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January 05, 2021 4 min read

It's your wedding day and it's your life's most special day. Imagine your closest friends and family being surrounded, celebrating love, kindness, and union. While several people suggest that the process of wedding planning can be overwhelming, it doesn't have to be.

Even without a wedding planner, by scheduling and setting a budget, you can always enjoy your day easily. If your budget is less than you would like, do not feel bad. One of the most significant options is what kind of flowers would be associated with your wedding day. And accept fake flowers if you're interested in an eco-friendly alternative to freshly cut flowers.

Not only because fake flowers are a more sustainable alternative, but also because they provide more versatility and consistent quality. You might be concerned about fake wedding flowers looking tacky but think again. For certain individuals, artificial flowers could be a better option.

For instance, you can also spend more DIY time on their accessibility year-round. This is a perfect way to save time and money on one of the biggest wedding costs on your special day that you can have. Faux flowers may seem more costly at first, but in the long run, they are better.

Quality fake flowers especially sola wood flowers don't look fake at all either. They're faux-fabulous, giving you more influence over your marriage. These sola wood faux flowers will last a lifetime, just like your memories.

Artificial flowers make the ideal flowers for marriage:

Check these guides by woodflowers.com for some insight on how to use them before you put in an order for artificial flowers. Do you think fake flowers cheaper than real flowers for a wedding?

If yes! Then think again.

Perhaps the most critical cost of a wedding is the flowers and couples spend an average of 8-10 percent of the budget on floral. Artificial flowers are a lot more economical with this number in mind.

Think about it; versus paying for an expensive flower business, you can DIY. Look at Pinterest for inspiration for the design. At home, we have more time, and the smart budget bride will ask for support from relatives. While saving a lot of money, this gives you even more control over your preparation. Set up some time with girlfriends and family as a nice idea to help build all the centerpieces and flower specifications.

·       Finalize your wedding flower budget

We know finances, particularly when it comes to the big day, can be a tricky topic. Expensive is the term that comes to mind first. The easiest way of avoiding headaches down the road is to set a budget early. You should sit down and settle on the budget you feel comfortable with, along with your fiancé. If you have a family who has volunteered to support, sit down individually with each one to see how they can donate. Know that, if you have a tighter budget, DIY is a fantastic solution that can save time and money.

·       Trust high-quality brands

Buying flowers from the local dollar store or another craft store may be more economical, but investing in silk flowers at the top of the line is a better choice, especially if you want fake flowers that look genuine.

Not only is this a better investment because they look natural but, much like your love, they will last a lifetime. You'll be reminded of your wedding every day with high-quality flowers, and depending on treatment, you might be able to transfer the flowers to every generation afterward.

Oh, who knows? Your kids could one day use the same bouquet at their wedding. Silk flowers will last for years with the right care. What you need is to feather them with dust about once a month. Similar is the case with wood flowers though these are more fragile and delicate, but a little more care impacts amazingly.

·       Touch and see your options

Order a few stray flowers if possible or go to a store that stocks the flowers you want and touch them and feel them first. With each passing year, artificial flowers keep on becoming more and more life-like, but still, some are better than others. After seeing them firsthand, you'll just know how your brand measures up.

·       Know your red flags

Keep an eye out for any possible red flags when you start surveying your options. Seams and short plastic stems can be clearly seen by low-quality silk flowers. To provide the illusion of life, opt for silk flowers shaded with multi-dimensional hues and featuring fine wire woven between the stems and leaves.

·       Remember about the extra accents

Now that your fake flowers have been chosen, it's also time to start searching for accents that match them. This may include scissors, ribbons, moss, vases, foam tape, glue, wine, and patience before you can DIY, get all the resources you might need to complete the job. Before you start crafting, make sure to have all these necessities. In order not to restrict your imagination, mix, and match with items from other stores, as some stores can be specialized in another area; you can get the best of the best.

·       Decide to DIY or not

You can choose to DIY your bouquets instead of paying a professional if you want to use artificial flowers and save some cash at the same time. For someone with a creative eye and lots of craft buddies, this is a perfect choice. For a bouquet, turn to Pinterest and other crafting sites and allow yourself plenty of time to complete the bouquets or centrepieces.

·       Gift Them to Guests

You will be left with plenty of bouquets and centrepieces at the end of your wedding day that is going to last for a long time. Give them up to your guests instead of loading up your spare bedroom with them. Snag the flowers you want to keep, including your bouquet, of course, and then make your friends and family declare to the DJ that they are free to take the others as a memento of the occasion.

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