilac violier, delphinium blue, lilac larkspur, peonies, and rose (lovely hearts pink/orange). 

2.    Spring flowers apothecary jars

Old Starbucks bottles are repurposed because their design is identical to old bottles of milk. Spray paint these bottles, decorate them with ribbons, laces, and buttons, or spray with a transparent sealer of acrylic. Add some fresh flowers, and everything is ready for you.

Best flowers to use: Spray roses, tulips, ranunculus's, blue irises, and stargazer lilies are ideal for these floral arrangements.

3.    Make vases on your wall.

This is a spectacular way to show your flowers. Decorate a simple white wall with a range of colors, brightening up your home in general. If you have a good collection of flowers, you could also get the lovely fragrance that permeates the air. This is a perfect choice if you don't have much table space. If you like, you can place the flowers around your TV, dining table, and living room, fish tank, even around your kitchen or bed. Brighten up your house this spring by surrounding the room with flowers on the wall.

Best flowers to use: Petunias, coreopsis, plectranthus, and calibrachoa.

4.    Arrange your flowers under a glass

This look is a little fancy and reminds us of the rose's charm in Beauty and the Beast. The greatest things in life also are the easy things in life. You can end up with a simple but spectacular decoration if you take a couple of flowers and place them under glass. You would get the beautiful effect of the light shining from the glass if you placed the glass in the sun. This spring, add some sparkle and some color to your home with this gorgeous show.

Best flowers to use: Roses, sweet pea, and daffodils

5.    Think pink

Introduce a new feeling of flowers in exquisite pastel hues. Divide it into two or three compatible containers to make a mixed bunch work harder. Just ensure that the flowers work together by matching their shapes, sizes, hues, and heights. Spring flowers continue to grow in water, so when using them in a mixed arrangement, think a little more carefully, as they will need space to stretch and spread.

Best flowers to use: Roses of chrysanthemum, ranunculus, narcissi, and sweet avalanche.

6.    Blooming lovely

Don't discard flowers if you split some stems when preparing a bunch for a vase. Put them to good use as a tabletop display, instead. In a shallow bowl of water, simply trim off any excess stem or remaining leaves and float the flower head. They'll only last a day or two, but they'll make a striking centerpiece at that time.

Best flowers to use: Roses, lilies, and lotus

7.    Place your flowers in a teacup

This is a lovely and easy way to decorate your flowers beautifully. Only grab a bouquet of flowers and put them in your favorite flowery cup of tea. Of course, it doesn't have to be flowery; it can be any kind of design you like. Why should the flowers' beauty stop at the stem? Ditch the clear glass vase and grab the mug that you usually drink your brew in the morning.

Best flowers to use: Orchid cactus, protea, and marigold.

8.    Tulip fever

Tulips look fantastic thanks to their punchy colors and architectural form. You may justify splashing out on two to three bunches or more and generously filling an interesting tub, such as this decorative enamel bucket since they are inexpensive. Mixed colors are enjoyable when picking tulips, but a single hue provides a more elegant look.

9.    Add slices of fruit.

Why don't you pair the love of fruit with the love of flowers? Once again, the beauty does not have to end at the stems. Slice up some lemon, orange, lime. You can paint the vase with natural foods from around the world. 

For weddings and other special events, this arrangement is very common. Still, we think it would also be a great arrangement for your home, especially if you have a party for a spring dinner. 

10.    Decorative art

Why not decorate your mantelpiece? Line up a set of vessels and fill them with several seasonal flowers, such as nigella, lisianthus, mimosa, Clematis' River Dance, anemone, and ranunculus, as seen here. Put in some faux greenery, much like the daffodil garland seen to fill the gaps between vessels.


This arrangement is a little, unlike the others. You should try to build a tropical "boat" instead of a traditional arrangement. It began with a few big bits—a pineapple, a coconut, a few mangos, and a little tropical fern! Add some citrus fruits such as lemons, limes. Finally, after arranging those in the serving piece, and place nestled in some blooms.

Best flowers to use: Lilies and alstroemeria

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