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July 09, 2021 4 min read

Our personalities are the combinations of different qualities and characteristics, and these unusual combinations of good and bad habits make us different from one another with some unique abilities. This uniqueness that we inherit from nature and nurture is our true identity reflected in our every deed. Don't you think your wedding should also reflect the prominent features of your personality? After all, it is one of the most important occasions of your life.

The mix of who you two are and your families must be presented in ways you may not have considered previously. Add customized touches that will stun your guests and represent yourself to stand out among the million weddings in your country; after all, your wedding day is all about YOU.

From the smallest touches to a huge gesture, woodflowers.com has compiled a list of some of the unique ways to customize your wedding:

·       Add a personal touch to your wedding invitation cards:

All your wedding guests are waiting to receive a conventional invitation card. A card that would provide all of the pertinent information concerning the wedding!

But you can surprise them with a wholly unique and colorful invitation that has some surprise. Allow this to represent your particular style and be one-of-a-kind in every aspect. Choose any of the many unusual ideas available on the Brides website or use your imagination power to create some wonders. You can adopt any invitation card ideas ranging from engraved real wood invitations to fairy tale narrative wedding invitations or cards with hand-drawn artwork.

·       Smaller details can create a big difference:

A small but significant deed can completely change your usual wedding vibes. You just need to imagine it as it is nowhere else but in your mind's eye. Now, think of a method to include some special item on your wedding day such as:

  • Including sentimental objects in your wedding makes the event even more special, whether it's a family heirloom, seashells from your first date, or even your late grandfather's favorite clothing.
  • Show a gesture of being environment friendly and use the sola wood floral option to make a difference.
  • Arrange your wedding reception in an old home and allow those people to be a part of your happy moments.

·        Use a unique bridal bouquet:

The bridal bouquet is a lovely way to personalize your wedding. You can add pin brooches, tie lace hankies around the stem, and adorn them with family treasures to add an extra personal touch. Adding a photo locket to the bridal bouquet to make it more personal is also a wonderful idea. You can also select flowers that aren't typically seen in bridal bouquets. Unique, out of season, or expensive flowers can personalize your wedding bouquet. You can use sola wood floral options to add flowers like Moth orchids, Hooker's Lips, Juliet Roses, or Gold of Kinabalu Orchid to your bridal bouquet. Instead, add some interest to your bouquet with an unexpected twist, and make it a standout symbol.

·        Create a unique family or friend's photo wall:

Though your close friends and family members are surely a must part of this special event, not everyone on your guest list will be able to attend. You can use a photo wall as a viable option for making it feel like they're present on your big day. You can request photos from people who can't attend to print and hang when sending RSVPs. Whether the picture wall is shown at the ceremony or reception, it may also serve as a tribute to any late loved ones who could not attend.

·        Add a meaningful welcome gift:

Give a welcome gift to your guests and make an effort to personalize it by adding your unique touches. Keep in mind that the greeting gift leaves an impression, and you want to make a good one. The guests who have traveled a long distance to be a part of your special day also deserve it. You can choose to form the given options too:

  • Personalized face masks
  • Individual hand sanitizer bottles
  • Customized wedding cookies
  • Jars of honey
  • Potted succulents
  • Lavender sachets
  • Garden seeds
  • Handmade soaps

·        Create your wedding traditions:

Couples follow wedding customs blindly even they suit them or not. If you and your spouse don't believe a certain custom is true to you, skip it. There are no rules for throwing a wedding, so don't feel obligated to follow traditions that aren't unique to you and your partner. Sit down with your partner and go over a wedding planning checklist, keeping your expectations high. This can help you figure out which traditions you don't want to follow and focus on your passions while creating a wedding mood board. Add activities and choose colors that you both enjoy, and then put it all out there.

·        Give unique bouquets to your bridesmaids:

All of us are used to a unified style to bring the wedding elements together, but it doesn't mean everything has to match precisely. When arranging the bridesmaid's bouquets, take inspiration from the wedding bouquet. Make it unique for each bridesmaid. Allow small variances to distinguish each bouquet different from the others, yet all of them should have a cohesive element. Your bridesmaids will feel particularly special as a result, and your guests will undoubtedly notice the difference. Consider bouquets with the same color scheme but different flowers or bouquets with the same flower and various colors. Sola wood flowers provide you the freedom to use countless floral options in an affordable price range.

·        Create a signature cocktail for the event:

Having an open bar is an enjoyable option that can be spiced up by having signature drinks. This is a simple way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Use your imagination to come up with unique titles for each drink you serve, and then creatively present them. To make them even more appealing, add unique garnishes. Use the serving glasses as party favors by having your monogram applied to them.


Remind yourself that this is your and your partner's wedding and make it your own by being loyal to who you both are. With so many variables that go into a wedding, there is no shortage of ways to add a personal touch and flair to your big day. All it takes is a little imagination, and you can create a one-of-a-kind wedding that will be remembered for its unique flair.

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