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September 13, 2021 4 min read

Flowers and their floral accessories are quite common among brides nowadays, although it is not a new concept. Women all across the world have been using fresh flower halos as hair ornaments for almost a century. It is not essential to obtain many expensive goods or spend a large sum of money to find happiness and serenity in our life. Flowers are the simplest and most cost-effective way to bring joy, beauty, and satisfaction into our lives.

Flowers have made the transition from runways and halls of weddings to ordinary street wear. Flowers as hair accessories are currently popular among brides and women who enjoy wearing flowers and floral accessories in a variety of hairstyles. However, the dilemma is what flowers to wear, as the adornment may not be the same in the evening as it was in the morning.

The answer is that wood flowers are suitable for all ages. Even if you aren't a bride, Sola wood flowers may be used as hair flowers to complete your look. To avoid upstaging the bride or wedding party, the only precaution you need to take is to keep it modest.

Wooden flowers are a lovely addition to any event. Because of their uniqueness, sola wood flowers have taken over the floral wedding business, and they are also progressively taking over the floral gift sector. Sola wood flowers are soft ivory by nature, and you may put them in your hair just like that. But the best part about these blossoms is that they come in various natural and beautiful colors. As a result, you may select any shade of colored wood blossoms that complements your party attire.

You may choose from a little bloom variety of wooden flowers to a big version of diverse blooms as a supplementary feature of these mimics of genuine flowers. Add a tiny daisy or freesia to your braid, or choose for a lovely flower crown made of handcrafted wooden roses.

Some of our favorite one-of-a-kinds present made with sola wood flowers are listed below.

·       Flower crown:

Flower crowns can be constructed with fake or real flowers, although the crowns produced with genuine flowers usually only survive one day. Your bridesmaids will be able to wear their item again and again, maybe even on your wedding day, if you make a flower crown out of wood blossoms.

Pick out the primary flowers you wish to use, and filler flowers and foliage like leaves and berry sprays to construct a floral crown or headband. Make sure you have a variety of sizes, textures, and colors to choose from. Then, using fine florist wire, thread your flowers around the crown. Tie ribbon to either end of the crown so that it may be worn around the head as a halo or beneath the hair as a headband.

·       Wood flower bouquet:

Bridal bouquets are becoming more distinctive and stylish as a result of the use of wooden flowers. Sola wood flowers play an important role in wedding celebrations in a variety of ways. Sola flowers are used in wedding decorations, floral centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets, flower girl bouquets, boutonnieres, floral crowns or hair flowers for brides, wedding cake flowers, floral jewelry for the bride, and much more by brides and wedding planners.

There is no shortage of alternatives when it comes to sola wood bouquet designs. Brides-to-be may peruse an incredible collection of bouquets to discover what they like most and which bouquet style best complements the wedding theme they have selected. Without a sure, sola flowers are less expensive than actual flowers, even though they take more time and effort to shape, color, and arrange in a gorgeous arrangement. One of the best things about sola flowers is that they allow women to mold them and make their bouquets. This is a fantastic project for individuals who enjoy DIY and are creative.

·       Hair clip:

Another lovely present that will remain long after your bridesmaids have walked down the aisle is a Sola Wood Flower hair clip or comb. Furthermore, smaller hair decorations, such as these, are a fantastic alternative to the flower crown, which is more of a statement item.

You'll need a hair comb, clip, or hairpin, depending on the type of hair accessory you want to make. Choose a couple of little wood flowers to add to the item, as well as anything else you wish to add. Attach your flowers to the hairpiece, and you're done! Your bridesmaids will be able to wear something on your wedding day as well as throughout the year.

·       Flowery gowns:

Hair flowers work nicely with flowery dresses. If you're wearing a flowing dress in a single color, adding multicolored wood flowers to your look might be a fun addition. Sola wood flowers enable you to choose a dress with an uncommon color scheme, such as golden, rustic, or silver colors, and they will always compliment this style. Choose golden handcrafted wooden flowers or a big sola wood daisy in blue or purple.

·       Wooden floral Jewelry:

Sola Wood Flowers may be used to construct a variety of jewelry items for your bridesmaids, from bracelets and brooches to earrings and striking necklaces. For example, a faux flower bracelet, which is produced in the same way as the flower crown requires floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, and, of course, flowers are required. Ribbon may be used instead wire, and the flowers can adhere to the ribbon with a hot glue gun.

·       Ponytails:

Ponytails are similar to braids in that they may be worn in a variety of styles, including high, low, and to the side. Medium-to-large sola wood flowers are the finest choice for enhancing a ponytail.

·       Tote bag:

A customized tote bag is a timeless bridesmaid present that is both attractive and useful. Fill the tote with extra things the girls might appreciate, then decorate the front, back, and/or handles with Sola Wood Flowers. Nail polish, cosmetics, jewelry, a bridesmaid emergency kit, getting ready robes, and reusable water bottles are all possibilities. It's difficult to pick just one of these unique bridesmaid gift ideas, and you may as well create one for yourself while you're doing it! We guarantee not to tell anyone.

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