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March 05, 2021 5 min read

It can feel like there is nothing new under the sun these days. Some special days are like everyone's, and nothing will ever beat their importance. A wedding day is one such unforgettable day. It means that in your life, you've got your loved one, and it's the best time to tie a knot. Every element of your wedding can be special if you add your personal touch to an age-old tradition. There are so many things to be planned that are both major and minor, as soon as the date is set to make things official.

It's very important to schedule everything from the very beginning so that you can celebrate your day up to the mark. You must be very considerate about your big day to make your dream come true and your wedding day. Try to prepare your wedding hall, your guest list, photography, dresses, and even your bride's bouquet. This involves the wooden wedding bouquet and wedding wooden flower arrangements as well.

Who says you have only classic florals to stick to? Let's mix a little of it together.

There are no rules when it comes to the arrangement of your bouquet. Some brides choose not to have any flowers at all and opt for something totally different. But if there is a need of flowers in a bridal bouquet, wood flowers is the best possible option available. Here are some creative and imaginative wedding designs, so take a look at some of these super cool alternative wedding bouquet concepts:

·       Classical white bouquet:

The classic white bouquet that contrasts with a wedding theme are simple but most preferable due to the whole grace that it provides. You may simply try to build or even order them from woodflowers.com on your own. You do not have to worry about the budget, no matter what you go for, because it will suit you directly.

·       Christmas spiritual essence:

These kinds of bouquets are commonly used at Christmas, as the name implies. Even for this bridal bouquet theme, some brides who look around to have some spiritual essence in their look and to show purity in their look still go.

·       Succulent wedding bouquets:

Since they last longer than the average flower, succulents are a perfect alternative to conventional wedding flowers. They can be reused as home decor or gifted when the wedding day has come to an end. In general, succulents are more cost-effective than other floral choices and produce beautiful bouquets with some added accents.

·       Hoop bouquet inspiration:

The wedding industry has been taken by surprise by this new bouquet trend. We absolutely love the concept of including wedding bouquets with shapes and meanings. This takes a little bit from the old and blends it with the modern, and can be tailored to meet each bride's particular needs. All of these can be decorated with greenery and wooden flowers to create a truly unique wedding bouquet, wreaths, wire rings, wooden twigs, etc.

·       Bouquet of lights:

By getting a lightbulb bouquet, enlighten the world of your visitors. This is such a vibrant alternative to ordinary wedding flowers and can be reused easily. This is ideal for marriage ceremonies in the evening. With this special bouquet concept, you can be totally imaginative. Naked Edison bulbs to accentuate other elements in your bouquet for a retro theme, fairy lights to offer a romantic touch, or glowing LED lights. The choices are limitless.

·       Roses of rainbow:

Brides that want to look special on their wedding day are strongly preferred by the wooden Rainbow roses. This is because it can be unique for a bride to have roses that blend all colors. The biggest advantage of this style is that it gives photography an amazing opportunity. Overall, on your wedding day, it gives a jubilant and artistic look.

·       Blinging blooms:

This is a brilliant but clear concept that is also widely used by all bouquet types. Currently, most brides choose these because they bring a full grace to the look. Now, you don't need to worry if you're looking forward to having a sola wood flower bouquet because there are so many platforms on the internet where you can catch them. Otherwise, they are very easy to make as well.

·       Bejeweled bouquet:

Adding any jewelry is another innovative concept. This also makes the item timeless. You will be able to mix some antique and personal items with your favorite floral jewels. For a bride who likes a bit of bling in her life, a bouquet of beads, jewels, and jewelry is great. This choice is also a fitting companion to a vintage wedding dress from the Victorian period.

·       Pine Cone Bouquet:

Who doesn't love pine cones' festive look? A wedding bouquet of colorful pine cones suits in well whether you are having a winter or fall wedding. And so what if you're having a Christmas summer wedding in the southern hemisphere? Some pine cones can still be included, because why not? It's more cost-effective and looks just as good as extravagant flowers.

·       Wreath of flower:

You may think that the flowers of sola wood might not last for long. But, this is not the case. You can have a flower of sola wood over the wreath and keep it safe for years to come.

Anything better than this is there?

Nothing, of course.

Why is the addition of sola wood flower in a bouquet ideal for a wedding day?

This kind of wood flower bouquet is specially made on your big day to give a classic divine appearance. If you use sola wood flowers on your wedding day, you can have so many hopes that can genuinely be met:

·       Eco friendly

Since the flowers of sola wood are biodegradable, they do not affect the environment at all. Compared to these plastic-based ornamental flowers, you can easily bury them in the soil, and they will gradually decompose. Use wood flowers for wedding with an eco-friendly touch.

·       Incredible photography

If you didn't get great photos, your wedding will always remain incomplete, even if you did anything. On the wedding day, the sola wood flower bouquet provides an opportunity for amazing photography. In addition, daylight and green backgrounds can bring benefits to the photos as well.

If you're getting married in the green field, no mess at all is a mess. On the other side, sola wood flowers are healthy and smooth to use on our big day.

·       Make your bridal bouquet

If you assume that you would be taken out of the budget by this bouquet, this is not the case. If you look at some of the tutorials available on the internet, you can build them yourself. Trust us, nothing will ever beat the way the elegance of your wedding day is enhanced by these wood flower bridal bouquets.

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