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January 07, 2021 4 min read

2020 has almost ended. It's almost time in modern times to start saying goodbye to the most unpredictable year. The hope for a better future comes with 2021. The year 2020 has taught us that the best place to spend our time is home.

 As never before, the boundaries between home, work, education, and leisure activities have been blurred. This pattern will carry momentum for the future, we predict. You can begin your journey to investing in DIY projects; fortunately, with some preparation and scrappiness, you can achieve your dream house decorations on a budget. Say hello to the new way of life which is modern. One where your room is in charge of you!

International Floral Distributors understand the need for normalcy and well-being for customers in their daily lives during the pandemic. In these turbulent times, unique floral designs can provide you real peace of mind. Whether it is flower bouquets or flower arrangements, since the beginning of the pandemic, flowers have become part of the house, offering positive thoughts for the future.

Expect 2021, when it comes to flower patterns, to be a year of extremes. During COVID in 2020, the near-worldwide lockdown has pushed people into a more digital space but has also led them to escape into nature and that effect is reflected by the flower trends for 2021. Floral are going in and taking center stage in the home decor of all styles and sizes, from fashion to food. Woodflowers.com is sharing some extreme floral trends for the year 2021.

·       Dried Pampas / Grains

Don't you want to experience the way you walk across a meadow?

Add dried pampas in your home interior!

Due to their versatility, pampas grass and other dried grasses are the number one home décor trend; use them for most interior decorations.

 In any space that requires a little oomph, the fluffy texture adds dimension and depth. Best of all, zero maintenance is needed for the dried pampas. In a vase or choose, simply add the pampas or grain and sporadically select stems for a fun look.

·       Bold Color

Although neutral, cozy-chic colors will still play a dominant force in the world of design, an increase will be seen by adding a little pop of color in 2021. Like the world of fashion, the patterns of runway ruffles, velvets, and bright pieces are a reference to the past.

With the new way of life dawning upon us, by adding antiques known for being more vibrant, we can crave that homey, comfortable feeling. As more individuals are nostalgic for those childhood memories, floral prints, Art Deco, and traditional styles will all see a comeback. Colorful planters for indoor plants or flowers that form a focal point are another way to add color subtly.

·       Transitional Décor

Why not introduce sprinkles of traditional décor into daily living spaces as we yearn for some recollection of warmth from the days spent in grandma's house?

 Many young people have an affinity for following trends and popular social media, which tend to demonstrate new trends in decor. Around the same time, though, social media has also recently catapulted some more classical aesthetics. With trends, it's important to note that it's just that, a phenomenon next season that may or may not be in style.

Surprisingly, the conventional test of time has endured, with all the hype modern design gets. By incorporating floral prints, china and drapery, sofa slipcovers, and fringe, you add traces of traditional elements to your décor scheme.

·       Olive Trees 

Although it may seem like a scary challenge to grow an olive tree, you can rest assured knowing that Nearly Natural has an assortment of trees that look practical. No surprise; there are olive trees inside. We think these trendy plants will become even more of a rage.

Why would they be so trendy?

Airy, thin, and delicate, they are. And, let's be serious, who recently didn't daydream about the Tuscan sunset? Until next time in Italy, decorating with Italian staples is the nearest we can come.

·       Vertical Accents

Even if you do not have a compact space, you can still enjoy certain advantages of vertical appeal. On the surface floor, why does the fun have to stop?

Look, if you are really into the forest, why not decorate your home with some fake boxwood from top to bottom. All home areas that were once considered a bit taboo or non-conventional will be included in the home decor of the future.

By converting your home into an indoor jungle with artificial hanging plants, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of concrete jungles. Step into your all-out tropical get away from home.

·       Macramé

Even if you are not into Bohemian home decor, in any room, we can all appreciate a good macramé. Although we prefer to associate this with a global style described as an aesthetic of exotic locations such as Tulum, macrame's now come in all shapes and sizes that fit more contemporary palettes of design.

·       Neutrals 

It seems like neutrals have always been in style now. Their perceived advantages of instilling a state of calmness and relaxation would continue to gain popularity. But when we say neutral, this year, there will be an improvement in creating the comfort and comfortable feel that neutral colors offer.

Combine these colors with light blue shades that will stimulate the eye more. Although neutrals will still have a place in the home, accentuate them with fun, fiery colors comparable to chic hotels. Although accents, flowers, and wall art add bright colors, the furniture will be neutral.

·       Quality Furniture 

It has contributed to rethinking how we use some of the same furniture we already have by spending more time at home and culminated in several big investments in parts that endure the test of time. Instead of looking at patterns that will change every day, it will also grow to have a few parts that are sure to last. For instance, you can splurge on a couch, but because these are more likely to change depending on the season, be a little more conservative on the accents and accessories. As they appear to look more natural and are flexible in their use, it would be best if you only looked for high-quality artificial plants and blooms.

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