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May 21, 2021 4 min read

One of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning is selecting your wedding flowers. However, choosing your favorite flowers and having them made in your wedding colors isn't easy. There is a wealth of information available on various types of flowers that can be used at a wedding, including ideas for stunning bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decor, and floral chandeliers. Still, there is also a dearth of information on different types of flowers that can be used at a wedding.

Suggestions to keep in mind while choosing wedding flowers

Choosing the best choice, however, remains a challenge! Here are some helpful wedding flower suggestions by woodflowers.com to help you choose the right flower combinations for your special day:


·       The venue has a big influence on the flowers you choose:

The location of your wedding will heavily influence your floral choices. Suppose you're getting married in a park, botanical garden, or vineyard, for example. In that case, the flowers can be held to a bare minimum, allowing you to make a significant impact with fewer flowers. Choose arrangements that seem to belong there. In the same way that a glam grouping of all-white orchids wouldn't look right in a rustic environment, wildflower clusters could look out of place in a formal ballroom. Keep in mind how your table is set up, such as round versus long farm tables, which can affect your centerpieces' shape and design.

·       Select seasonal flowers or go for a sola wood wedding:

You might have your heart set on blooms that aren't in season, such as Tulips in December or Peonies in May. While they can be arranged by import, the quality will be inferior, and the price will be significantly higher. Sola wood flowers allow you to select out-of-season flowers in a highly appreciated manner. Wooden flowers are delicate, stunning, and perfect mimics of real flowers. Choosing sola wood in-season or out-of-season blooms ensures that your bouquets contain fresh-looking beautiful flowers that will last the entire day without costing a fortune.

·       Bridesmaid bouquets don't have to match their gowns in color:

Contrasting colors look great on gowns that are difficult to fit. Get expert color advice to help you choose the right colors for you and your bridesmaids. When in doubt, remember that white blooms go with any color, design, shape, or scale!

·       Choose the Bridal Bouquet first:

It's your day, so start with the Bridal Bouquet. So choose your bridal bouquet flowers and colors, and then choose complementary colors and flowers for the rest of the bridal party.

·       Choose a Bouquet style that complements your gown and body type:

Stilettos aren't appropriate for track pants. So, make sure you have the perfect bouquet for your gown and body type, and you'll be noticed for all the right reasons!

·       Don't overdo things:

Your wedding flowers should complement your overall look rather than overpower it! If you're wearing an ornate gown, a simple bouquet will complement it rather than compete for attention. Don't hide behind a kaleidoscope of colors and flowers. The trick is to keep things simple and elegant.

·       Get your flowers more meaningful:

From bouquet wraps to symbolic branches, look for ways to personalize your flowers. According to the Victorians, red tulips reflect love and passion, while the lily of the valley reflects peace and innocence. Choose an option that goes perfectly with your wedding theme.

·       Flowers aren't just for centerpieces and bouquets:

Bridal bouquet! For sure, that's what comes to mind when you think of wedding flowers, but there are other options to think about as well. When you say "I do," all eyes will be on the altar, so use flowers to frame the two of you. Many important pictures, such as your walk down the aisle and your first kiss, will feature these stunning arrangements. Other arrangements, such as boutonnieres, the escort card display, and cocktail table clusters, should not be overlooked.

·       Reuse and recycle your flowers:

Since your "I dos" are likely to last less than an hour, it's a shame you won't be able to enjoy your flowers for longer either they are of fresh blooms or sola wood flowers. Aisle arrangements can be placed on, either side of the cake table, bridesmaid bouquets can be used to add color to the escort card show, and an archway can be used to create a memorable exit. To get the best bang for your buck, talk to your florist about how you can reuse arrangements.

·       Keep your guests in mind:

Allowing the flowers to get in the way of having a lovely time is not a good idea. Consider the overall look of your table and choose centerpieces that are low or large enough to facilitate conversation. You don't want your tables to appear bare, but you also don't want your guests to be unable to cut their steak.

Things to avoid while choosing wedding flowers:

Below are some mistakes to avoid:

  • It can be really beneficial to have an inspiration board of ideas. However, if the pictures don't fit a pattern in terms of color palette and design, it may not be very clear for your florist to figure out what you want to see on your wedding day.
  • Do not limit yourself to one option; it is preferable if the couple knows what they want. It becomes more difficult as they become fixated on specific information like the "right" shade of peach or the exact openness.
  • As we all know, pictures can be deceiving. Don't trust anything you see online. Photographs of flowers that have been extensively modified with Photoshop and filters are often displayed to florists. Unfortunately, these edits may often produce colors that don't exist in the first place.
  • Leaving things until the last minute is never a good idea. But, believe it or not, getting started too soon isn't also always a good idea. Before you start talking about flowers, you'll need to know your wedding date, location, and estimated guest count.
  • Choose a florist whose previous work best reflects your favorite style, and appreciate their talent. Keep in mind that your inspiration photos are just that: inspiration. Allow your florist to create a design that is exclusive to you and your wedding theme.

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