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January 20, 2021 4 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic put many people's plans on hold around the globe, including couples who were preparing to tie the knot in a lavish ceremony.

But where a will exists, there is a way.

Why not see if there is any way in lockdown which involves prepares a wedding?

Try not to worry about all the things you can't do at the moment, but search for the experiences you may have in this isolation period. A lot of people made the decision to arrange their nuptials at home with government approval on the maximum guest gathering.

Although it might not feel like a dream wedding at first, by planning an intimate wedding function with some stellar ideas, you will certainly make the most of the situation ideal. Let's think about some of the things you should do, instead.

•                 Get organized

Did you know it takes over 200 hours for the average wedding to plan?

It's easy to see why a part-time job would feel like that! Get ready if you're stuck at home with plenty of time on your hands. Designate a wedding planning day, whether it's writing checklists, making spreadsheets, investigating vendors, or assigning tasks to your bridal party members. Get on track and make sure that all the systems are ready!

You can read papers for wedding planning and search on the Internet for helpful content for wedding planning.

•                 Online shopping

Grab yourself a gin and tonic and start working with the bits and pieces you can purchase online from your wedding to-do-list. Buy some booklets for wedding decoration design or find some fabulous finishing touches for your aisle theme and start shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Everyone at the moment could do with a bit of glitz and glamour, right?

If you are making some early purchases, just make sure there is a dedicated, secure storage place for everything you buy. During this time, some bridal boutiques often offer virtual appointments, so if you fancy having an online consultation, then look for your favorite designers.

•                 Ensure Sanitization

Perhaps the most critical factor to take into account, in this case, is that before the guests arrive, the location is sanitized, it can be your living room, terrace or lawn. It is a must to have masks and sanitizers for everyone. Have a sanitization point and ensure any possible precaution at the entrance. For your own protection and peace of mind, let the guests know about this.

•                 Plan Every Detail

Think of the all occasion that you like to celebrate and space them out accordingly. Keep in mind, too, the food you would like to cater to each one and the requisite decor adjustments. Or, for each purpose, assign separate venues for example, at home, the main wedding, and at terrace reception.

 If necessary, take a day's break in between functions and use this time to carry out sufficient sanitization. Keep the decor easy so that it does not take much time and effort to set up. Focus instead on ensuring the visitors have a memorable experience.

·       Mood board

Most of us who have ever dreamed of marrying know what fantasy looks like. You have a clear idea of the dress, the cake, the flowers and the color scheme. But why not take this time to formalize these ideas and lock them into a mood board?

Flowers prefer to bang on mood boards. We speak so much about them because they're so great!

A mood board is an excellent way to highlight the ideas you have around your wedding and cement them. You will use them to express your dream to prospective vendors, your bridal party members and, most importantly, your other significant ones.

·       Indoor Décor

Do some indoor décor also so that a celebratory atmosphere is created. If your whole home is where all the action takes place; think of spaces for picture-perfect wedding pictures and mood lighting to enhance the decor. These details, although small in nature, can alter the entire look, vibes, and feel of the place.

·       Wedding flowers

Now, this one just works if you're going to be artificial.

Yes, sola wood flowers are going to rock your wedding celebrations in lockdown. Getting crossed off the list nice and early is quite a successful one. Sola wood flowers are affordable, long-lasting, and available in a countless variety of colors.

These flowers provide you peace of mind with their pollen-free and fragrance-free features. Sit alongside your mood board with your beautiful sola wood wedding flowers to really spur your wedding planning on!

·       Attire

With online shopping or tailoring, you'll have to get relaxed, so why not see how much of this you can get done nice and early?

Many women choose to purchase their clothing, veils and accessories online and then pay for any changes to a good tailor. But do you dream of dress fittings and champagne, perhaps? No worries, why not get organized early for your bridesmaids or flower girls?

·       Virtual Streaming

Since all of your loved ones will not be physically present for the wedding, using technology, you can live-stream the ceremony to them. There have been several such weddings scheduled recently where the guests participated with video link there and watching and blessing the couple at the reception. There was also several family members dressed in wedding wear. For each gathering, a meeting connection was circulated and The Wedding Filmer had a setup of seven to eight cameras in the ballroom so that one could get a 360-degree view of the ceremonies, live, and feel like they were right there in the middle of the festivities.

·       Hire a Wedding Planner

Despite being a small event, planning a wedding involves work and organization. It is a good idea to employ experts for your special day if you would rather enjoy your special day without concern. Couples who are deciding to arrange their big day should consider hiring a wedding planner to take care of all the arrangements.

But the list of guests should be restricted to the safety range.

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