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April 26, 2020 2 min read

Nobody in the world was prepared for the coronavirus pandemic. It has changed many things, including the way that we will be organizing events for the upcoming year (or even longer). That means that all your wedding plans that you made six months ago might need some adjustments. Canceling your wedding venue might be painful financially, but nobody will get hurt. Those few extra sola wood wedding flowers will also find their place at your home as wall décor. However, there is one thing that will be extremely hard to do. Due to the COVID-19 virus, you might have to opt for a small wedding, meaning that some of the guests you invited before will not make the roster. If you thought that not inviting someone to your wedding is hard, then wait until you have to uninvite someone. So, how do you do that?

Explain the Situation

Everyone in the world is familiar with the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, so they should understand your reasoning. Tell your guests that you had to shrink your wedding so that no one would face a risk of getting sick. After all, safety should remain everyone's priority, so having weddings with 100+ people might not be the best decision until we find a way to fight the virus. Also, make sure to emphasize the fact that you love your guest, and you had no other choice. Tell them that it is nothing to do with how you feel about them and promise to celebrate once things get back to normal.

Who to Uninvite?

You have already cut a lot of people from your wedding when making the original guest list. That means that all the people on your current list are extremely important to you, making it even harder to choose whom to uninvite. It's like choosing if you should have no wedding cake or no sola wood wedding flowers. Either way, you will feel bad. However, here are a few suggestions that might be helpful:

  • As much as you love your grandmother, it might be to everyone's best interest if she stayed at home even after the quarantine is over. After all, the coronavirus will not be gone for a while, so you should probably avoid inviting elders (and other people who have a higher risk for severe illness) to your wedding.
  • Out-of-town guests. As much as we love traveling, it might not be the best idea for the upcoming months. That means that you should consider cutting the guests who live far away from your wedding place.

Also, you might want to send an email to all your guests, asking if they would be able to come to your wedding if you postponed it. This way, some of the guests will uninvite themselves, making your job much easier.

Don't Feel Guilty

It is not your fault that you have to face such difficulties. In fact, when it comes to weddings, couples are the ones that face the most losses (both financial and emotional). Of course, you should still apologize for the inconvenience that you might have caused and promise to celebrate the wedding in the future, but don't feel guilty. It is not your fault.

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