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July 08, 2020 5 min read

People find many reasons to send flowers, and sometimes it’s good to send flowers for no reason. All of us depend on flowers to convey our pure deep feelings to others. It can be any event form: 

  • Making a romantic statement to the one you love 
  • Sending get well soon wishes
  • Communicating someone with a pleasing birthday message
  • Congratulating a friend on their success
  • Or even commemorating a person who has died

Flowers can convey every kind of feelings and sentiments most appropriately.

But every situation has its own etiquette, and you cannot send some flowers for every kind of occasion. There is a set of recommended do’s and don’ts that helps you be sure about your thoughtful present. Wrong flowers can accidentally send the wrong message, and it can also offend someone’s sensibilities.

There are many things to keep in mind before sending flowers to someone as these things impact proper flower-giving etiquettes. You need to be very sensible from occasion to celebrations, and from location to relationships.

Choose flowers innovatively:

No doubt, some particular flowers, and colors are associated with the requirements and demands of every event and occasion, but choosing between real and faux flowers is total up to you. Thinking of sending fake flowers to someone feels such a tacky and unrealistic option.

But do you really think sending sola wood flowers to someone is no worthy at all?

If ‘’Yes’’, then review your thoughts again. Sola wood flowers are fake flowers, but they are equally admirable, worthy, and full of aesthetic beauty as real flowers are. Sola wood flowers are wooden blooms that are elegant and sophisticated like real blooms while durable and affordable like the faux flowers.

  • These are a perfect combination of natural looks and amazing qualities like:
  • A wide range of color options like real flowers, even you can get these flowers in artificial colors also.
  • There beauty and charm are equally stunning as the original blossoms, but this charisma of sola wood flowers is everlasting. These cannot wilt, dry, or die, but can stay as a keepsake for a long time.
  • Sola wood flowers give you the freedom of choosing any kind of flowers in every season. You can get sunflowers in winters and carnation in summers.

Follow the etiquettes to send flowers:

Here are some tips for proper etiquette for a variety of occasions for which you might send flowers:

Birthday or Holiday Flowers:

Sending flowers for a birthday celebration or for a holiday like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. you need to consider the following things:

  • Don’t send red roses or any other romantic flower to a friend, relative, or colleague.
  • Send birthday or holiday flowers to a private location, not at b their workplace.
  • Try to pick thematically appropriate flowers.
  • For a newborn, send something cute and warm like pink tulips or blue hydrangea with a balloon.
  • Try a cheery arrangement of blooms like gerbera daisies in any colors for birthday wishes to a friend, coworker, or relative.
  • For events and holidays, try orchids, blood lily, and mary gold.

 Romantic Flowers:

Flowers are ideal messengers to tell someone that you love them. Whether you send flowers to your love for a holiday like Valentine’s Day, their birthday, or just because you want to express your love again, Red roses rule the game. Red roses are so romantic, bold, and classic option for lovers to express what they feel about their lover. These roses express romantic feelings effortlessly, but you can also go with your special someone’s favorite flowers.

  • Sending red roses to someone you love, shows them that you care for them and want to see them happy no matter what circumstances you are facing.
  • Send flowers to someone special as a romantic gesture to their private location. It’s best to send the flowers to a private place like their home.  
  • Don’t send romantic flowers to your loved one to a public place as it might make your partner the subject of unwanted gossip and attention.
  • To display your sentiments publically or an ostentatious display of your love, you must be aware of your partner’s emotions also as it might be embarrassing for you or the one you love.
  • The flower options for a romantic relationship are red, pink, white, and yellow roses, daisies, sunflowers, and tulips.

Sympathy flowers:

To commemorate a lost loved one sending sympathy flowers is an ancient tradition. However, it is a tough time for people, and you have to be incredibly thoughtful in your approach to sending flowers and make sure that you are employing proper etiquette:

  • It is good to send these flowers to a funeral home to be displayed in a memorial service or viewing.
  • It is good to send flower wreath instead of bouquet as it better suits according to the situation.
  • Sympathy flowers are meant to celebrate the life of the person who has passed, so it is good to pick something uplifting and lovely
  • Traditionally white is the most traditional color, and lilies are always a stunning choice for sympathy flowers.
  • Never act too silly or lighthearted on this sad incident and completely avoid something like stuffed animals or balloons.

Get Well Soon, Flowers:

Sending good wishes with a flower bouquet to your friend or family member when they are bed-ridden or ill, is a nice gesture to express love and care. Still, it is good to keep in mind the following points:

  • Try to send get well soon bouquet to the hospital as it will be such a joyful and motivating gesture from your side.
  • Never be afraid of sending bright color blooms as they impact more positively on the patient’s mood.
  • Never think of sending real flowers instead of sola wood blooms due to the risk of infection or allergies.
  • It is always good to get information about hospital policy regarding accepting flowers.

Work Event or Promotion Flowers:

You may find plenty of reasons to send flowers to your coworkers and officers. Congratulate them on a promotion, celebrating Bosses’ Day, or just saying thank you for their extra efforts and input on a project. But it could be probably the trickiest area when it comes to flower-sending etiquette:

  • Be incredibly cautious about what you post. Sometimes this act may become evidence of romantic interest, signs of harassment, or favoritism too.
  • It is better to send less flashy plant than a bouquet or a fruit basket to avoid confusion about your intentions.


By following these helpful tips, you will be considered one of the most thoughtful people around for gifting the beautiful and tasteful flower arrangements to friends and family.

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