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February 10, 2020 2 min read

The great thing about planning your own wedding is the ability to really shake up old traditions and create your own as you go. Nowadays brides are more and more creative, opting for wedding gowns, accessories and styles. They are familiar with some handmade non-traditional wedding arts. Here are some suggestions for wedding accessories for the non-traditional bride.

Wedding Accessories for Your Hair

The veil has been a tradition for centuries dating back to the times when removing it was a real big deal - because the poor groom had never seen what lies beneath before. It's also a sign of virginity.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful choice for bridal hair accessories. Some flowers are heartier than others so speak with your florist before making your selections. Orchids are surprisingly hearty flowers that will look fresh and lovely all day and night.

Silk flowers can also be used for dramatic wedding hair accessories. Silk flowers come in many shades unfound in nature and can be quite elegant if done with taste. A single red rose, for instance, tucked behind the bride's ear would look lovely.

Ribbons in metallic colors and thick velvets can be braided into an intricate hairstyle. Curl the ends with a curling iron for a Renaissance look.


There is no need to wear your grandmother's pearl necklace with so many contemporary choices in bridal jewelry. Swarovski crystal and Czech glass pearls make a stunning combination and come in virtually every shade of color under the sun. Tanzanite, ruby, diamond crystal, peridot, amber, and emerald to name a few. Don't stop at just white or ivory - explore using your wedding colors in your wedding accessories for a personal and unique touch.

Is there someone special to you that can't attend your ceremony? Has a treasured loved one passed away before your wedding day? Some "Remember" bridal necklace is created using freshwater pearls, sterling silver beads and a special silver photo locket. The necklace can be worn as a memorial to your mother, father, or grandparent that has passed away. Hold them close to your heart when you say "I do."

Ring Bearer Pillows and Flower Girl Baskets

Incorporating children in your ceremony is a great way to bring together both sides of your new family.

Most of the pillows and baskets you will find in your wedding accessory search will be white, frilly and completely covered with lace. Fine for the traditional bride but what's a funky bride to do?

Ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets are nothing but frilly and traditional. Whether your wedding vision is simple, modern or just economic, you see the cutest flower girl baskets at every wedding.

Using your selection of colors, accents and themes, create a one of a kind wedding accessory set that will be the topic of conversation all day.

Having a theme wedding? Ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets can be created in different styles. You can also choose to carry merlot, cranberry, grape, eggplant, lavender, periwinkle, red, black, buttercup yellow, and many more.

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