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August 12, 2020 2 min read

You don't want to be late to your wedding! And you don't want any guests to come angry after a terrible ride to your wedding venue. Also, in case of emergency (forgetting wedding rings at home or leaving sola wood wedding bouquet at one of the photoshoot locations), you want to have a trustworthy driver who would help you out. That means that you must pay attention when booking your wedding transportation. We know that it is not easy, so here are a few tips to make your job easier.

Who Will Be Using Wedding Transportation?

You have to know how many people will need wedding transportation. The most popular option is to provide wedding transportation to your close family (parents, grandparents, siblings) and the whole wedding party. However, you might also consider providing transportation to your out-of-town guests as they will most likely arrive without cars.

An ideal scenario is when your wedding ceremony and reception are held at the same venue. Not only that saves you money on decorations such as sola wood wedding flowers, but it also saves your guests from thinking about transportation. That said, a lot of weddings will have two different venues. If the venues are far away from each other (40+ miles), you might want to at least offer wedding transportation to all your guests. Put it on your wedding website and let your guests inform you prior to the wedding day so that you would have a headcount. 

Let Other Guests Know the Options

You don't have to provide transportation for all your guests. However, it would be ideal if you inform your guests about how to get to every wedding location. If there is any public transport available, put it on your wedding website. Also, if your out-of-town guests will book the hotel, let them know if the hotel offers any shuttle services. So, even if you are not transporting all your guests, don't leave them in the dark - make sure that they all have a way to get to your ceremony.

Choosing Your Wedding Transportation

We are sure that it is not hard to choose wedding flowers when you have so many beautiful sola wood roses available. However, it might not be that easy to find the perfect balance between price, quality, style, and comfort when it comes to transportation. You will still have to do it somehow.

First of all, make a shortlist of your potential vendors by checking their online presence. Visit their websites, read the reviews from past weddings, check their pricing, and try to see if they are available for your date.

After that, meet all the vendors and listen to their offers. A lot of rental companies will give you some freebie, offer flexible deals, and show other options that they don't list online. Once you have more information, you can easily make the decision. Cross out all the vendors that charge too much. After that, prioritize the comfort of yourself and your wedding party (you want to save as much energy as possible). And lastly, choose cars that fit your wedding style and taste.

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