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May 08, 2020 2 min read

Sola wood flowers are here to stay forever. This is something not overstated, but it is the truth of today and coming future. These are the next big thing in home décor and wedding floristry. Crafters, brides, and interior decorators are already in love with sola wood flowers. Surely, pretty soon, the world is going to fall in love with these biodegradable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and natural handmade wooden flowers. These flowers made of wood not only look attractive, they enhance the glamour and beauty of any space also.

Have you ever wondered where these attractive and impressive color bombs come from?

From where the journey of sola wood flowers began and how they looked before transforming into blooms?

What are sola wood flowers?

A plant called sola or shoal is the origin of sola wood flowers that is technically known as Aeschynomene. This plant grows in marshy areas, and its wood is known as the lightest wood. These flowers are also made of Tapioca, i.e. the starch extracted from the roots of Cassava plant. This plant does exceptionally well in poorly mineralized soil. Tapioca plant is not only used for sola wood flowers, but it is also used as a staple food in tropical areas.

How to make sola wood flowers?

To make sola wood flowers following practice is made:

  • Initially, the bark of the plant is taken off to get the plug-like, cream focus of the plant.
  • The middle of this bark is then made into thin sheets that are used to make sola wood blossoms.
  • Every single sola wood flower is handmade, and no machine is used to design and trace the petals.
  • The sheets with having some bark left on them are used to shape the blossoms that look precisely like original blooms to make a two-tone impact.
  • These flowers made of balsa type wood are originally light ivory shaded in color, but they can be expertly colored into any ideal shading.

How to dye sola wood flowers?

Commonly these wooden flowers are dyed by using craft/acrylic paints. These paints are affordable as well as frequently available, and you can find the maximum range of colors to dye sola wood flowers. In addition to acrylic paints, watercolors, spray paints, latex paints, and fabric dye can also be used. By adding sola softener in a mix of acrylic paint, wooden flowers can be dyed.

Is it possible to reshape sola wood flowers?

Yes, it is possible to reshape wooden blooms to give the petals extra life. If the sola wood flowers look flat or smooshed, reshaping is the best possible option to give them a new life. Sola wood flowers provide countless style possibilities, and you can find anything from rose’s wood flowers to daisies, sunflowers, tulips, and lilies.


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