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July 14, 2020 4 min read

"The best of healers are flowers and good cheer."

Sending flowers to your friend, colleague, or family member in a hospital is a thoughtful gesture. It is a way to express your care and concern about them that will be really appreciated. 

Are you also thinking of sending flowers to someone in a hospital? Still, you have some confusion about what colors or arrangements to order?

This article has all the essentials you need to cover. Here are some tips on picking out the perfect flowers, color, and bouquet style to send to a loved one. 

1.    Choose the flowers perfect for the hospital:

This is the first and most crucial factor you need to consider before sending flowers to the hospitals. Many hospitals won’t allow you to send flowers there. Pollen facto, scent, and other allergies are a few common issues that make it challenging to accept real flower bouquets for their patients.

Sola wood flowers have solved all these issues for you. These flowers made of wood emerge as the best floral option for patients in hospitals. These are the blooms made of wood. You can send sola wood flower bouquet to the hospitals without any potential hazards for patients. Some hospitals don’t accept flowers for patients in intensive care or emergency rooms. It is good to get complete information about the hospital rules about receiving get well soon flowers or send your best wishes with flowers just after the surgery or treatment.

2.    No need to stick with light colors:

Maybe you are not clear about what type of flowers to send to your loved ones in the hospital. Always selecting white, light pink, yellow, or ivory color flowers to the hospitals is not any rule. Though it is no fun to be in the hospital, it is not necessary that your flowers also cannot be cheerful with bright colors. Cheery and colorful bouquets impact more positively and bring motivational energy to get recover soon for happier and action-packed life.

Originally sola wood flowers exist in an ivory color that looks perfect for hospital flowers, but these blooms are so easy to dye in almost every color. So try to be a little more enthusiastic about sending your best wishes to people you care about. You can select sola wooden red roses or a wooden flower bouquet of multicolor flowers in the hospital.

3.    Add best wishes card with flowers:

It is always good to include a card with your sola wood floral arrangement. Your loved one will show so eager to know who the flowers are from, and your best wishes card makes them more excited about knowing your best wishes and prayers. 

Write a few lines deep from your heart to express your emotions and love for the patient and left the remaining to these sola wood flowers. These are not going to dry or die, and patients can bring these flowers to their homes along with them as a memory of your deep love and concern about them. 

4.    Sola wood flowers eliminate the needs of gift:

Meaningful flower bouquets are a complete gift on its own, but sometimes people send a gift as well with their real flower bouquet. The gift is a way that helps to remember them your care and love in their tough times. But sola wood flowers are forever blooms that can last with your loved one for a long time, so there is no need to search for another memorable gift. Your sola wood flowers are not only the messengers but also a perfect keepsake for their long-lasting memories.

5.    Avoid scented sola wood flowers:

It is already mentioned that scent can be an allergen to your patient or other patients in the hospital. Sola wood flowers are good scent diffusers, and you can add fragrance of your choice to the blooms if you want. It is always good to avoid sending scented flowers to patients, whether they have some kind of allergy or not. Sola wood flowers are beautiful, durable, and everlasting, so the receiver can add fragrance to these blooms in the future.

6.    Bigger is not always better:

Flowers are suitable for people staying in the hospital in so many ways. Flowers can accelerate healing and motivate the patient to recover soon by improving their morale. Don’t forget hospital rooms have limited space, so try to send a beautiful and small bouquet that can fit comfortably on a nightstand. A small and smart bouquet will be easier to enjoy, and when it’s time to go home, it will be easy for the patient to bring it home without too much trouble.

7.    Add a durable vase with flowers:

Never compromise on the quality of vase because that can break easily, chances are it will break. Hospital rooms face the hustle and bustle of visitors in the room, and it is easy for the glass to get knocked off the table. Try to get an innovative vase option that must be durable, like wooden flowers you have chosen for the patient.

8.    No compromise on quality:

Sola wood flowers are more affordable than the original blooms. Still, not all sola wood flower stores need to give you the best quality sola wood flowers. Always choose the best sola wood flower store that never compromises on quality and deliver the best wooden flowers.


Award-winning sola wood flowers by woodflowers.com are the perfect option for every floral need. These blooms are well crafted and amazingly dyed according to your requirements. Woodflowers.com has the best designers to arrange every kind of floral arrangement. From wedding bridal bouquets to sola wood flower centerpieces arrangements, complete wedding flower decorations, and gift bouquets for any occasion, you can enjoy best quality sola wood flower options in very comfortable prices.

Maybe it could be challenging to know what to do when someone experiences a sort of healthcare issues. Sola wood flowers are calming and beautiful, and they are so easy to arrange for people you actually care about.


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