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September 17, 2021 4 min read

Thousands of couples opt to stay with tradition and exchange vows at a church wedding, even though having an outdoor wedding has recently become one of the most popular wedding fads. A church wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your special day! Even though it is considered traditional, you may be married in a church in style.

Church weddings frequently necessitate a certain style of floral design that is appropriate for the setting of the church. It's essential to speak with a church official when you plan to have your wedding ceremony at a church. This should be done before beginning the wedding planning process, and it should include confirmation of whether or not certain décor ideas are permitted for an indoor or outdoor wedding. After you've moved down, hire a wedding planner to begin planning your wedding ideas.

Numerous design alternatives can infuse your big day with individuality, regardless of your wedding size, budget, or location. Hosting a conventional wedding does not imply that you must adhere to rigid or monotonous norms. Several methods are to decorate a classic venue, such as a church, uniquely while maintaining natural beauty.

We've gathered top-notch decor ideas and advice that'll convert an average plain room into a gorgeous wedding location to assist you in navigating the ins and outs of church wedding decorations. Prepare to elevate your church ceremony to new heights!

·       Welcome sign at the entrance:

The entryway to your church wedding is where the decorations begin. There are several options available to you. Flower arrangements, or a rustic DIY appearance, for example. This is a rustic entryway. If you want to have a rustic wedding, decorate the entryway with numerous tree branches. For a wonderful welcome idea, simply tie them to the sides of the entryway.

·       Flowers to greet you:

The most popular flowers used are baby's breath. These flowers scream wedding, making them an excellent choice. Why not personalize yours with a do-it-yourself touch? With your wedding ceremony welcome sign, you may utilize a beautiful milk container. The colors of your flower arrangements can be matched to the colors of your wedding.

·       Decorate the outer part of the church:

Consider adding flower garlands to the church's exterior, wreaths to the doors, or huge urns loaded with blossoms at the entry, especially if you can't add décor inside. Make the most of your chance to make a great first impression. No, you won't be able to change the church's outward appearance structurally. You may turn a plain doorway into a magical portal with décor with the aid of a professional team of wedding providers. Custom signs, floral arrangements, and candles can be used to greet your guests.

·       Walkways décor:

Focus on the venue's doorway if you're limited in what you can accomplish within the church. You may simply dress up the front of the church with stuff like rose petals, beautiful flower arrangements, candles, or all three, whether you're working with a cement walkway or hundreds of stairs.

·       Wedding aisle decoration:   

The aisle décor is what greets visitors as they enter the church. Aisle decorations, or a tiny bouquet on the side of each church pew, are a great way to bring a burst of color and freshness to a basic church. The floral arch, which is covered in flowers, is an elegant welcome to the big day. You may make it unique by matching the flowers to your wedding bouquet or bridesmaids' dresses.

Aisle runners are available and provided in a variety of designs and materials. In addition to floral arrangements at the entrance to the aisle and the altar, you may make a bespoke aisle runner with a unique monogram or pattern or simply put some flower petals along the route.

·       Wedding Signage:         

Wedding signs are an underappreciated décor element that adds a personal touch to your special day. Signage plays an important role in the wedding experience because it is one of the first things guests notice when entering your ceremony or reception venue. It may be utilized for virtually anything. They aid in directing visitors and displaying information such as your reception bar selections, in addition to being a traditional decor item.

·       The Altar:

Every person's gaze is drawn to this! It should have a stunning appearance. For a church service, silk flowers on vines create a lovely backdrop. Use neutral hues that will go with a range of wedding themes. To finish the wedding décor, get an arch to hang them from. Because they are fake flowers, they are less expensive and maybe reused at future events.

·       Dressing up church pews:

When it comes to seating selections for a church wedding, you typically don't have many alternatives. Churches are usually furnished with long wooden benches known as pews, and it is up to you to personalize them to match your taste. Pew bows, flower arrangements, candles, flower petals, and lanterns are all lovely alternatives for making your trip down the aisle extra special. The sight of a baby's breath or roses at the end of each pew is stunning. Fill each vase with floral stalks of your favorite flowers that complement your wedding's color scheme and let them blossom on the big day. For your antique wedding, you may make your vases.

Couple's chairs decoration:

In most church marriages, the couple is required to sit all the time during the event. If that's the case for your party, then these chairs must be decorated. Drape white cloth over the chairs, use simple chair covers, add flowers, or hang a banner with your names over the backs—do whatever you make feel good.


When it comes to adorning the altar, candles provide small, medium, and big mood lighting. A candlelight ceremony is warm, inviting, and memorable for your guests. To make a truly distinctive backdrop, mix different sizes of candles and candle holders.

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to arranging the wedding of your dreams, from an enormous church site to show-stopping décor. Even if you choose to go the traditional path, there are still ways to make your wedding day unique.

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