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July 15, 2020 4 min read

Planning your wedding soon?

No doubt wedding planning is a stressful job. Whether it is about between picking out dresses, deciding best vendors, or finding the perfect venues, it can all seem an impossible task to pile up. But you are not alone; everyone goes through almost the same experience during their wedding preparations.

Most of the brides agree with this statement that wedding planning is more stressful than they imagined. Many brides say they have spent around 10 to 11 hours every week on all the wedding planning’s alone! From venue decoration to the wedding theme, and from napkin colors to table dressings, everything needs proper attention.

When it comes to floral arrangements, the tension gets doubled:

  • Which flowers suit the wedding theme?
  • What type of centerpieces and floral décor will be suitable?
  • What will be the status of flowers availability during that season?
  • Will the selected floral options fit in the budget or not?

These are some of the fundamental questions every bride needs to think about before planning floral decorations for their wedding.

All in one solution for all the floral arrangement issues:

Sola wood flowers are all in one solution of your all the issues related to flower arrangements.

You think we are asking you about choosing Faux flowers!

Yes it the perfect option for any bride can choose for her big day floral arrangements. Of course, real flowers are beautiful and gorgeous. Still, they are expensive too, and with a short life, delicacy, and seasonal restrictions, real flowers cannot be a perfect option.

On the other side, sola wood flowers mimic original blooms with so much perfection and delicacy. These are made of natural wood material that provides wooden blooms with a long life with eco-friendly and biodegradable features. Additionally, these flowers are easy to dye in any color, so there is no big deal to match these flowers with any wedding theme and color combination. Sola wood flowers are available in every season and can be used as the perfect replacement for original blooms easily.

Here are some floral arrangement tips that will surely be helpful for brides to make this entire planning a little bit easier:

Tips and tricks to arranging sola wood floral arrangements:

Irrespective of the fact that what season your wedding is decided for, choosing the impressive and inspiring combinations of floral arrangements can be overwhelming. To help make the process easier, it is better to work with a floral boutique and follow these tips also.

1.    Never keep your mind occupied with decided options:

This is the most important tip to follow. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to the types of flowers you can use. Sola wood flowers give you the freedom to choose every kind of flowers. Whether it is available in season or not, it is good to review your decisions for betterment. Work alongside your wedding planner and take their suggestions to heart. Wedding planners suggest the options that suit your wedding theme more perfectly. And you never know what incredible arrangements you can create with the flowers you would have never considered otherwise.

2.    Bridal Bouquet is your first priority:

Though the wedding arrangements, floral centerpieces and wedding photography issues are essential but never forget your bridal Bouquet. Most of the brides don’t keep other floral arrangements around after the wedding is over (even most of the provisions never featured in the video and many photos). Bridal bouquets can be the most precious item in terms of a keepsake for their beautiful and unforgettable memories. Bridal Bouquet is often preserved and kept long after the wedding is over and will undoubtedly be part of the wedding day photography album. This makes creating a wedding bouquet a more important task that brides will love all the more important. It does not mean that you should ignore the other arrangements, but be sure to prioritize your bridal Bouquet.

3.    Consider the photography element also:

Brides often overlook how the floral arrangements will photograph. Always remain conscious about photo angles while finalizing the floral arrangements. Never go for a bridal bouquet that contains two contrasting colors without any shading it will create a polka dot look. You can add mix in springs of greenery to create mitigate and softer look.

You can order a beautiful sola wood bridal bouquet from woodflowers.com, or even you can ask for a customized floral bouquet option as per your choice of colors and designs.

4.    Keep your budget details in mind:

Your budget should be the most important thing you need to discuss with your arrangement designer. This discussion will help you to know what kinds of flowers you can use, as well as how many arrangements can be made in your budget. This budget serves as the primary planning foundation. Never forget that flowers are a necessity for a wedding and if you use real flowers, it probably takes up more of your budget than you might think. Be realistic and make the wise decision of choosing sola wood flowers to get maximum out of minimum budget.

5.    Monochrome arrangements are better choices:

With a tight budget, choosing monochrome arrangements for floral arrangements is a better affordable option. This will allow you to create a dramatic impact without any need of many different flower types. When you need to pair light color flowers, couple these blooms with brightly colored vases, and for bright color flowers try light color containers and urns.

6.    Go against traditions, but wisely:

For a wedding with an untraditional theme, there is no need to stick with traditional floral options. You can try sola wood succulents as they are growing in popularity. It can be an inspiring and creative decision. Even making a combination of flowers with some fruits and vegetables is also a trend growing rapidly.


For a dream wedding, the only real limit is your imagination. It is tough to plan a wedding, but these six tips can help to take some of the stress out of creating inspiring and admirable floral arrangements.

Try to think out of the box and don’t hesitate to create something truly spectacular. Woodflowers.com is your unmatchable companion to provide breathtaking sola wood flowers and a bridal bouquet that you can proudly display for years and years to come.

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