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June 16, 2021 4 min read

The summer season brings colors, and summer flowers have a lot to offer. These fresh blooms with their loveliest colors and the most distinctive textures and styles are just stunning. Especially consider peonies, zinnias, dahlias, garden roses, and others; these are genuinely top-notch.

Do you know about the best part?

You'll always finish up with a statement-making combination of summer flowers, whether you utilize these particular summer kinds on their own or mix them. It's the actual beauty of a season. But summer also brings hot, humid, and sweaty weather with bright shiny days and extremely hot nights, and these weather conditions affect delicate blooms badly. Summer flowers wilt, dry, and ultimately die quickly. It becomes difficult in hot weather to keep floral arrangements for weddings fresh and long-lasting with real blooms. Sola wood version of natural summer flowers has changed the scenario completely. Now you can keep your wedding flowers fresh for a longer time and also avail many other benefits associated with sola wood flowers, such as:

  • Countless color options
  • Pollen-free & Allergy-free
  • Get the giant and miniature versions of natural flower
  • Keep your wedding flowers as a beautiful memory forever
  • These are bio-degradable and environment friendly

Unique floral arrangements for summer weddings:

You're undoubtedly aware of some of the most traditional bridal flower arrangements, such as bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, but they're only the beginning of your wedding décor. There are thousands of more ways to incorporate flowers at your wedding. From ceremony altars to welcome table decor, the options are countless.

Flowers beautifully personalize your wedding, but you first have to determine your need and what will fit into your wedding budget. Woodflowers.com has compiled a wedding flower checklist to help you remember when you might want on your big day.

Unique flower arrangements to keep in mind while summer wedding planning:

There's something for everyone here, from peony-studded bouquets with substantial volume to garland-inspired centerpieces. You can't go wrong with these stunning, contemporary options, all inspired by real-life festivities. These summer-inspired floral touches are precisely what your seasonal wedding needs. Whether you're planning a conventional big day with all of those by-the-book flower displays or erring on the explorative side:

·       Flower crown for a wedding:

Flower or flowers arranged in a halo around the head in flower crowns. These lovely crowns began off as flower girl and younger wedding attendant decorations, but they've become a popular choice for bohemian, or free-spirited, and ethereal brides in recent years.

·       Floral hair accessory for weddings:

You may still wear fresh blossoms in your hair on your wedding day if flower crowns aren't your style. Whether you're wearing your hair in a loose-up do or pinning it to one side, a flower hair item or headpiece can add a romantic touch to your bridal beauty look.

·       Collar or leash with flowers for pets:

If you're having a wedding with a furry buddy, they'll need to look their best. One option to dress them up is to have a unique floral collar or leash made for their long walk down the aisle by your wedding florist. Expect people to compliment your pet on how adorable it is.

·       Wedding flowers for ceremonies:

Flowers are used in almost every wedding ceremony, not simply for decoration, but depending on your culture and tradition. For example, flowers are used as symbolic aspects of the ritual in Indian and Hawaiian marriages.

·       Petal carpet with flowers:

Is there anything more romantic than a flower-petal pathway for bride and groom? It looks so dreamy and mesmerizing to walk on a floral path. The blossoms can be grouped in a specific pattern or strewn all around for a more natural effect.

·       Chandelier with flowers:

Another popular decorative feature is the hanging flower arrangements, such as floral chandeliers. They're hanging over the head table, dance floor, or across the reception hall and are usually in the shape of a wreath or have tiered tiers that mimic a conventional chandelier.

·       Wreath of wedding flowers:

The wreath is a flower and foliage arrangement in the shape of a circle. More miniature wreaths and floral hoops are sometimes used as ornamental elements over an altar or table or complement venue entryways like gates and doorways. Then, of course, there are the colossal flower wreaths. Wedding florists are commissioned to construct life-size wreaths for use as ceremony or reception backgrounds, and the results are stunning.

·       Wall with the floral statement:

If you want to create a statement with your decor, a floral wall should be on your wedding flower checklist. This stunning background may be constructed completely of flowers or a combination of flowers and greenery.

·       Mantelpiece for fireplace:

If your wedding location includes a fireplace, it's a great location to put fresh flowers and personal touches that go with your wedding theme. Wedding fireplace décor ideas include flowers, candles, mirrors, and photo frames, to name a few.

·       Decor for a wedding bar:

Add a few bridal flower arrangements and greenery garlands to your reception bar or drink station, whether it's built into your venue or fashioned from rented goods.

Flowers are a popular embellishment for wedding cakes, regardless of your taste or budget. Even a few fresh roses will suddenly elevate your dessert to new heights.

·       Buffet table or wedding cake table:

Remember to decorate your food and dessert displays, as well as your cake table or buffet table, if applicable. One small arrangement at the front/center of the table will be enough. Don't block access to the food.

·       Car for the wedding getaway:

Making a spectacular departure at the wedding's conclusion? Remember to dress up your getaway automobile, especially if you're renting one for the big day. It'll do the thing with a modest bridal flower arrangement and a "Just Married" sign on the back. Then, before you drive out into the sunset, make sure your photographer captures those details!

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