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May 31, 2020 3 min read

Its human nature to find things in his surroundings and seek for stuff that is helpful for them. Years ago, when people were living in caves, they didn’t bother to groom since they didn’t know the significance of being so. Soon after civilization, when people started to live in communities and initiated settling together, they begin with grooming and increasing the beauty of their houses by natural means like flowers. Later on, after digging out their environment, they begin to notice a tree whose wood they tried to utilize after so many practices for making crafted wood flowers. The bark that they used is known as tapioca wood and so the flowers were called tapioca wood flowers. Even the tree was later found to be the best-known produce gummy mass which is employed for several uses. People throughout the world have been using this wood to make wood flowers. Even, these craved wood flowers earned huge business because of there wide usage among all.

What can you make from sola wood FLOWERS?

This Bark is not new in the discovery, but the advantages that have been gained since long are very significant points for its high demand. Although, people have found its importance maximally, yet there is still a question left about what can you make from sola wood flowers. Following are some benefits of tapioca wood flowers:

Wooden flower bouquet

Anyone can try to make wooden flower bouquet out of Etsy sola wood flowers. they are easy to make and handy to keep. They are lightweight as well. Even, they are quite easy to compose by beginners. Today, you would find people using them as a wedding bouquet.

Wall hangings

Tapioca wood flowers are also used to make a wall hanging. This can be in the form of a frame or simply craved wood flowers as the backdrop of your wall. This is one of the amazing ideas that can be done to enhance the beauty of your home.

Event decoration

Craved wood flowers are widely used in events for decoration. They not only beautify the environment but also leaves a permanent impact on the visitors. What else could be this amazing? Of course, nothing.

Source of gift

If still, you are wondering the idea about what can you make from sola wood flowers you should look at the variety of gift ideas that you can try with tapioca wood flowers. You can easily compose them in desired colors can offer them as a gift to your loved ones.

Interior decoration

There are several ideas that you can try with tapioca wood flowers. This includes making colorful flowers for the central vase and even creating decorative items made of these craved flowers for the children’s room. Trust us. This is an amazing idea to keep them close to nature.

Storage of tapioca wood flowers

You can easily manage to store these craved flowers. If you do it optimally, you can easily keep them for years. Here are some key points that you need to follow:

  • Keep them away from extreme temperatures
  • Keep them away from excessive moisture
  • Add a few drops of water once in three months


Craved wood flowers are perfect in every way. They are made entirely from a natural source. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the dangers that can be caused to the environment. Above all, these wood flowers give so many benefits that you simply can’t ignore them. Plan today, and try to make your sola wood flowers.

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