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January 27, 2021 4 min read

Valentine’s Day is used to be mainly for couples and romantic relationships, but this day has since evolved into a holiday celebrating every type of love. Still this romantic holiday is predominantly dedicated to the romantic gestures between couples.

This article from woodflowrs.com will focus mainly on Valentine gifts for boyfriends and husbands.

Want to know a little secret?

Flowers make great Valentine's gifts for him too!

They're gorgeous, they smell simply great, and they show your genuine care about your special someone. This Valentine's Day, break the old traditional trends of receiving flowers only and show your boyfriend or husband a little extra love with a bouquet of beautiful flowers!

When you send flowers to him with Valentine's chocolates, adorable teddy bears, or balloons in particular, don't be shocked if he's teasing you a little.

Why would he make fun of you, give him flowers?

The more "manly" your man is, the more pressure he will feel to act like it's not a big deal, especially in front of other men. While smiling and laughing, he will probably nudge his guy friends at work, while voicing, "I can't believe I got flowers! She's so sweet and caring though." Believe us he's very eagerly about the delivery of his Valentine's Day flower.

If he's reacting in this boyish way, then why give him flowers?

Woodflowers.com is going to explain you that:

How we know men like flowers?

As human nature to love beauty, the same applies to men who love the flower of Valentine's Day. You can see the delightfully gushy stuff on his face if you show the gift with your palm. Perhaps when he's going to get Valentine's roses and break into happy tears. You'll find a fully grown, burly man squeezing a delivery of teddy bears like their mom never gave them one. Men in enormous office buildings who seem to have forgotten how to smile, with their lips slightly upturned. For them, it means a lot that you honor them too. When your boyfriend next visits you, he will take you in his arms and hold you with all of his jesting and bro high fives(shudder). He's going to say thank you, and you're going to know what this means to him. Actions speak louder for many men than words.

What should I do for my boyfriend/husband on Valentine's Day?

The best day to do something special with your boyfriend is Valentine's Day. Some of the best ideas are to take him out on a special surprise date, engage together in some of his favorite events, or shower him with presents he'll love.

Some great ideas include:

  • Ice skating
  • Having a fancy dinner
  • Cooking him a special dinner
  • Seeing a romantic movie or play

It's up to you!

You can spend quality time together at home or you can pair your unique Valentine's Day trip with a bouquet of beautiful flowers adding some other gifts also for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

What flowers should send to your boyfriend or husband?

Since Valentine's is a day to celebrate how fantastic your relationship is, don't forget to take the chance to make your guy special today. There are several flower types, chocolates and cookies that you may give him, from a Valentines bouquet for him to a Valentines gift box for him.

Here is the list of some best Valentine’s Day flowers for him:

•                  Pink Tulips:

The best gift to send to your true love is a brilliant bouquet of pink tulips. While every tulip color has a different significance, pink ones are cute and full of care and affection. They are a lovely way of showing your love for your special person.

•                  Carnations:

 These blooms are also known as the first wedding anniversary flower. The carnation is a bloom often given at weddings and on Mother's Day as a fragrant flower. But more than just your mom, this beautiful floral arrangement is for more. A bouquet of carnations, depending upon the colors you choose. Purity and good luck can be portrayed by white, light red for appreciation, and dark red for deep love and admiration.

•                  Alstroemeria:

The alstroemeria flower is a sign of loyalty and affection, a relative of the lily and has a subtle fragrance that your loved one would enjoy. These beautiful flowers come in a wide range of colors, including white, lavender, apricot, and yellow, also known as the Peruvian lily. To show your love or order a bouquet of these beautiful flowers all on their own, pair them with pink roses.

•                  White Daisies:

With a bouquet of yellow and white daisies, if your Valentine is someone who is happy, colorful, and always puts a smile on your face, return the favor. The daisy is a flower representing innocence, happiness, and friendship. Although white daisy is one of the most popular flowers but it often seen in special floral arrangements for special occasions.

•                  Stargazer Lilies:

Looking to celebrate your Valentine's Day this year in an especially special way? Lilies from Stargazer can be used to celebrate your loved one's ambition. Try mixing the lilies with roses for a more elevated look, to make them feel like royalty. Similarly, since they symbolize love, tiger lilies are extra romantic.

•                  Chrysanthemums:

The chrysanthemum flower, better known as mum, is a sign of hope and joy. In particular, the white chrysanthemum also reflects perfection, which is the perfect complement for your Valentine to give. Mums hold heavy emotions, showing the need to share (red) and also representing that someone has a hidden admirer, complete with lovely, thin petals (yellow). Pick your colors carefully and your loved one will be so happy on Valentine's Day by the elegance of a beautiful flower arrangement.

•                  Ranunculus:

Ranunculus, regarded as an upscale flower that dazzles, is a luxurious option for your special individual. This is a vibrant and eye-catching flower that reflects beauty and elegance in a great way and it is the best option to get someone’s attention. For the individual who lights up a room, Ranunculus is ideal, because these flowers do the same.

•                  Sola Wood Flowers:

If anyone special to you is allergic to flowers, don't worry. In almost every floral arrangement, sola wood flowers can be used as a substitute, allowing you to offer all the look and feel of real flowers without any sneezing. Woodflowers.com provides the best quality sola wood flowers for every occasion including Valentine’s Day.

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