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July 10, 2020 4 min read

Match flowers with her personality!

You love your wife so much, but from last few months, both of you are experiencing a dull and boring phase of your relationship. Covid-19 has changed everything so quickly and unpredictably. Social distancing has created a frustrated state of minds for all of us. We have just lost all the charm, love, and fascination between our close relationships too. It’s not easy to spend 24hours a day and 7days a week with each other without having little breaks from each other. 

But still, it is love between you two that encourages you to tolerate and compromise with each other in these hard times. Find a way to celebrate this deep love between you and your better half. It is a perfect time to decide that you should surprise her with roses.

 But should you buy red roses or pink? 

It’s quite confusing, and maybe you get exhausted in between two color options. Women simply love roses, and though they may have other favorite flowers also, they cannot reject roses in anyways. So, there is nothing to worry about choosing between roses or other flower options. Still, the color of roses matters a lot.

Red is not necessarily the perfect option always! 

Choose sola wood roses:

To really get a high score on the points table of her heart, order roses that will precisely match her personality. You can simply order a rose bouquet. But your loved one will be so impressed when you took the extra time and effort to personalize the bouquet by choosing wooden roses instead of real flowers. 

Sola wood roses are durable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and equally mesmerizing as the real roses are. These flowers are simply stunning, and no one can easily differentiate these blooms as faux flowers. Choosing sola wood roses is also a way to represent your everlasting love to your wife. These roses can be a symbolic representation of your immortal love for your wife.

When you want to order sola wood roses, you can look into the symbolism of the different rose colors. You can also pair them to create a different impression. Similar to the natural roses, sola wood roses are available in a wide variety of colors. They are made initially from sola wood, and initially, these are of an ivory color. Their original appearance is also so much fascinating and heartwarming. But dying these flowers into a variety of colors makes it possible for you to select a color that actually represents the personality of your wife impressively. Here is a list of wooden roses available in different colors and the deep meanings behind every color:

Red wooden roses:

Red is not just a color, it’s a story, an art, and an attitude that not everyone understands.

Red wooden roses are for a healthy, beautiful, independent, and determined woman who is passionate, courageous, and dedicated. Giving your wife a red wooden rose bouquet means that you genuinely love and respect her.

Yellow wooden roses:

The color yellow is a mystical experience shared by everybody. If you have a happy, joyful, brighten, a delightful wife who always try to make others happy too, then yellow roses are may be perfect for her. A bouquet of yellow roses expresses your care for her, and it is a way to promise new beginnings and bright futures.

Ivory/White wooden roses:

White is not a mere absence of color; it is so pure, shinning, and affirmative thing. White wooden rose’s bouquet indicates the innocent, youthful, and pure nature of your lady love. This color is a good one to give your wife if you want to tell her again that you are worthy of her.  

Orange wooden roses:

Orange is the color of liberation, from inner securities and the pain of hurtful love. Orange means be totally free. A bouquet with orange wooden roses represents enthusiastic, highly desired, and fascinating women. Your orange rose’s bouquet is a way to show your wife that you think she has a personality to match and looks sexy.

Purple wooden roses:

Purple is a mysterious color that suggests spirituality and nobility and this color represents an enchanting, passionate, and sensitive women. A purple wooden rose’s bouquet symbolizes your love at first sight for her.

Pink wooden roses:

Pink is the color that makes everything pretty. Pink wooden roses indicate appreciation and admiration. Pink wooden rose’s bouquet may be a good fit for a gentle, sweet and graceful woman.

Blue wooden roses:

Blue color represents a woman that you really admire and love. Blue wooden roses are for the woman that feels unattainable and impossible to attract. 

Still unsatisfied…..

If you still feel that a single color rose’s bouquet is not enough to reflect the nature and qualities of your sweetheart, then you can also give multiple colors of roses together. Pick a color combination that looks attractive and personalized to your relationship. Mix the colors depending on the personality of your wife, with a touch of your feelings about her.

 To help you a little more, this is the symbolism of specific color combinations: 

Red and white roses:

The red and white color signifies unity and everlasting love between two people. This color combination represents a power couple who is passionate, intense and committed.

Red and yellow wooden roses:

To display the happy and joyful relationship between you two, this color combination is ideal. This color combination represents an optimistic couple that looks forward to what many more years together will bring.


Whether you are searching to buy wooden roses for someone innocent, shy, confident, or playful, sola wood flowers have a perfect color to match that personality. Never wait anymore and impress her with you a customized sola wood rose’s bouquet according to her tastes. 

Order the roses you want in a beautiful arrangement from woodflowers.com, and you surprise her with the perfect gift she’ll remember forever.

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