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March 06, 2021 4 min read

Flowers will always be a big part of your wedding day decor, from your bouquet to your centerpieces. But it doesn't mean that you need to spend a lot to complete your dream wedding day look, even though your wedding flowers are an important part.

Beautiful wedding flowers, unfortunately, are not precisely inexpensive. Fortunately, however, there are several smart ways to save flowers for your wedding. Above all, make sure to freely negotiate your budget with the florist with whom you want to work. Being upfront makes sure that when you see the quote, you will not be severely disappointed.

Make sure to express what you want, even while operating on a budget. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get exactly what you want just because you're working on a smaller budget. Share images and give directions so that your florist knows exactly what you want the final product to be.

Knowing that you work on a budget, of course, means that you still have to allow your florist some creative flexibility. As specialists provided the funding for your wedding flowers, they can understand what is possible and not.

Bellow tips and tricks will allow you to rein in the wedding flower budget without style budgeting:

·       Allocate budget

It might sound simple, but many couples have no idea how much to invest. For your overall wedding budget, do the calculation and allocate a portion of it to your flowers. Mind that most of the big shots will be your wedding flowers.

·       Choose a wood flower option

Wood flowers are the blooms that can make it easier for you to arrange a lavish floral decoration in a reasonable wedding budget. Sola wood flowers are blooms crafted from the bark of balsa tree wood. These are the best fake flowers for a wedding that is durable, long-lasting, pollen-free, and eco-friendly.

Use wood flower arrangements, wooden bouquets, and other wood floral items for a wedding. There are no seasonal restrictions to use wooden flowers in any season. Their availability in countless color options is also an added bonus. Woodflowers.com is an online store offering you a charming wooden bouquet and other wooden flower items at the most affordable prices. They offer their woodflower.com discount codes to provide you maximum blooms and floral arrangements in a minimum budget for your wedding.

·       Go green

Not only will it add dimension and complexity to your arrangements by adding loads of foliage to your bouquets and displays, but it will save you a whole load of cash too. Branches are much cheaper than blooms and available in myriad shades. The perfect frosty finish for a winter wedding is from delicate variegated ivy cascading from bouquets or entwined around beams to silver-tinged eucalyptus.

·       Choose Seasonal Stems

A sure-fire way to get the look you are after without incurring extra charges is nearby, in-season wedding flowers. Although you might be after some blooms, it can be costly to haul inexpensive flowers from around the world! Instead, choose seasonal, locally sourced flowers, and be sure to add in favorites like roses and budget savers like carnations that are easy to get. Build a Pinterest board or supply your florist with pictures of your perfect look and color scheme in advance of your meeting. With photographs of prior work, he or she will be able to be prepared and can advise on nearby, in-season stems that fit your inspiration.

·       Alternate with Candles

Candles or lanterns are an ideal way of contributing to the overall aesthetic without actually reducing the costs. Candelabras or pillar candles will help fill the table, ensuring that the florist will have to use fewer flowers to make a point in the arrangements. Tables may also be alternated, meaning that one table will have roses, and the other will only have candles. The candles will help soften the room and set the mood, and visitors will not even realize that they were a cost-saving measure.

·       Reuse flowers

If you can, consider using the flowers you use for your wedding venue reception as arrangements during your ceremony. Astable centerpieces, wedding party bouquets will look amazing!

·       Support local

You will save a lot on shipping costs if you can pick flowers that are grown nearby. To find flowers that are close to your place, work with your florist. As a bonus, this also suggests that the flowers will also be in season!

·       Let florists do their job

Although your style, palette, and budget can indeed be expressed, it is important to note that florists are experts at what they do. To make bouquets and arrangements that fit your theme and budget, give them some space to work creatively.

·       Use props

Can't you afford a lot of flowers and have a big room to fill? A few props and eye-catching vases that are strategically positioned will work wonders. Think of antique bird cages, old milk churns to channel a rustic vibe, or even adding enticing fruits and vegetables to your table displays, suitable for an autumn celebration. Think dried corn ears, artichokes of the world, and citrus fruits.

·       Opt for something different

Flowers are pricey, which is why you will break the bank by attempting to decorate your whole wedding venue with nothing but them. Try using flowers only where you need them, and for the remainder of your decor, think out of the box (i.e., feathers, sweets, branches, candles, fruits, etc.).

·       Repurposed for the reception

Your bridesmaid bouquets have been thoughtfully arranged under your color scheme and complement the rest of the décor. After the ceremony, why not give them a chance to be seen? It will make those cake-cutting images even better by showing your bridesmaid bouquets on the cake table. Consider talking to your florist about repurposing arrangements, such as aisle markers or other decorations, created for the ceremony. Usually, if they can, they will be able to repurpose wedding flowers as long as there is enough time to disassemble any arrangements that need to be transferred.

·       Keep it simple

Fortunately, a whole new organic approach to wedding flowers has superseded the days of massive, expensive, formal arrangements. If you want to be on-trend and budget, clusters of old recycled bottles and jars and bouquets of wildflowers (think daisies, poppies, and bluebells) that look like they've just been handpicked from the meadow are the way to go.

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