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April 12, 2020 2 min read

Children are the most significant and most exceptional blessing one could have. The innocence and purity on their face light up the mood of everyone. As they started to grow, parenting for you becomes difficult. In such a crucial time, when you want children to be mentally and physically active, instead of getting a whole involved day with video games, arts and crafts could be the excellent opportunity for you and them to be connected. You can enjoy together on weekends to do something productive. This will be highly beneficial for their mental growth to learn some art and make its application around them. Trust us, and your children will love to be playful with you in the craft. Show your interest, and you will be amazed to witness the skills that they are coming immediately. Among the works, why not prefer something to show up in your home or even more precisely in their rooms. Interesting! Right? Yes! It is. So, take some time out on the upcoming weekend and start planning to make sola wood roses to engage your child with you in this project.

Arts- a source to revive your insight

As you know, the artwork makes it pretty to look ahead and work for yourself. When it comes to your child, you want everything best for them. It will be an excellent opportunity for them to do artwork to revive their insights and relieve their mental and physical stress because of studies. These mighty roses of wood can be fruitful to boost up their confidence that might be shattering because of low grades.

Eco flower bouquet

You can even involve your child while briefing them about the significance of using and employing eco-friendly things around us. Ask them to do your help to make eco flower bouquet for a friend. Trust us, and they will love to see your interest in getting their support.

Decorate your home

You can also ask them to help you make positive changes in the home by making flowers out of tapioca wood. They will ask you several questions about it. Be patient. Answer them and let them enjoy the craft while they learn about their benefits.

School eco project

Nowadays, schools are even offering weekend projects to students about the use of eco-friendly items. You can offer them help and advise them to do their project on roses of wood. Also, brief them about its significance.

Teachers day present

It is a great option to make them realize the importance of their school teacher. You can ask them to make sola wood roses for their teacher on the eve of teacher’s day. You will see the positive impact that will be created on the P.T meetings.


Your child is your foremost responsibility. No matter, if it is about giving them the chance to learn from you or teach them about the necessary skills. This could be very beneficial for them as they turn later into adulthood. Because, no matter what, a craftsperson can never die of hunger. They can make it their profession and maybe in future, and they could do their own business out of these flowers.

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