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December 19, 2020 4 min read

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a reminder to your wife about how much your marriage is worth you. Research indicates that couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries appear to stay together longer than those who do not.

For any couple, an anniversary is an extraordinary opportunity to reimagining everything that occurred on their wedding day. It's the time of year when they will look back to how it all happened and how delighted they were to celebrate their union. Perhaps any amusing moments that the couple may remember occurred during the wedding.

A remembrance of two persons committing to spending a lifetime together should be an anniversary. It's a celebration of their new life as a couple and how the family they've always wanted would grow. It's also a time to bond with each other for families and get to know each other too.

Meanwhile, some couples look at anniversaries as the moment for their relationship to be measured. It's also when you ask about marriage's meaning and how you expect to spend more years together. But with all this stuff in mind, how do you make sure that anything worth remembering will be your upcoming wedding anniversary? 

Gifts are like the sweetest cherries that everyone wants to have on their cake. What true happiness looks like is shocking your better half and seeing them smile like a happy child. However, there is no such 'perfect day to show love, but it has to be heart-touching when it comes to wedding anniversary presents, which spells the joy out. 

Woodflowers.com has compiled some anniversary gift ideas (of course with flowers) that you would love to discuss to build the project' of finding a wedding anniversary gift for women. 

·       Sola wood flowers for her:

Okay, let's accept the reality!

Women love flowers, or you can say real flowers, but when we say gift her bouquet of sola wood flowers, there is a big reason for this.

Sola flowers are the blooms that she can keep with her forever. Sola wood flowers are beautifully crafted handmade blooms made up of a natural product called balsa tree wood. These flowers are so delicate and elegant that you just get confused about their fake identity.

Real flowers are wonderful, but it is also a fact that original blooms come with few by default issues:

  • Real flowers wilt, dry, and ultimately dye even you give them proper attention and care
  • You cannot keep them forever as a sweet memory of happy and romantic moments
  • You must have to incorporate a side or main gift with real blooms as they are considered a complimentary gift
  • If your wife has some pollen allergy or fragrance irritation issues, you cannot feel comfortable to choose real flowers as a gift for her
  • Real flowers are costly, and spending a sufficient amount for a gift that she cannot even keep with her for long is not a wise choice
  • May be her favorite flowers are not available or off-seasoned

Sola wood flowers give you the solution for all the above mention issues. Sola wood flowers are long-lasting and need a little care to remain fresh and beautiful for years. They have no pollen issues, and you can get fragrance free sola wood flowers also.

These flowers are available without any seasonal restrictions, and color availability is also limitless. Sola wood flowers are affordable, and they can be a complete gift without any further additions.

·       Personalized gifts:

Go for a personalized greeting card or get a sizeable comfy pillow with a photo. Un-boxing such customized items is always a pleasure. Or, you should go for a fun little miniature anniversary, too.

To send a memorable surprise, wrap your customized gift along with lovely flowers for the anniversary. Just go for many luxurious orchids or a golden anniversary rose paired with a box of exotic chocolates and this personalized gift.

·       Bliss of real blossoms:

You can order online some fresh flowers and make her morning full of romance and freshness. Make sure you add her favorite flowers with a romantic greeting card to a royal red rose bouquet or a bunch of fresh orchids. 

To make your special day unforgettable, you can also pick a bunch of a variety of blooms. This mix of blooms bouquet of exotic and locally grown blossoms can be the best wedding gift for her on your big day. Club your present with a lovely bouquet of fresh red roses, tulips, or orchids for the anniversary, and let love talk for you.

·       A jewelry set:

No woman can deny getting jewelry as a gift for her anniversary, can she? 

Jewelry doesn't have to be a costly item, and it may even be a ring or earrings. We are optimistic that this is going to be the most unforgettable gift for her. Surprise her by hiding the present in the kitchen or wrapping an empty box and then giving her a real anniversary gift.

·       Small cosmetic compact:

Is the wife in question anyone who just likes the ideal compact's glitz and glam?

For the love of your life, a small cosmetic compact from you is the perfect gift. Pick a compact that is both appealing and functional, so she will love it totally! 

Of course, men don't know much about the quality of cosmetics or the best cosmetic brands. But this is her day, and you need to make her feel special on her wedding anniversary – get help from your female friend, a colleague, or you can ask your mother or sister too for help.  

Don't forget to add a bunch of lilies or carnations to make your gift even more special.

·       Decor products:

Let us tell you a little secret: Women love to decorate the house!

You can give your wife a classy decorative item that can make them feel happy. It reveals that you are still ready to decorate your home to make it your queen's palace. It is okay to miss work for a while on your anniversary and spend time with your better half. Tell her that all of your life revolves around her, and you are grateful for it all. 

Choose a giant floral arrangement with lovely Daisy or Sunflowers and see her eyes shining with pleasure and joy.

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