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June 15, 2020 2 min read

Wood carving is the oldest type of art in which different objects are carved by hand into the wood. But do you know about wood flower carving that creates beautiful identical of original blooms with similar elegance, softness, sophistication, and smoothness?

This is an art of sola wood flower carving. Sola wood flowers are faux flowers mainly. But their degradability, eco-friendliness, and other exciting features make these flowers perfect substitute for original flowers.

Today the sola wood flower industry is growing rapidly, and these flowers are becoming an unavoidable part of every occasion, especially of wedding decorations.

What is wood flower carving all about?

Wood flower carving is basically a process to transform sola wood flower paper into a beautiful flower of any kind you love. These flowers are entirely handmade, and no machines are requiring to craft of design these wooden flowers. The making or carving of sola wood flowers provides these blooms with a natural look. Because every single petal is hand made without any particular measurement, so the wooden flowers acquire a naturally customized look similar to the real flowers. This feature of flower wood carving makes sola wood flowers strictly identical to real blooms. No one can realize that they are seeing faux flowers made of wood until they touch these flowers.

What sola wood flowers made of?

These wooden flowers come from the tapioca plant root that is commonly known as manioc, yucca, or arrowroot. This is a woody shrub that id dried down to make a fine powder to create tapioca. The material for flower wood carving is also obtained from balsa tree wood that is considered as the lightest wood in the world.

How are sola wood flowers carved?

For the flower wood carving the bark of balsa tree wood is used. The outer part of the bark is taken off to expose the central cork-like cream-colored part of bark. This bark is now made into beautiful, thin sheets, and these sheets are finally carved into flower petals. Finally, the handcrafted petals are softened and shaped by hand and combine to form a complete sola wood flower.

Reshaping sola wood flowers:

With flower wood carving, it is possible to transform sola wood into any of the wood carving flower designs. These wood flowers can be transformed into any sola wood flower patterns and shape to provide you an opportunity to get any kind of flowers in every season. During transportation or rough handling of sola wooden flowers, their perfect shape gets damaged. But it is straightforward to reshape these flowers. Just with the help of warm water in a few minutes, these flowers get reshaped to their original form.

Dyeing of sola wood flowers:

After completing the process of flower wood carving, it is also possible to dye sola wood flowers in any natural or unnatural colors. To dye these flowers, acrylic paints, watercolors, fabric, paint, and spray paint can be used.


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