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March 17, 2021 4 min read

In this spring season, brides-to-be will rejoice!

You are getting married at a time of year when beautiful flowers are abundant. There are so many lovely spring flowers to view on your special day, from the highly valued peony to the famous Lily of the Valley and rare tulip.

Are you still in confusion?

Here in this blog post, you will get the answers to your maximum questions regarding your wedding flowers and floral decorations.

In season wedding flowers for a Spring wedding:

If you're getting married in the month of March, April, or May, luckily, you will have a lot of options. This is when some of the most beautiful blooms blossom. Anemones, narcissi, tulips, ranunculus, sweet peas, and narcissi are all common spring wedding flowers. These flowers are available in a variety of colors to match your wedding style, and you can mix and match the colors.

The other major advantage of marrying in the spring is that most of the must-have wedding flowers are in bloom, making them easier and less expensive to find. 

Spring season comes with allergies too!

Pollen is the most common spring allergy cause. The immune system misidentifies pollen as a threat and produces antibodies to combat the allergens. Histamines are released into the bloodstream as a result of this. When you have allergies, histamines trigger a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other signs that you are all too familiar with. 

Wood flowers are the solution!

Sola wood flowers are a perfect solution to all your problems related to spring blooms. These are ideal blooms in terms of appearance and color options. Sola wood flowers are eco-friendly, pollen-free, scent-free, and available in miniature to giant size blooms.

Wood flowers are ideal replacements for real flowers when you decide on a destination wedding because of their durability and reforming ability. It is easy to create wooden floral arrangements and bouquets weeks before your wedding day. You can also rent your spring wedding blooms if you have short budget issues. 

Wedding flowers for the spring season:

Seasonal flowers for spring weddings are:

  • Anemones 
  • Hyacinth
  • Ranunculus 
  • Tulips
  • Sweet peas
  • Peonies
  • Lily of the valley
  • Muscari, lilac
  • Narcissi 

Spring wedding bouquet ideas:

Looking for a bouquet idea for your spring wedding?

For inspiration and clear in your wedding flower options, check out these beautiful wedding bouquets suggested by woodflowers.com. Here, we've gathered the prettiest seasonal picks to inspire you for your spring wedding.

·       Choose a pretty pastel flower bouquet:

The spring season is ideal for romantic settings in muted tones. An elegant and feminine array of spring flowers, including Muscari, cream and peach roses, freesias, and china blue hyacinths, can make up a pretty spring wedding bouquet. A bouquet of Hyacinths and freesias in pale pastel shades can give your wedding flowers a new dimension and leave a lovely impression on your wedding decorations.

·       Bouquet called lemon zest

For your spring wedding, take a break from nature and go for a yellow color scheme. Yellow flowers appear really young and zesty when paired with zingy green leaves. Gorgeous sunny ranunculi, Craspedia, and yellow roses are arranged in a lightweight posy punctuated with green highlights and delicate touches of silver-grey in a modern style bridal bouquet.

·       Bright is more beautiful:

Create a medley of colorful blooms to brighten up your post-winter wedding. Pick a rainbow-hued collection of bright and playful flowers with plenty of lush greenery and let the magic spread in the air. Use beautiful cosmos buds, parrot tulips, and clematis to conjure up images of a blooming spring garden.  

·       Create color pops:

Use a cool, modern, and stylish monochrome wedding theme with a pink splash for your bridal bouquet. It is ideal for a springtime city wedding. This lovely bouquet will look so stunning, thanks to roses, hydrangeas, and carnations, as well as fragrant spring blooms like sweet peas and hyacinths.

·       Bring boho beauty to your bridal bouquet:

The famous peony is an all-time favorite for brides, and it's easy to see why it's the most desired flower of the wedding season. It's not only the ideal blend of softness and form but its flower sense – "a happy union" – is also perfect. 

For a full-on romantic look, combine large blousy peonies with similarly charming specialty roses. The addition of wispy Thlaspi lends a whimsical, bohemian feel to a picture-perfect bouquet.

·       Heavenly floral bouquet arrangement of roses:

It's no surprise that roses are a perennially famous wedding flower, given their romantic associations with passion and romance. Combine beautiful roses in soft peach and ivory with delicate Calla lilies and a little greenery for a spring twist on a timeless wedding bouquet. Shower-style bouquets are also back in fashion; they look heart-throbbing while flowing from the bride's hands.

Other flower decorations and accessories ideas for a spring wedding:

Here are three stunning ideas to use spring flowers for your wedding:

1.     Flowers for wedding decorations:

Use an explosion of seasonal blooms set on tables in tall glass vases to carry the spring trend over to your wedding location. When planning how to decorate your wedding spot, look about the obvious. Chair backs, wedding favors, flower walls, and floral wreaths are only a few ways flowers will enhance the ceremonies and set the tone for real celebration.

2.     Flowers to adorn your tresses:

Why not wear flowers in your hair on your wedding day if you enjoy pretty blooms and aren't satisfied with just getting them down the aisle? 

There is a flower crown or floral headdress to fit any wedding theme and hairstyle, whether you choose to be a boho bride or a Grecian goddess. 

3.     Floral arch for the wedding:

Spring brings longer days and colder nights, allowing the wedding party to spend more time outside. With a wedding flower arch, you can enhance the natural elegance of your wedding venue's outdoor space. Not only is a beautifully painted arch a perfect focal point for the festivities, but it still provides a great picture opportunity.

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